Video Introduction to My New Blog!

I started working from home full-time today…and its been great!  I have been able to get some things done that I have been putting off for a couple of weeks now.  In addition, I was able to make my very first video blog!  And you get to check out that video below.  I was planning on doing lots more videos now that I have some additional time, but I am still undecided yet.  So, if you like this video, and would like to see more, just let me know in the comments below.

Anyway, I don’t have this video transcribed, but essentially its an introduction to my new blog!  I have been dropping a few hints here and there what it is about, but now I go into much greater detail.  And of course after watching the video, you will be able to get access to the new blog!  So, head on over there and lets get the conversation started over there.  I may have one final post on this old blog, but that will be about it…everything else will be at the new location!


Get Access to my new blog below:

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10 Responses to “Video Introduction to My New Blog!”

  1. Congratulations Spencer :) Welcome to a world of freedom.

  2. Congrats again! Love the video…what camera did you use? I like the clarity of the video and the sounds was good too.

    • Lisa – I am using a Panasonic Lumix model DMC-ZS5. I actually had to reduce the quality of the video to 70 percent because the 100% file was so huge. Its a great camera for both pictures and basic videos. Glad you liked it…thanks for the feedback!

  3. The Uncovery is another great resource for discovering ones’s strengths/interests, etc for the purpose of starting an online business. If you haven’t heard of Michael, he’s someone you definitely want to follow.

  4. Hey Spencer!

    Very well done video blog!! I am really looking forward to checking out the new site and following along with the new projects (and contributing where I can).

    Best of luck!


    • Thanks Bob, I appreciate the feedback on the video blog! The new site should be pretty exciting and I have already got quite a few good suggestions, so I would enjoy hearing from you over there!

  5. Hi Spencer,

    Congratulations on moving to your new blog. The video is a good idea, and gives a different dimension. The only “problem” I have with videos, is that I like to see a content synopsis alongside, so I have the outline of the message before watching.

    With so much information on the net, I can’t get out of the habit of scanning text before taking a closer reading. And, more importantly, it’s a time saver as well.

    All the best for the future.

    • I agree that the videos are better if they are transcribed with the text below the videos. I will have to do that for any future videos.

  6. Spencer did you register LLC for your internet company when you quit your day job?

    • Boris, I registered an LLC for my business over 2 years ago. I will be forming a couple of new business entities in the near future.