Persistence Pays Off

As I look back at where I have been in the internet marketing world, it is hard for me to believe where I am today.  Right now, I am on the brink of quitting my full time job because my websites are now making me enough money to do so.  I expect February to be my last month working a full time job.

However, this has not been an easy road.  In fact, if you have followed my blog here for a while, you are well aware of the ups and downs that I have had.   I discussed in detail my websites getting deindexed by Google not once but twice: here and here.

I Almost Quit Internet Marketing

But my history goes back much further than those hiccups in the road.  I started building websites back in 2005.  For a few years, I was learning and trying lots of different things.  I kept expecting the next month to be the one that made me the big bucks.

After a few years, I decided that maybe it was time to quit.  I was doubting the possibility that an individual could really make any real money online.  So, I posted my frustration in a post on the Warrior Forum.  It was a cry for help and some last ditch effort for that golden answer that would change everything.  You can read the post that I made almost 2 years ago on April 9, 2009 – Should I Quit?

The advice I got didnt provide the golden answer.  In fact, the answers really left me more confused than before.  The problem is that there are literally thousands of ways you can make money on the internet, and everyone has their own methods.   I just hadn’t developed my own yet.  My advice is that instead of listening so much to other people, you should decide for yourself what can make money and go for it.

In that post, you will notice that I mention a few of the topics about my sites.  Its interesting to note that I mentioned my sites about “worm farms” and “buffalo nickels”.  I view these as my breakthrough sites.  Not because they were big money makers, but because these are the 2 sites that made me about $20/mth in passive income even a year after I had worked on them.  It was literally about 6 months after I made this post on the Warrior Forum, that I really took a look a the sites that I owned and realized that I was earning a consistent $20/mth from these 2 sites from free SEO traffic.

At that point (September 2009), I decided to go after small, low competition niches.  That decision has changed my life.  But without the persistent effort to continually improve how I do things and continue to work hard, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am today.  Persistence pays off big time.

Has there been some luck involved?  Well, perhaps.  But when you have purchased over 300 domains like I have and persistently tried new methods, etc, you can hardly call it all luck.  I have found keywords that get way more traffic than I expected, and I have built websites that make me $20/day instead of the $2/day I expected. However, I have also had a lot of losers, so I suppose the luck has balanced itself out.

How Are My Websites Doing Today?

So, over the past few weeks, I have had several $200 + days from Adsense.  My websites are doing quite well, and I would guess that half of this money is coming from websites that are not even indexed in Google (thank you Yahoo! and Bing).

I am also doing quite well with my “new” niche websites that were built in November.  I discussed these sites here.  Essentially, I took keywords from some of my deindexed sites that I knew got good traffic and would be easy to rank for and built new sites.

One of these new sites just hit #1 on Google yesterday (yes I’m exited!).  The monthly traffic according to the Google Adwords keyword tool is 4,400 for the exact match keyword.  The CPC according to Google is $2.29.  My site just hit #1 sometime yesterday, so I have yet to spend a full day at that spot, but I am seeing the benefits already.  Yesterday this one site made me $60.36.  I can easily see this one site being a $100/day website if I build out some additional content (which I most certainly will be doing).

You Won’t Get Rich Quick

So, is it possible to build a website and have it earn you $50+/day in a matter of 2 months?  Well, yes its possible, but highly unlikely.  Like I said before, I have spent 5 long years trying different things, studying different keywords, and building niche websites.  Even though this site is only 2 months old, the keyword is one that I used to have a site built on previously, and I have been studying it for about 16 months.

So, yes its possible that you might get lucky and build a new website and start making serious cash quickly.  But most likely, your journey will be similar to mine.  Mine was riddled with self doubt and moments where I nearly quit trying.  My journey has been difficult and I have experienced lots of failures.  My journey has taken 5 years and is still not anywhere close to being “passive”.  I still expect to spend many years improving my sites and my business.  However, I am finally at the point where I can support myself full time and work at it 8 hours a day (yes I still WANT to work full days).

I have to say it to everyone thinking about getting into internet marketing:  Your journey will also probably be full of disappointments, like mine, and many of you will quit.  And that is actually okay, maybe you could do better elsewhere; there’s nothing wrong with that.  I fully expect that my future will still have lots of frustrations and disappointments; however, overall I am confident in this business as I put forth a persistent effort.  My confidence is certainly encouraged when I look at my earnings rolling in everyday.

Anyway, that is where my business is at.  I will keep you posted when I officially give my 2 weeks notice at my job and with other events in my business.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!

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22 Responses to “Persistence Pays Off”

  1. Hi Spencer, WOW! How awesome to be back so quickly and to finally be at a point to be free of your job.

    My income from adsense has really struggled – I am getting good traffic but not converting well and low cpc.

    Quick question – have you ever purchase “aged” domains ? Do you think it would help or hurt the process ?

    Thanks again and good luck. Can’t wait to read your post saying “I just gave my notice!”

    • I think aged domains can help. I have not really done much buying of aged domains. You will want to make sure the aged domain is actually indexed in Google before purchasing it. However, I believe that some of these certainly have potential to help in your SEO efforts.

  2. Spencer,
    I recently stumbled upon your site from the Warrior Forum, so forgive me if this has been asked before. When you say you’re making $200 a day, is this gross or net? How much are you spending on tools and outsourcing?

    Your persistence and hard work is inspiring. I hope to be where you are a year or two from now.

