NSC 7: My Site is Making Money!

If you have been following my Niche Site Challenge, you know that I went through quite the planning stage before I chose a niche or built my site.  I now have some evidence to prove that those plans are paying off.

If you need to remind yourself of some of the planning and methods I used to select my keywords, perhaps you should visit the Niche Site Challenge Overview page for a list of all the posts.

My Niche

As I have revealed previously, the keyword I chose to focus on is “oil change coupons”.  Here is a screenshot of what this keyword looked like in the new Google Adwords Keyword tool.

As you can see, I used the EXACT match keyword to determine if the number of monthly searches was sufficient; which it is.  Secondly, I looked at the CPC, which in this case is $2.34.

The CPC is the stat that had me worried.  Because you can never know if the earnings per click ON YOUR SITE will be similar to this stat.  I usually estimate that you can expect about 30 to 50% of what this AVG. CPC number is on your site.  However, that’s just a rough estimate as this cpc number is constantly changing as new advertisers enter the market.

I can now say that I am VERY happy with the CPC that I am getting on my site!

My Site has Only Been Indexed for About 18 Days

My site is very young and I have done very little as far as promoting the site.  My focus this month has been to get the site up, indexed, and to create valuable content that visitors will find useful.  I believe that I have over-delivered on that aspect.

The only promotion I have done is a few comments on some high traffic sites related to my niche, and I have written 2 articles on an article directory site.  That’s it.

So, most of my traffic has come from these comments and articles.  I have only received a few visitors via search engine traffic at this point.  However, I expect that to change as I start to build some links (following my link building strategies discussed here).  Sometimes newer sites take a little while to rank in Google, and this appears to be the case with my site at this point.

My Earnings for the Month of October

Okay, now that I have explained what I have done to build and promote my site; its time for the first earnings report.  And remember, this is ONLY for part of the month of October (today is the 18th). The site was not indexed yet for any of September.

So, overall I am quite happy with the start of this niche website.  I have made $27.96 on only 26 clicks.  This is an average earnings per click of $1.08!  That’s pretty sweet!  I certainly have some other sites that earn more per click, but most of my sites earn less than $1 per click.  I attribute the high earnings per click to my patience in choosing a niche more than anything else.

Now over the next few weeks, I am going to focus on getting this site to start ranking for its primary keywords.  Once I start getting some more significant natural search engine traffic, I expect the earnings to go up quite a bit.  It looks like I could have a real winner on my hands here.

Anyway, what are your thoughts?  Do you have any questions or other comments that you would like to make about my niche site?  Let me know!

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49 Responses to “NSC 7: My Site is Making Money!”

  1. This is great, i think you have a winner on your hand.

  2. This is a good find! keep up the good work.Happy to hear about your success

  3. Way to go Spencer,
    You should see a nice increase within a few weeks now. Mine always seem to come to life after about 6 weeks of first indexing. I must say that I do really pile on the manual Backlinks though, try to do min. of 20 per day.
    Keep it up,

  4. Nice job. Careful with showing your account details for adsense. It is against Google’s terms. Trust me, i know!

    I would hate for you to lose your account.

  5. Great job….I agree with Jared though. You need to block out most of that info or you will get banned! I have seen it happen three times (not with me though).

  6. Can you show us template for this site you have used

  7. Good Afternoon,

    Thanks again for sharing all this with us. I really appreciate it, and I’ve enjoyed watching your progress.

    I think someone may have already asked this, but what’s your opinion about domain names with dashes? I’m talking like one dash, not this-is-my-new-e-domain.com Something more like key-word.com?


    • Hey Chris:
      Of course I always prefer the exact match domain without any dashes; however, 1 dash is okay. In fact, I still prefer a prefix or a suffix before I resort to a dash; but that’s just my opinion. There is nothing wrong with dash, but others options are better.

  8. Great work Spencer! Good to see the money already rolling in! It’s good motivation! All my keywords are now on the first and second page! Adsense is always a good option! This should seriously progress into a great money maker!

