Yahoo, Bing, and My New Software

Well, it has been quite a while since I have posted on this blog, so I wanted to send out an update.  This blog post will reference all of my websites (over 200), and not just the 100 sites built during my Niche Adsense Challenge.  Those 100 sites had issues and only bring me in around $250 to $300 each month.

However, I have built a few sites since the challenge and they are doing quite well.  In addition, my older sites continue to increase in traffic and in earnings.  I attribute most of this growth to Yahoo and Bing!  I am loving the traffic that I get from these search engines!  Some of my sites have struggled to rank well in Google and therefore they get next to nothing from that search engine.

However, Yahoo and Bing still place a lot of weight on exact match domains and so my sites are ranking very well in these search engines.  I can safely say that if Google stopped sending me traffic altogether, I would still be earning a nice income from the traffic from Yahoo and Bing.  Don’t get me wrong, I hope that never happens, but if your sites are struggling to rank in Google, there is still hope on Yahoo and Bing!

The only issue with Yahoo and Bing is that they take longer to get indexed and to rank well.  I usually only notice the uptick in traffic from these search engines after my sites are 3 or more months old.

So, is the strategy of building niche adsense websites still alive?? ABSOLUTELY!  Yes, I got de-indexed on some of my sites, but I made a lot of mistakes.  One other mistake I made that I don’t believe that I have mentioned before, is that I marketed those sites too soon.  I started building links to those sites as soon as they got indexed, and I believe that this could have been a major factor in their demise.

I now recommend that once your site is indexed that you do not do any type of link building (other than maybe 1 or 2 social bookmarks) for about 3 to 4 weeks.  Waiting for this period of time allows Google to fully index your site and to make sure that it remains indexed for a good amount of time.  This full index is important so that if you happen to distribute the same articles that are on your site to other article directories; your site will be known to be the original source.  I did this with my 100 sites much too soon and believe that this could have been a major factor in my sites getting de-indexed.

Overall, my income from adsense continues to increase month after month.  In fact, if I ever earn less than $100 per day, it’s a really bad day.  I am not prepared to disclose my full income at this point, but that gives you an idea of the numbers I am talking about.

The other thing that I guess I will mention that I have not mentioned before, is that I still work a full-time job.  Maybe in a future post I will discuss some of my professional background, but for now I will just say that I have a good paying job, and its hard to leave.

However, I have set a goal to kick my job to the curb by the end of the year.  My income from my sites has nearly matched the income from my day job and I could do so much more if I was working at this full-time.  This is a subject that really needs a full blog post, so I will leave it at that.

Finally, I have been working on getting a keyword research software developed, and I am happy to announce that it is complete!  This is a really sweet piece of software.  It allows you to generate thousands and thousands of keywords based on 1 keyword or a group of keywords.  It also will automatically check certain competition factors for those keywords and will automatically let you know if the exact match domain name is available.  And that is actually just scratching the surface; the software does a lot more than that.

Anyway, I am not ready to discuss it much more than that at this point; but I am in the process of creating some demo videos and creating a website for the software.  I expect to be releasing it hopefully by the end of September.  I will keep you all posted when its released so that you can check it out.  I use it already, and it saves me a TON of time.

Anyway, this post doesn’t have much rhyme or reason to it, but I just wanted to update you all on what I am doing and how my niche sites are progressing.  Overall, I am very optimistic for the future.

If you have any questions or thoughts please post them below, and I will be more than happy to discuss them.  Thanks!

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13 Responses to “Yahoo, Bing, and My New Software”

  1. Hi,

    Glad to know that your Adsense Empire is back on track. Look forward to your new keyword software.

  2. Thanks Danny, the Adsense Empire is definitely back on track and keeps me motivated to do more each day…

  3. Thanks so much for the update.

    Couple of comments.

    #1 – The time it takes to get indexed on Yahoo & Bing. Yeah, it’s strange why it would take so long. I have gotten indexed in google in less than 24 hours yet it sometimes takes as much as a week on bing and/or yahoo. If anyone has a tip or technique to reduce that time I would be interested to find it.

    #2 – Google & De-indexing. As you stated – be very cautious with newly created sites. I think all of us get a little over anxious with our new sites and try and do too much, too fast and it turns around to bite us. My advice, first 2 – 3 weeks go slow – ad 3 – 5 articles, social bookmark them, but no heavy back linking. After about 4 weeks, add 1 article per week and maybe 50 – 100 backlinks per week max. after 3 or so months with a decent ranking then you should be able to begin heavy backlinking.

    Thanks again and good luck going forward.

  4. Hi
    Interesting that u mention one should not really try and market a website in its first month . Once the first month or two have passed , what level of bookmarking does anyone recommend . Is it ok to to bookmark your website to 5 other sites a day , maybe five a month , or 20 a month . What is regarded as a safe figure so as not to come across as a spammer


  5. Hi Spencer,

    I have been following you on this Adsense journey and have been really fascinated by your postings. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    The fact that you are making over $100 per day is really encouraging for someone like me who has always had a fondness for Adsense, despite some ‘experts’ claiming that it has had its day.

    I look forward to more posts, especially about your new keyword tool.


  6. Spencer! Yours is one of the few emails I open as soon as I see it! I love what you’re doing here and I’m having a great time following you.

    I haven’t had the time to sit down and try to create one hundred sites like you did but I am gradually working on 3 right now, so we’ll see what happens.

    In any case, keep the updates coming. Very inspirational.


  7. Richland huh, well I am chilling in Spanaway. So you still think that it is wort it to build niche adsense websites? I guess they are still profitable.

  8. College Grants:

    I think your advice is good, its always a good idea to go slow. However, I believe that the number of articles that you post on your site does not matter. You can post these as quickly as you like. The back linking and re-posting your original articles is where you need to be slow and careful.

  9. Spencer,

    Long time no speak… I am glad that you are back on track. I believe you put out a very interesting point about Yahoo and Bing. I had noticed that myself but it never really hit me until you just mentioned it. It does take much longer to get indexed by Yahoo and Bing in my opinion. No one really discussing any optimization techniques within these search engines.

    I also think you may have hit on something with waiting to really start building out links. When I had experimented, the sites that I consistently wrote some fresh content and waited to do the link building definitely did better in the long run. Of course, I did push to get them indexed quickly, and submitted my sitemaps, and submitted them through Google Webmaster tools… Would love to catch up. Drop me a line and let me know when you are available to touch base.

    Awesome job!

  10. Spencer,

    Congrats on your earning, I know it probably took some hard work to get there. I have one question with building your adsense empire. Do you build sites and move on to the next site, or do have a certain method(i.e backlinks) before moving on to the next site.

    The reason I’m asking is because I have over 50 adsense sites, and there are making some money, but I end up with analysis paralysis at times because I don’t know if I should build more sites, or concentrate on the backlinks for one or two sites.

    Any advice will help

    Keep up the good work!



  11. Good To hear that your earning are back up!

    Keep up the good work.

    Are you looking for beta test your KW tool?

    All the best.

  12. Paul:

    Your question on whether or not to focus on building backlinks to existing sites or to just start a new site does not have a simple answer…it all depends. If your existing site is earning decent money and you believe that a few backlinks could increase your rankings then go for it. However, the effects of the backlinks can often take a long time, so you don’t want to just sit around waiting. I wish I had an easy answer for you, but the key is to take action and don’t over think everything!

  13. I have just read your fascinating journey. Wow, I was enthralled.
    Thanks for sharing.


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