    • Anna, this is a gross number. However, the ongoing required expenses are very little. In other words, if I only kept the sites that I had, my expenditures would essentially be for monthly hosting (around $60/mth) and thats about it. Most of my expenses come from building NEW websites. I might spend $100 on a new website for domain, articles, and linkbuilding. I do spend some on ongoing linkbuilding or new articles for larger sites or those sites that I feel really have potential. Anyway, I only explain this to break out my required expenses and those additional investments I make for growth. Overall, its safe to say I spend around $500 to $1,000/mth to grow my business. When my gross is $200/day, I would say my net is still easily over $165/day. Hope that give you an idea.

  3. Hi Spencer

    I’ve been following you post for quite some time now & your journey has been very similar to mine.

    Quitting your day job is a big step, scary & exciting at the same time… I hope by this time next year I’ll be able to do the same.

    It was only a couple of months ago I made my first money online after about 8 months of trying. My first money online came from an Amazon commission & it was £3.29

    Although it’s a small amount, seeing this commission in my Amazon account was my most exciting day online & a day I will never forget.

    I have 5 sites now – they’re all quite new but I have one in position 2# on page one of Google for a keyword that gets 9,000 exact match searches a month & this site makes several sales every day. My commission is up to almost £200 now & I’m so excited about the year ahead.

    There was a point in my efforts to make money online where I would sit with my head in my hands just not knowing which way to go. There were also times where I was almost in tears with frustration.

    I can totally relate to you when you talk about persistence because it does pay off without a doubt. Persistence, determination & a passion for making money online will yield results… eventually.

    Following your posts has been inspiring. Once I have set up an income stream with Amazon I plan to build an Adsence income stream too.



    • Barry, sounds like you are finding some success…keep it up! Build on the principles that are working and build your business from there…best of luck!

  4. Wow Spencer, just today I was reflecting on the importance of the success twins…patience and persistence. Thanks for the inspiration to keep on keeping on.

  5. Awesome post! Persistance is sooo key in this business. Thanks for telling it how it really is! The frustation and the self doubt can be killer. But if you just keep at it then you will get there (as you have proven)! Seeing where you were at in 09 to where you are now is very motivating!

  6. Hi Spencer!

    Totally agree, it’s much better concentrating on a certain way, let it be adsense, or affiliate sales, or CPA and PPV or banner ads etc…

    Last year was a good one after the major drop of 2009. Now I see what works for me and keep working in this direction – affiliate sales from SEO. My adsense is only around 100$ a month, but since I don’t touch this money, I already have over 400$ in my pocket that I can potentially reinvest into the business… Diversification and mass scale is what works!

    • I agree that diversification and mass scale is key. Once your find something that works for you, expose it and build on a bigger scale.

  7. Hi Spencer – I’ve been following your trials and tribulations, so it is encouraging to see you are finding success! I am just getting into the game myself and am finding how easy it can be to become discouraged. I am building my first niche product site and have started a blog to chronicle my experience. So far, my niche site is no where to be found and my blog has an audience of one! Persistence is the key, and following successes like yours is my motivation.

    All the best

  8. Spencer,

    This is great advice. When you break it down, being able to “stick-with-it” is what separates success stories from the rest of the world. Everybody and their mother has a great idea that will make millions. But less than one percent of the population bother to try it out. AND less than one percent of people who do give it a go, actually follow through and stick to it. So just staying with your idea and keeping at it makes you infinitely more likely to succeed!

  9. Great! Stories like this keep me going… :)

  10. inspiring read as always Spencer 😉
    I feel it like reading my future writings;

    my latest foundings when i m reading loads of shit bout making quick money and seo. While many guidelines are mostly OK, but in order to earn money, one must customize its methods to itself, use imagination and think outside of the box:

    and that is two things that you perfectly outlined:

    first: My advice is that instead of listening so much to other people, you should decide for yourself what can make money and go for it.

    second: “I fully expect that my future will still have lots of frustrations and disappointments; however, overall I am confident in this business as I put forth a persistent effort.”

    looking forward, cheersz \m/

  11. Great post, Spencer! I am so excited for you! I’ve been keeping-up with your progress and this is definitely inspiring news. This post couldn’t have come at a better time because I was actually just having one of those “downer days” this afternoon about where my efforts have taken me and where I had expected to be at this point. I’m only a year in, but it’s still frustrating…no matter how long you’ve been at it :)

    You just gave me the extra little push I needed to keep plugging away at this and hoping for the best! Lol!

    Congrats again on your awesome success!

  12. great story you really inspire me to keep going. I have learned to just stay focussed on 1 thing if it doesnt work after 6 months then try something different.

  13. Well this is really good post. And working for 200 domains is really hard work. I am also on the same path. I hope in this year. I will considerably increase my income.

  14. Hey Spencer,

    Thanks for posting and glad to see your doing good with your sites. Has 2 quick questions.

    What do you use mainly for backlinking? I know there are a lot of methods out there but which ones are you personally comfortable with.

    Also did you notice that the google keyword tool changed and now it seems the searches are different. Do you still use the goolge keyword tool and also what is the minimum searches you go for in regards to main domain keyword?


  15. Hi

    Just found your site and its providing some great insights to your experience so far.

    Im about 18 months down the learning cover and have had similar issues. For me backlink building is the biggest cost/effort issue.

    Great stuff anyway and Im off to read the rest of the site