  9. Awesome Job!!

  10. This is indeed great. You have recovered the domain registration cost within 18 days.

  11. This is great results! Especially, you can get so many clicks with just some amount of traffic. How is the ctr?

    • The CTR is right around 5%. I could certainly do some testing to improve that; however, that is not my focus right now. I will dedicate a post to the process of testing and improving CTRs later.

  12. Woah. Im impressed by your earnings, the avg CPC didn’t fluctuate much in your case. It would be really nice if you can share the template you are using

  13. I second that request. Can you share the template you used?

  14. congrats you’ll probably be able to flip it for 4 figures in a few months

    • Chris, maybe I could! But if its a great website that brings in a consistent income, I probably won’t. I like to keep my winners…

  15. Spencer,

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. It is greatly appreciated. I was wondering how many blocks of Adsense ads do you put on your page or total number of ads. (Example ads at the top and different ads at the bottom?

    Also in the future will you be building additional pages with more relative keywords and then put Adsense on them.

    When you write your articles do you target other relative keywords with your main keyword?


    • If you look at my niche site, you will see exactly how I am using my adsense ads. Also, yes; every single page of the site targets a different keyword.

  16. Fantastic job Spencer!

    Keep building that traffic and that Adsense earnings are really going to skyrocket – great niche selection too!

  17. Hi Spencer this is really awesome stuff, i found your site tru ur youtube video and i must say I am with you all the way.
    I want to ask you tho can I build sites with a HTML editor like Xsite pro and get the same results in the search engines like WordPress does? what do you think?

    Congrats and thank you.

    • Absolutely a static site would work. In fact, I personally know of someone who only does basic html sites and he does better than I do. WordPress is certainly NOT required. For many of us (including me), it just makes things easier.

  18. Any idea on when you were going to post this ( see below) …also in there would it include the steps to put in the adsense code. Also I had an idea to bring you side extra income, dealing with adsense sites…just shoot me an email and I’ll bounce it off you.

    “YES! I have been meaning to mention that I have found where I got this theme originally. You can all download it for free right here:

    I will add this to a future blog post as well to make sure everyone sees this.

  19. Hye spencer. Would you mind if you can put your niche site link here ?

    Thank you

    p.s. I’ve been following this niche site & waiting for the update since submitted your mailing list 3 weeks ago. Love to wait another update. Thank you again.

    • No, as part of the challenge, I am not linking to the niche site; however, if you read my previous posts I tell you what the domain is; and I believe the image above actually shows the domain as well.

  20. Did your site get de-indexed or something? I was looking to see how it ranked in google, but it didn’t come up. Then using the search term site:yoursite didn’t even give results.

  21. How do you get your profile pages indexed? Do you ping them or does google just naturally see them.

    I am surprised by the amount you made in just 18 days.

  22. How did you come up with the contents for your niche when you don’t know anything about your niche?

  23. Thanks for the motivation man. I am a college student trying to pay for tuition and possibly medschool. I got a 2 sites up last week but they are not doing to well. Keep at it.

  24. Hey I was just wondering what wordpress theme you for the tire coupon website. Thanks

  25. Great post and figure there Spencer :)

    Can you explain where you get the impressions? It seem that your site isnt at the 1st page of Google. Can you list the source of traffic you are getting to get the kind of $


  26. … and you also mention that have made comments on a high traffic sites. Mind sharing the site and how do you made the comment?

  27. Hey Spencer,

    So how is the site doing now? I’m excited. Let us know via another update. Your blog rocks! Thanks for the challenge as well!

  28. Hi Spencer,

    I was impressed with the oil change coupons collection that you have on your blog. How did you come with this?

    Just google searched and placed the link? Or the outsource writer did that for you?

    Those coupons are helpful to myself as well. :) Save me some $ too.

    • Actually I did more than a google search to find these coupons (although that helped some). I actually made a list of all the oil change companies I could find both online and by opening my local phone book. Then I went to each company’s website individually and looked for coupon offers. By doing this, I was able to uncover lots of great deals.