NSC 5: Building the Site and Adding Content

Okay, so as I discussed in my last post, I have picked my niche for “oil change coupons”.  The domain is e oil change coupons (dot) com.  Since my last post, I have simply installed wordpress and installed my chosen theme.

I have actually done a lot more than that as well!  You will now see that my first post is complete, and to be honest, this will probably be the hardest one.  I spent at least a good 2 hours of researching where to find various oil change coupons.  The more I researched, the more excited I got!  There are TONS of these coupons available online; however, NOBODY has created a nice long list of all these coupons in once place…until now!

In doing my research, I found a few coupons sites that would have 2 or 3 of these coupons listed, but never much more than that; and quite often these coupons were actually expired.  So, that was my first lead as to where to find oil change coupons.  I simply followed these active or expired links and found the most current and up to date coupons listed by these companies.

However, then I used my own brain power (a really good idea if you are going to create a useful website :) )

First, I went to Entrepreneur.com and found a listing of all the Oil Change Franchises that were available.  There was a good dozen or so listings for this type of business.

Then, I just thought off the top of my head some of the places that I knew changed oil in vehicles; and added these to the list.

Then finally, I pulled out the Yellow Pages (phone directory) in my local area and looked for businesses that offer oil changes.

By doing these steps, I came up with a list of 28 Oil Change businesses that I thought might be offering coupons.

Then I simply took this list of potential coupon sources and did a search in Google for their websites.  What I found was a jackpot of oil change coupons!  Lots of these places had coupons on their website that I am now able to list on my site!

So, if you take a look at my homepage, you will see a pretty decent list of these oil change discounts that are available.  The key for me will be to continue building this list AND to continually make sure that it is up to date and remove the expired coupons.  This may take a little extra effort on my part, but I believe that others will see the value that I am providing and will be willing to promote (link to) my site for a job well done.

My Monetization Plans

I haven’t added my Google Adsense ads to the site just yet, but I expect to do that over the next couple of days.  I plan on adding at least 5 to 10 information articles to the site before I really even try to build any links to it.  I want to make sure that once the sites starts to get promoted that it has a good quantity of content.

In the future, once I start getting some visitors, I think I am going to add an email opt-in to the homepage.  I will allow visitors to enter their email address so that I can send them an email reminder every 3 months to change their oil!  What a great plan!!  In the email, it will simply let them know that its time to change their oil, and they can find the latest coupons on my site; and of course I will provide a link to the most recent (non-expired) coupons available.  I really think that building this email list could provide a nice traffic boost and recurring income to the site.

Logo Design and Testing

I am in the process of having a logo designed for this site and I expect it to be done in the next day or so.  I have used this particularly logo designer for about 3 logos in the past, and he does a fantastic job.  And best of all he does it for only $30 and always only takes 2 days or so.  I found him on Freelancer.com (which is a site I use for a lot of my outsourcing).

Finally, I will be testing the layout of the site and the ads on an ongoing basis.  So, once I have it set up initially, you can expect that I will be changing things in the next few months or so as I begin to see some traffic.

Anyway, that’s just a quick update on my new niche site.  I would be interested in hearing your thoughts below.  Thanks!

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31 Responses to “NSC 5: Building the Site and Adding Content”

  1. I am learning from you. What great ideas you had to find these coupons and that was exactly my question in my last comment: i.e.
    Where do you go to find oil change coupons, or something similar.
    Good info that can be used for other niches.

    • Yeah, when you made your last comment, I really didn’t know how I would find the coupons. But now that I have put in the effort, I can see exactly how I can become an authority in this niche.

  2. Really cool! and what’s more you have behavioural search for adsense on this site! – it’s always a shock when the ads reflect exactly what you have been surfing recently :)

    Nice one Spencer, and thanks for sharing this.

  3. Really good information as always. Looks like you have stumbled upon a pretty good niche, will be fun to see how it all works out.

    What kind of CPC is adwords paying for clicks in this niche ?

    Anyways, good luck!

    • Well, I just didn’t stumble on it…it took me 2 weeks of diligent searching to find it! :)
      Also, the CPC is right around $1.80 for this keyword.

  4. Spencer, you really are creating a site that will add value! Thats great. The only problem I see at the moment is that people will find the coupons and then click through and go to the pdf. What I think would be much better would be to send them to another page on your site where the adsense is displayed. Just tell them to print out the page.

    • Hey Shane, this is exactly what I plan to do. Right now the only content I have is the home page. However, I am going to go through each coupon one by one and create a link to a separate page. For example, the Jiffy Lube coupon will lead to a separate page with an article and ads on it. The link to the coupon will be on this second page. Great minds think alike!

