What I Learned From My Challenge

First of all, I just want to say that I have a lot on my mind so I’m not 100% sure where this post is going to go.  I’m just sitting down and will let it spill out as it comes.  Luckily, I have some good things to share!

I have been getting alot of questions lately about my sites being de-indexed.  To be honest, I’m glad it happened.  From that experience, I have made a complete paradigm shift on how I view my websites (and how Google does too).  So, first I want to talk about that.

The main question I get is: Did you ever figure out why your sites got de-indexed, and how can I avoid that? As I look back, I think the answer is quite obvious, and most people reading this probably knew before I saw it coming.  The reason is simply: the sites looked low quality and lacked quality content.  The sites were thin on content and heavy on ads.  What search engine wants to provide these results to their users?  Well, Google certainly didn’t (although Yahoo and Bing are still keeping me alive).

Maybe I exacerbated the problem by building 100 of them very quickly (could have raised a red flag); or the fact that I publicly announced how to essentially cheat your way to the top of Google search results for the world to see (i.e. Google).  But the reality is that the lack of quality content and the overall poor user experience is really the culprit in my opinion.

So, can a site with only 2 pages of original content rank well still?  Sure, but its getting less and less likely as Google updates its algorithm, and its just too risky a game to play.  So here is my new mantra:

Give Google what they want, and Google will give you what you want!

That simply means: Create a high quality looking site that has high quality content on it (and lots of it) that real human beings would be interested in reading, and Google will be more than happy to give you good rankings in their index.

I know, its nothing earth shattering, but its quite a turn from where I was just a couple of months ago.  So, I strongly advise you if you are serious about building a website for the purpose of making money that you make it a quality website with LOTS of quality content and focus on providing as much value to your niche as possible.  This takes more time certainly, but the risk is much lower, and in the long run the rewards (money) will be significantly greater.

I have already begun this strategy on a couple of websites.  I actually started one before this little challenge.  The site now has close to 100 articles on it and is starting to receive some really nice traffic from Google.  This past week, it has been averaging about $20/day in income.  Its not a ton of money, but the market I am in will allow me to expand this site 10-fold in terms of content and hopefully income as well.

So, I have really been slowing down on building sites, which gives me time to focus on the quality and user value of the sites.   I don’t worry about getting de-indexed on these sites.

Another thing on my mind is setting the record straight.  My income from my 100 sites built in 30 days is pretty sad, yes.  I expect it to be in the $250 to $400 per month for the foreseeable future.  Just too many of those sites were de-indexed.  So, I get a lot of people offering their condolences…but there’s no need!  My sites that I built PREVIOUS to this challenge are doing better than ever!

I am not ready to share my earnings on these sites or anything, but its many times more than what I earn from these challenge sites.  This week has by far been my biggest earning week of all.  So, for anyone out there doubting the viability of making good money with Adsense…don’t!  The money is there!!  As long as you are building for quality you will have a real shot of doing well.

I have been slowly going back over some of my older sites that were of lower quality and have been giving them makeovers and adding more quality content.  This is really starting to help.

The one last point I want to make is that Google is not the only game in town!  I am actually gaining some top ranking in Yahoo and Bing now that bring in some decent traffic.   Google will always be the highest traffic, but Yahoo and Bing are helping me make some okay dough on sites that are de-indexed in Google. (Yes, some of my old sites were de-indexed from Google as well).

But overall, my income has never been higher from Adsense and I am really starting to refine my site building as I build for quality.  I am VERY optimistic for the future.

Overall, I just wanted to get a few things out that I have been thinking about.  Yes, I got de-indexed and those sites will probably never come back.  But I have learned my lesson, and I’m happy for it.  I think my future will be less risky and more profitable now.  At least I hope so!

Let me know your thoughts!

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8 Responses to “What I Learned From My Challenge”

  1. I have appreciated the honesty and candor during this “Challenge”. I have learned quite a bit and wish you all the best.
    Thanks again….

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated. The new website that you are working on with 100 articles, and getting 20 dollars a day is that all adsense or does that include affiliate products too?
    Are all those 100 articles written by you? Do you spin any of your articles? Do you pull articles from other related sites and place them on your site? Do you think Google will give you credit when you pull articles from other sites without re-writing it?
    I am not quite clear on what Google thinks about content that is not re-written in terms of ranking ones site.


  3. Joe:
    All of the income is from adsense. I hire others to write the articles for me. All of it is 100% original content, I don’t spin them or use articles that have been used elsewhere. Using original content is ALWAYS the best. Yes, it takes more work, but its worth it. Google prefers original content over copied content.

  4. Spencer,

    I appreciate your quick rely. Thanks


  5. I haven’t visited this site in a minute. I’m glad to see you’re doing great though! Huge lesson learned from what happened to you.

    Best wishes,

  6. Not sure what your deindexed sites look like but chances are good that if you start writing good content for them, they will come back.

  7. Hi, This is just one of my 65 sites going for 100 also.

    Google pays me every $100.00. Now, since last dec. 9, 2009
    I have only made about $75.00. It goes very, very slow??

    Robert Jones


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