Specialized Outsourcing: How to Hire Top Notch Link Builders

When building niche websites, link building is obviously a very important component to ranking well in Google.  Its all about getting the free traffic for your chosen keywords…but how do you make sure your linkbuilding is done right?

You may remember reading my post recently: 10 Link Building Strategies to Dominate Your Niche.  This is a powerful link building guide; however, it can be daunting if you have to do all of it yourself.  I personally outsource the majority of my link building efforts now.

But How Can You Find Someone That Will Do a Great Job at Linkbuilding?


You see, you are probably well aware of how to hire a freelance person (or Virtual Assistant as sometimes called).  This can be done easily through sites like Freelancer.com, Elance.com, RentaCoder.com, Odesk.com, or many other places.  You simply post a job that you are looking to get completed and you will have dozens of bids within a day or so.

However, the problem that I have run into in the past is that a Virtual Assistant/freelancer tends to only be good at a few things but not EVERYTHING.  Its very tough to find someone that is good at all types of linkbuilding.

For example, I might post a job that asks for the following to get done:

  • 20 Article submissions
  • 20 blog web 2.0 submissions
  • 50 directory submissions
  • 50 Profile links
  • 50 social bookmarks
  • 20 Blog comments

(Obviously there would be much more detail in the job, but you get the idea).  As you can see, these are all linbuilding activities, so one person should be able to do all of these effectively right?  Well, I’ve found that is usually NOT the case.

Outsourcers Do Specialize

In fact, what I have found is that some link builders are GREAT at article submissions for example, but they are TERRIBLE at doing Blog Comments.  On the other hand, someone might have a huge amount of knowledge about doing Profile links, but know very little about Web 2.0 Blogs.  You see all link building activities are NOT the same, so its important that you hire certain individuals for certain activities.

I have tried hiring one person to do all of the above activities but have never found someone that I am completely happy with.  On the other hand, if I hire one person to do Article Submissions and a separate person to do Directory Submissions I find that not only is the work done quicker, its done MUCH better.

So, my advice is to post a job that only requests 1 or possibly 2 types of link building activities.  You will find some great workers that are highly specialized in the type of activities that you are requesting.  The work will get done faster, at a higher quality, and you may even pay less.

I know this is a pretty simple tip, but its something that I wanted to share.  I have been struggling with a couple of link builders recently and have found that I have MUCH better success when I specialize my outsourcing.

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29 Responses to “Specialized Outsourcing: How to Hire Top Notch Link Builders”

  1. Spencer, I am not really interested in outsourcers, but I am interested in software to do the job that outsourcers do. Any
    experience there?

    • Hey Chuck, yes I have lots of experience with software as well. Software is also specialized. So, what type of link building are you interested in automating?
      For Article Marketing, I like Article Drip Robot (I have also tried a couple of others).
      For Social Bookmarking, bookmarking demon is good.

      Maybe I need to do an entire post of what software works well for link building.

  2. How much do you intend to pay them for this amount of work?

    • The price will vary with the type of linkbuilding done. For example profile links are very cheap. You can get over 100 done for $30 or less. Article marketing is about the same. Blog comments are more expensive. It all really depends on what you are looking for. But the price will typically range around $0.10 to 1.00 per link built…it just depends.

      For the example I gave in the post, I might pay $75 to $100 or more.

  3. Wow Spencer! Once again a really helpful post. I have yet to hire my first virtual assistant (mostly b/c i’m still figuring out what to do myself) but I REALLY want to start doing that. And this makes total sense.

    I was curious if you find it more difficult to hire someone for just 1 or 2 type tasks as opposed to having more work to offer someone (b/c of being able to do several types of tasks)

    But this was great advice!! Thanks so much :)

    • Lance, no I actually find it easier for the reasons mentioned in the post. These people are comfortable doing 1 type of thing, but sometimes not another so are happy to do a small job. I will hire someone for 1 job which may only be $30 to $50. If they do a good job, we might work out an agreement for ongoing work. But its VERY easy to find someone willing to do a small job like this. You can post your job and have someone working on your links within 24 hours very easily.

  4. I have been trying to outsource my link building but also finding it tough and very expensive to get someone to do it all. I like that we should look at hiring different people for each job.

    • Its just tough to get one person to do everything. You either have to train them or explain in detail how you want everything done. So, yes, I recommend finding a different person for each job. Maybe the answer is that you do some of your own linkbuilding (I still do); use software for other types, and then hire a couple of people to do other types. Just a thought.

  5. Hi – Goood post you may want to take a look at http://www.Replacemyself.com – Jon Jonas. He provided a good process for employing outsourcers.

    • Interesting site. It certainly may make sense to hire a full time Virtual Assistant. However, for most people this won’t make sense as they are starting out. I have considered this, but at this point, I’m not ready to make the plunge. I am still probably only paying around $3 or so an hour for the workers I hire anyway. Of course its a per job bid…not per hour.

    • I belonged to replacemyself.com for awhile and John actually recommends the same thing Spencer is saying even with VA’s. Just give them one specific task to work on. Only after months of that can you expect to introduce them to a new task. And even though something like backlinking seems like it would be one task, as Spencer points out, it’s not.

      I’ve tried hiring probably about 10 VA’s and it hasn’t worked out every time. The way I figure it, you are better off hiring project-based work since by the time you factor in the time you lose from their internet or power going out, the holidays that seem to come up every week, the lost time when they’re waiting to hear back from you about something, it’s cheaper to pay a set fee and know exactly what you’re going to get for that money.