  5. Oil exchange coupons??

    I can hear the knights of Camelot now saying, “Niche! Niche!” (Any one here watch Monty Python :))

    I’ve never even heard of thee oil exchange coupons, don’t even know if we have them in Australia.

    Cool idea Spencer.

    Looking fwd to watching the rest.

    Paul Barrs

    • Congrats on the first Monty Python reference on this blog!

      I would think they are in Australia as well. You have to change the oil in your car a couple of times a year right? If so, there are probably companies that do this and offer coupons.

  6. Spencer, I’m glad you’re showing people how much work is actually involved in creating a quality site. Too many people fall for that “set it up fast and make a million bucks overnight” crap that the gurus are always spewing and then they wonder why they can’t make any money online.

    This looks like it will be a good solid site. Can’t wait to see your logo. Will you be sharing the designer’s name with us?

    • Beamer:
      Yep, news flash for everyone: Making Money online is NOT easy! But its certainly possible if you work at it.

      The logo is now up…so take a look! I may be sharing the designers name with his permission.

  7. Hey Spencer,

    nice work.

    Why don’t you charge for the information? Compile all of these oil change coupons from the various companies and charge people $7 for it.

    Compile a list of them, with each one linking to the company where they can access them from and turn it into a PDF report.

    It’s a good price, adds another stream of revenue plus people will pay for information that’s current, anything that will save the time of them having to research it for themselves.

    Just an idea.


    • Shane:
      I’m not sure if that would work, but maybe…I’ll have to think about it.
      I would think that people looking for a coupon to save only $5 on an oil change are not willing to pay $7 for the coupon. But maybe if I did a membership or something…I don’t know. For now I will stick with adsense.

  8. Thanks for great tips. I think you also can try Fivver.com to find someone who lets you pay just $5 for “Logo Design and Testing”.

  9. You are really “motoring” along Spencer :-))

    This is great stuff.

    Just wondering, IS it generally OK to place Adsense on a new site almost immediately or is better to wait until a few pages have been indexed or perhaps even longer?


    • YES! Its just fine to place adsense on your site even before its indexed. I do it all the time; it doesnt effect anything one way or another. I have just added my ads to this new oil change coupons site, and its not indexed.

  10. Hi Spencer!

    Great to see you’re serious about your project. Btw, I liked your site’s theme, but couldn’t find it in the wordpres.org – is it free or paid theme?

    Looking forward to your next updates!


    • Anton:
      Its the Art Mod-dbl 1.6 by Master Shake. I don’t know if its available online anymore or not. I got it several months ago for some other sites and just have it saved on my computer.

      • Thanks Spencer!

        Not available any more, but there are tons of similar. Looking forward to your next updates 😉

  11. Spencer,

    What a great idea you had in the first place and now everything is falling into place for you! I am going to be following you as you build this site and others.

    Thank you for sharing all of the details, it helps get my wheels turning that is for sure. :)

    All the best,


  12. Nicely progressing Spence. The smell of fresh bread is in the air. Your idea is exposing a lot of facets and kind of developing itself. Nice clean easy design that’s screaming “I’ve got help and free info for you”.

    Did you use straight google code for the ads within your posts ? Or did you use a particular widget or plugin ? Also, do you use statpress or some other form of traffic anylizer ? If so, would it be possible to have some screenshots posted ? Even in the early stages i find it exciting to watch the numbers change.

    Excited all the way !


    • Allen:
      I use the “Why do Work Adsense” plugin for adsense placement.
      Also, I use Google Analytics for all of my stats. I will post screenshots in a future post. Thanks!

  13. Hi Spencer,

    Thanks so much for sharing with us. The Site looks AWESOME! Really excited about watching your progress.

    Quick Question – I really love the theme. I cannot seem to find it. Can you recommend any other good wordpress themes for adsense sites ??


    • The new default wordpress template works pretty decent if you place your adsense properly. I will have to do a post on other adsense themes.

  14. Dang how did your site get 2.7 million already on alexa ?

    • Don’t know. I haven’t done anything special yet; not even any linkbuilding. I’ve just submitted the site to Digg. I will write a post on everything else I’ve done as well of course. Overall, I have never really paid attention to Alexa, should I? I just care about the traffic Google sends me :)

  15. Spencer,

    Great post. Can I ask you why you put e in front of domain name vs using a domain that started with my ? Do you think it will do better organically with that (and if so why)? Thanks.


    • Jill: I don’t it would matter if it was an “e” or a “my”. I just used e because I thought it sounded better for this particular site.

  16. Can you tell us what plugins you use on your wordpress blog? I would also be interested to know where you get your templates.