Niche Website “How-to” Guide – Coming Soon!

I have been pretty busy lately working on websites and taking some vacation time, hence the delay in posts on this site!

However, over the past few weeks, one thing has not changed.  I still get questions from lots of people about how I am making money building these niche adsense websites.  I have discussed my business with many people in my family and several friends that have not really been exposed to internet marketing in the past before, and to say it mildly…they like what they hear!

The one question that many of them ask me is: Is there a book or something that will teach me exactly step-by-step how to build these successful websites?  Unfortunately, my answer up to this point has been “Not really”.  The best I can do is point them to this website and have them read through my 30 day challenge.  This does give a pretty comprehensive big picture guide to what is going on.

However, most of these people want more details, how to videos, and more in depth instructions.

So, I have started working on a COMPLETE Niche Website Guide that will teach you and others exactly how I have become successful at building niche websites.

I plan to have a comprehensive ebook that explains the theory, business strategy, and step-by-step details of the business.  I also plan on creating dozens of in-depth videos that show me building websites from scratch, choosing keywords, promoting sites, and everything else that I do to create profitable mini-websites.

I have not wanted to do this in the past, for a couple of reasons.  First, I always thought: If I am doing something that is making me money, why should I go tell others how to do it?  Won’t they just steal my business?

However, the more websites that I build the more I realize that there is NEVER going to be a shortage of niche topics and keywords to center a website around.  I could teach a million people how to build these websites, and I doubt that I would ever run out of ideas for sites.

The reason for this is simple.  Every single day, new searches are done on Google that were not done the day before.

If you think about the term “ipad”, it was not searched for at all a year ago.  However, now there are millions of searches done each month for the ipad and other ipad related keywords.  If you multiply this by the millions of niches that are out there and the millions of products and new models that are created each and everyday, you will begin to understand why there is nearly a limitless supply of keywords.  The keyword market is constantly evolving and is not stagnant.  Events happen, celebrities have scandals, products are created, and other changes occur that create new searches on Google all the time.  You just need to know how to find these keywords.

The second reason that I have never wanted to create a “how-to” guide in the past is because I didn’t want to be a hypocrite.  I didn’t want to be one of those self-proclaimed “gurus” that actually make more money selling how to products than they do from the techniques taught by their products.  I detest people that do this.

However, I am now getting ready to quit my job and my sole source of income will be from these niche websites that I have built.  I make money from these techniques and I only expect my income to grow from building these mini-websites.  So, I am not trying to be hypocritical in any way shape or form.

So, because a number of people have asked me specifically to create such a guide and I truly am making enough for a full-time living (enough to support a family of 5) from these techniques; I am going to put the product together.

I expect to sell it as  a one-time purchase that will include everything you will need to understand how I am successful at this business.  Your own success will obviously depend on the time and effort you put into it.

Initially, I won’t be doing any sort of ongoing coaching etc since I have so many other projects going on and wouldn’t have the time to do it justice.  However, if those who purchase the product really really want some sort of ongoing coaching/membership program, I may consider it in the future.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts!  This is just in the early stages of creation, and I don’t have any expected completion date.  This will be a top quality guide with enough details to keep you busy for years!

Post your comments below, and let me know if this sounds like something you would be interested in.  Or if you have any other suggestions, let me know!

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19 Responses to “Niche Website “How-to” Guide – Coming Soon!”

  1. Hey, Sounds like A Winner. I read your stuff on the 30 day challenge. This new e-book should be just what a lot of us are waiting for.
    Hurry up.

  2. I’d be very interested in this – and since I also have a network of sites earning some good money, would even be interested in reviewing and/or collaborating.

  3. Spencer,

    Just like keywords there will always be a market for a book on niche marketing.

    Let us know when it will be ready.

  4. David Vanistendael says:

    i think it’s a great idee!
    just make sure it work’s for newbee’s and more advanced marketers!

    btw i liked your 30day challenge


  5. Rich – Good point!
    David – Yep, it will certainly be great for new people, but will be exeptional for more advanced marketers. It will have everything from start to finish.

  6. I love this idea of a “full” business model with videos and e-book sound great.

  7. Nice idea, i hope it will not be priced at higher rate.

  8. Spencer,

    I think it is a great idea! I would love to see it laid out that someone could even turn it over to an employee our an outsourced team. Sort of a step by step guide.. Just my two cents!

    Love your stuff!

  9. Spencer,

    That would be great if you can do that. I’ve been a big fan of making money from adsense for a long time. I have made money through adsense but I want to take it to the next level & you’re the man that can help me to achieve that.

  10. Hi Spencer,

    I’ve been following along as you revealed your Adsense challenge. I look forward to getting your Niche Website Guide when you finish it.



  11. Great idea however I think guides are a thing of the past watching someone do something is far more effective.

    Even setting up a webinar would be great. Record it and go through everything there. They will command a higher price and people are prepared to pay for it when they know it will be quality.

    Although I would consider myself more advanced I think doing this would make people take action as opposed to reading guide.

  12. I would love a guide. That would be great as I have about 8 hours a day to devote to something like this. How long did it take you to make this a full-time income?


  13. I think it’s a great idea Spencer. Including the how-to videos is icing on the cake and would certainly sway me to purchase the product.

    As far as a mentor/coaching option that’s definitely worth considering. I know someone like myself who see’s the potential but hasn’t quite reached it, would be willing to opt in for some one on one time to get advice on bettering specific sites.

  14. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! I will step up my efforts to get this out!

    I am currently working on the written book part. However, the videos will be soon to follow. I expect that the videos will be extremely comprehensive and will be the most useful part. I plan to built a couple of sites live on video and share results, rankings, and everything.

  15. Don Martin says:

    I have yet to learn all that I need to know, so having someone who’s actively producing and earning money would be high on my list of people from which to purchase the guide and learn what you may have to offer.
    One of the things that created a stumblingblock for me early on was perhaps having a different version of software that the person’s guide demonstated. If we knew in advance what tools and/or software (versions) you utilize to create the niche sites, it would give potential buyers an opportunity to get everything in order and be ready to follow the guide immediately.

  16. Don: Great point. Most of the tools that I use are free anyway, but I will make sure to list which ones I use as part of my process.

  17. hay sounds super good im ready to buy right now how much do you think your going to charge for this package.

  18. Sounds great, Cant wait. I left a more detailed comment on your other thread with things I would like to see in the course.

  19. I’m really interested in making money with Adsense.As I know you really make money with Adsesne, so this guide will be a great course. I hope lots of good information on this guide.Thanks again sharing your knowledge with us.


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