Welcome to my Niche Site challenge! Thank you for joining and hopefully through this experience we can learn a thing or two.

So, what is the Niche Site Challenge?

Well, I have been building websites for a number of years, but it really wasn’t until the last year or so that I discovered the potential of small niche websites.  In fact, in my last challenge, I built 100 niche adsense websites in 30 days.   I did okay, but rushed through some things and made some mistakes (read what I learned here).

I have applied what I’ve learned on a few sites and they are doing quite well!  Now I am sharing with everyone how to build a successful niche site!  I will be sharing everything from keyword research, domain selection, my earnings, my link building strategies, etc.

To make it more intersting, I have joined an ongoing challenge between Pat Flynn and Tyrone Shum are challenging each other to build a profitable niche website with EVERYTHING revealed to the public.

On this Overview Page, I will be keeping a list of all my posts related to this challenge as well as Pat and Tyrone’s and other who might decide to join this challenge.

Here is Spencer’s Challenge Posts:

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Niche Site Challenge 1 – My Strategies for Success (9/13/2010)

Niche Site Challenge 2 – How to Find a Niche (9/15/2010)

Niche Site Challenge 3 – SEM Rush and My Near Mistake! (9/16/2010)

Niche Site Challenge 4 –  NSC (Niche Site Challenge) 4: My Niche Revealed!(9/22/2010)

NSC 5 – Building the Site and Adding Content (9/29/2010)

NSC 6 – Design, Ad Layout, and Getting Indexed (10/06/2010)

NSC 7 – My Site is Making Money! (10/18/2010)

Your Sites Might Be In Danger…Mine Are (11/4/2010)

Is it Possible to Prevent Problems with Google? (11/5/2010)

Can I “Own” These Keywords? (11/15/2010)

Pat Flynn’s Challenge Posts:

Niche Site Duel Hub (All posts can be found here)

Tyrone Shum’s Challenge Posts:

Niche Challenge Posts (All posts found here)

Shane’s Posts:

Niche Site Duel Posts (All posts found here)

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2 Responses to “Niche Site Challenge Overview”

  1. Hi Spencer,

    I am going through your website building process. I am glad I came to your website via SPI.

    I found your backlink building process very interesting and thanks for sharing your profile and web 2.0 list.

    I have just one question as there are so many web 2.0 properties what is your approach to them?. I mean do you post unique articles to each one of them or one unique article and spin it.

    Thanks and All the best.


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