  6. With my budget I usually stick with automation tools which for the most part does a good job. But this morning I subscribed to this service which gives you a 1000 links a day for an unreal price.

    • Yes, automation tools can be cost effective, but still take a lot of time. I wouldn’t be interesting in building 1000 links a day; sounds like a good way to get a penalty from google…I would avoid this for sure.

  7. I am just trying out {edited}. I gave them a ‘gold’ job 2 weeks ago ($77 which covers more or less the whole works) and am awaiting the link report (which should arrive any day now). They claim to be able to do it all. Anyone else tried them?

  8. I guess my question would be is why you choose to hire workers to to specific link building tasks rather than just purchase a service.

    I completely understand the idea behind hiring a full time virtual assistant to get work done, but would expect them to do everything from link building to content writing, data sorting and anything else I needed done. Which by the way, for this position I would take resumes and hire an American.

    However, if you are hiring a person for some directory links, and another person for some profile links it would make more sense to me to just hit the webmaster forums and purchase a service that covers that for $20 or something.

    In fact, I could probably get some profile links, directory links and article submissions done at the same time for under $40 and have the job started in the same amount of time it would take me to post a job on a freelance site.

    It just seems like hiring people over and over again for specific tasks is less productive than just buying a link package off a forum.

    Take forum profiles for instance, I can buy profile packages all day long for less than a penny per profile, or just buy a program that automates it myself. I can get an article written, spun and submitted to say 600 article directories for $20 or less for the entire job and most of these services will guarantee an approval rate.

    I absolutely understand the benefit of having a virtual assistant, but only if that VA does everything I need. Am I looking at this the wrong way or missing something?

    • Patric:
      I think we are arguing the same point here. I totally agree with you that if you can find someone on a forum to do 600 article directories for $20 then do it! This was the whole point of my post. You find someone that specializes in ONE OR TWO things and hire them. It doesnt matter if you hire them from freelancer.com or a forum; its all the same…you are outsourcing.

      However, I dont see many people on forums etc that will do ALL link building. The packages/services they offer are usually for 1 thing like: profile links, article submissions, social bookmarks.

      I don’t know if you have a lot of experience hiring someone for a job, but its very quick and easy. Its probably just as fast as ordering a package from a forum.

      Either way, it doesnt matter WHERE you get this work done…I am just saying that you will have better success if you order a profile link package from one person and an article submission package from someone else. They likely wont specialize in doing both.

      Hope that clarifies my point…great comment!

      • Not arguing at all, just trying to make sure I wasn’t looking at things the wrong way, thought maybe you knew something that I didn’t. lol

        Yeah, I see what you are saying now. I was under the impression that you were ruling out services like these and focusing strictly on hiring people through freelance services.

        I have hired freelancers on occasion and overall, I have just found it easier to purchase a service and leave it at that. I completely understand the world of VA’s and how they work, in fact, when I started online that is what I did, a full time VA and was paid $3000/month to manage projects and handle the day to day operations of a network of sites.

        Eventually, I found it more profitable to start my own sites than worry about someone else’s. lol

        On another note, a while back you took quite a hit in earnings with some google problems, have you managed to get those sites back up and earning or have you decided to go a new direction entirely?

        • Yep, it probably is easier to just go with a service or package in many cases…I agree!

          Also, yes I had some google problems and will continue to dedicate some future posts to that. Overall, the sites have not be re-indexed by Google and I don’t expect them to be. However, the sites themselves still do well with traffic from Yahoo and Bing. I will be leaving these sites alone and not promoting them any further.
          I am focusing on new sites now or on the sites that are still indexed in Google. Most of my new sites are only a few weeks old, but I am already seeing some great early results.

    • @Patric – OMG! Could you share with us where you are getting those prices? Are the penny forum profiles you’re talking about on sites like Angela’s and Paul’s? Is the $20 price that includes the article, the spin, and the distribution for a decent article?

      @Quentin – Thank you for the tip for getting re-indexed, I’m going to try that.

      • Lisa, you are very welcome :) I am in the supreme position of never having a site delisted so I can’t test it, but I am working on it 😉

        One thing that did happen to me this week was an email from JustHost saying one of my sites was using more than 10% of the server and therefore they had suspended it immediately. It was a WordPress site and the cure was simply to add the WP Super Cache plugin. So far all is now OK.

  9. I know where I can get these tasks done but I’m never sure just how many of these links I need.
    If I’m trying to increase the rankings of existing sites that are currently on page 2 to page 5… is the example you gave in your post an adequate number of links?
    What about a brand new site I just put up?

    In both cases I’m not talking about extremely competitive markets.

    • Tom:
      The example I gave was purely for example only. However, the number of links listed there may actually be too many for a new site or a less competitive niche site. It really all depends, you may need more or less. However, I would say that it is a good place to start. Build these initial links, and then see where your site stands after 2 to 3 weeks. Then you can slowly build more links as you need to.

  10. Yes you are true. We have few link builders and i do some of my work myself. I am training my peoples to do work like that. Also, i am communicating with my friend who work in seo company. So, that we can start our own business. I see huge potential here.

  11. Spencer,

    What is your opinion on hiring 2 or more outsourcers for similar jobs, and just testing which one does better work? I’ve had people tell me it is a waste of money, and I’ve had others tell me it’s a waste of money NOT to do this. What has been your experience? Thanks.

    • Great idea. I am doing something similar. For my newer niche sites, I am testing out a few similar services and outsourcers to build links. The ones that perform well, I keep, the others I don’t go back to.