November Review and Future Goals

So, the month of November has actually turned out better than I had hoped; considering some of my sites were deindexed.  Overall, my earnings from Adsense decreased quite a bit, but my earnings from other sources increased quite a bit.  So, my overall income from October to November was almost the same.  On a monthly basis, my online income is still right around $4k to $5k.  So, not bad…but I’m still not satisfied.

Even though my Adsense income decreased in November, it is still by far my largest earner.  I expect this to be the case for the foreseeable future.

What Did I Accomplish Last Month?

I wanted to just give a brief breakdown of what I did in the month of November.  First of all, as you all know I continued to make some super fantastic posts right here on my blog :)

In case you missed them, here is the list of posts I made last month:

November 2 – Bluehost vs. HostGator – My Personal Experience

November 4 – Your Sites Might be In Danger…Mine Are

November 5 – Is it Possible to Prevent Problems with Google?

November 9 – Long Tail handbook Now Available!

November 15 – Can I own These Keywords?

November 18 – Dear Google: Please Unbreak My Heart!

November 23 – How to Leverage your Online Business to Extraordinary Heights

November 30 – How to Build Amazon Niche Websites

Overall, if I had to pick my favorite from November, it would be my video post – “Dear Google: Please Unbreak My Heart!  It makes my laugh really hard and fight back the tears at the same time.

However, looking at my traffic numbers, my 2 most popular posts last month were:

November 4 – Your Sites Might be In Danger…Mine Are


November 2 – Bluehost vs. HostGator – My Personal Experience

I Am Rebuilding Several Niche Sites

My bread and butter for making good money is from my niche websites.  This is what I am passionate about and this is what I continue to work on.  Yes, I took a hit from the Big-G, but I’ve learned from my experiences; and I’m ready for round 2 (or 3?).

I have about 6 or 7 niche websites that were earning me around $2,500 per month that are no longer in Google.  They still receive traffic from Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.  But the earnings for these sites is now closer to $1,000 in November.

My site that took the biggest hit was ranked #1 in Google (still is in Yahoo and Bing though) for my chosen keyword.  In September, (my last real full month at #1), the website earned – $995.94 from Adsense.  However, after getting removed from Google, the site only pulled in $274.39 in Adsense earnings for the month of November.

So, I am starting over and building these 6 or 7 niche sites from scratch with new domains, new hosting, new content, new themes, new everything.

I am happy to report that I now have 3 of these new niche sites up and running.  They are no longer exact match domains because they were not available.  They all have a suffix like, hq, review, or pro.

My top site that earned my $995 in September is already ranked #25 in Google with only 1 backlink!  I am 100% confident that I will be back at number 1 within a couple of months.  This is a SUPER low competition keyword but a very high paying niche.

My second new niche site is already ranked #34 and I am almost more excited about this one.  The original niche site was one that never ranked in the top 10 but was still pulling in $300 to $400 per month.  I think with a little extra effort, I could get this new niche site to #1 in Google.  The exciting part is that this second site is in the exact same niche as the first site (high paying) AND my targeted keyword gets about 4 times the searches!  This means if I do rank #1 in Google this could be a $2k to $3k site all by itself.

Anyway, I’m talking big right now, but only time will tell if this actually happens.  Overall, I am VERY positive about the future of my new niche sites.

So, how did I find such high paying, yet low competition keywords?  Honestly, I lay it out step by step in my Long Tail Handbook.  I do EXACTLY what I have in that book.

My Other Plans

I am also getting closer to completing my new keyword research tool.  The software is essentially done, I am just getting demo videos and the back end management all set up.  It is just taking a lot of time because I am building niche websites and I still have my full time job…

Finally, I don’t want to go into too much detail, but in a few months, I plan on relaunching this blog.  Actually, it will be a completely new blog with a new domain (already purchased) and slightly new topic.  The core of the website will be more focused on “Niche Businesses” rather than just “Niche Websites”.  So, I will certainly still be discussing my niche websites, but I have lots of other niche topics that I think everyone will be pretty excited to get the inside scoop on.  My goal would be to be quit my job, then launch the blog; so that I can devote some real time to it.

Anyway, that’s about it for my review of November, and my plans for the future.  Leave a comment or question below, and I will do my best to respond!

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16 Responses to “November Review and Future Goals”

  1. Good post Spencer.

    Do you mind me asking how much content you had on the $2500 sites before you were deindexed?

    $2500 per month from one site from Adsense is very impressive.

    • Terry:

      Just to clarify, the $2500 was coming from 6 or 7 sites total, not just one site. However, all the sites had between 5 and 20 pages of content. My new niche sites will start with between 5 and 10 pages of content and then will be built up over time as I see success with them.

  2. Your a powerhouse man. Keep it up.

    I think you’re the only internet marketer I’m following now.

    Really enjoy getting your updates. Keep it up.


  3. Great mate, I’m glad to hear that you’re on the rise after the google hit. My adsesne is growing monthly August 70-80$, Sept, Oct – 103$, Nov – 124$ without me lifting a finger really. I think this is due some “mature” factor as the rankings keep growting naturally due to on-site factors. I really never did heavy backlinking, and to be frank adsense is the easiest income I’ve ever seen, I just go to postoffice and get cash every month.

    Definitely you could reinvest into paid traffic and grow rich quickly! 😉

    • Yep, the passive part of the income is the nice part. Although it sure takes a lot of work up front! Great job on your earnings, put some more work in, and I’m sure you’ll see that increase.

  4. Spencer, You continue to be an inspiration and I look forward to your keyword tool.

  5. Hey Spencer,
    Cool to hear that November still turned out well for you even though several sites dropped on Google. I am in the beginning process of creating two niche sites after shelving a previous idea (once I got market samurai and found how competitive the SEO comp was), so I love reading your blog. One question (that you might have covered in another post): do you monetize with affiliate sales on any of the sites? Or is it strictly adsense?

    Good luck with the new launch!

    • Hey Brett,
      Thanks for the comment. Most of my sites are strictly adsense. Mainly because alot of the niches I am just don’t have readily available affiliate products. However, if I AM in a niche with a good affiliate product, I would definitely test it both with and without adsense to see which brings in the most revenue.

      Yeah, the new launch is a little while off, but its going to be quite unique and different then what I have seen anyone else doing.

  6. Hey Spencer,

    Always enjoy dropping in each month to see what you’ve been up to. Great blog as always.

    Just remember – if you want to leave that ‘day job behind’… NEVER let Adsense be your only source of income. I remember the big update of ’04; I lost $2,600 a WEEK income. Since then I’ve never built an ‘Adsense site’ again, just a site *with* Adsense on it.

    Paul Barrs
    Internet Business Marketing and Management Tips

  7. Brilliant!

    This is a prime example of the results that can be acheived when you never give up, no matter what you’re hit with.

    Spencer – I’ve been on quite a few mailing lists but your emails are about the only ones I find myself following without fail. I’m really enjoying your posts & I’m starting to build niche sites too.

    I’m making some money through Amazon but I’m hoping to add Adsence sites to my income stream also. I have big plan to make it in 2011!

    All the best


    • Hey Barry, its seriously comments like this that keep me motivated to keep this blog going…thanks so much! I genuinely hope that some thoughts that I have shared can help you make some money with your niche sites…best of luck!

  8. Nice do you use wordpress for all your sites and how many articles you keep in your niche site?

    • Yes, I use WordPress for all my sites. I start each site with about 5 to 10 articles; and then add more articles as I see success. I have sites with over 100 articles.