Day 3: My Overall Process for Building Niche Adsense Websites

I have been getting lots of questions about all sorts of different aspects of the process I follow to build niche adsense websites.  So, I thought I would give a quick overview of the entire process that I follow from start to finish.  This can be thought of as a quick start guide, and certainly won’t answer all of the questions out there, but hopefully I can dig a little deeper in future posts to do that.

This is not a definitive guide, but this is overall what I do and I hope will answer some of the questions that have been coming up.  However, feel free to keep asking, and I will try to address them in the next couple of weeks.

Step 1: Market & Keyword Research

  • Use eBay, Amazon, or other brainstorming methods to generate root keywords for research.
  • Use Google keyword tools or Market Samurai to generate a larger list of keywords based on the root keyword.
  • Pick keywords that meet my criteria previously discussed.  Namely, must have at least 1,000 exact match searches (2,500 or more preferred), must have a $1 or greater Google Adwords CPC value from advertisers, and the exact match domain name is available.  See my videos on how I find exact match domains quickly.
  • I choose 1 Keyword per website, that’s it.

Step 2: Evaluate Top 10 Google Results for Competitiveness

  • Evaluate competitiveness of the top 10 based on PR of page, backlinks to results page, whether exact keyword is in Title, whether domain name has keyword in it.
  • If top 10 results are mostly root domains, I typically avoid this keyword.  This is a sign of a strong market.  Results tend to be weaker when the ranking page is a deep page on the site.  For example, would be harder to beat than
  • I use the free tool SEO for Firefox, a Mozilla Firefox plugin, to help me visualize the above criteria and several other SEO strength indicators. (Aaron Wall is the creator of this tool, and is literally the writer of the book on Search Engine Optimization; his site is
  • See my previous post for more discussion on how I look at the top 10 results.  I also plan on posting a video tomorrow on this subject.

Step 3: Purchase Domain

  • I buy my domain names at
  • I am only buying exact keyword .com, .net, or .org domain names for this challenge.
  • If you buy 6 or more domains names at a time, you get a bulk discount at and you can add Private Registration for free.  This is what I do.

Step 4: Setup Hosting and Install WordPress

  • I set my name servers to my hosting account on GoDaddy.  I personally use Bluehost to host my sites (affiliate link).  I LOVE Bluehost!  The product is awesome and the customer service is the most responsive I have ever seen.  I also have a hosting plan with, but I will not use them in the future, as I have personally noticed that my sites load slower than my Bluehost sites.  This may not be the case for everyone as I have heard many great reviews, but for me personally, Bluehost has been better.
  • I use WordPress for all of my sites.  I install WordPress with Simple Scripts or Fantastico which takes about 5 seconds.
  • Install plugins.  I simply drag and drop my plugins and themes from previous sites into my new site right from the file manager in my Cpanel.  So this also only takes about 5 seconds to have everything up and running.
  • I will discuss plugins in the future, but essentially I use a contact form plugin, All in One SEO plugin, WhyDoWork Adsense plugin, Ultimate Google Analytics Plugin, XML-sitemap plugin, a Social Bookmarking Plugin, and I think that’s about it.

Step 5: Create Content

  • I have 2 articles written per website.  Both articles are related to the keyword on the site (1 keyword per site).  At least 1 article has the exact keyword in the title.
  • I outsource my article writing to authors on I love this website, because the authors are high quality and because there are thousands of authors, my projects get done very quickly.
  • Other than these 2 articles, I also have a basic about us page, a contact page, and a privacy policy page.

Step 6: Insert Adsense

  • My Google Adsense code is inserted right away before my site is Indexed by Google.
  • I typically have one large rectangle adsense block directly under the title of my article.  I also have adsense in the sidebar or sidebars right at the top.
  • I go to great lengths to make sure that my adsense colors match exactly to the templates I am using.  I make sure that the Ads blend in naturally with my website.

Step 7:  Get Indexed

  • I submit my articles to right away as a means of getting indexed quickly by Google.
  • I also add my site to Google Webmaster Tools.
  • I also submit my site to lots of other social bookmarking sites using Bookmarking Demon (affiliate link).  This gets me indexed very quickly and generates a few good backlinks.

Step 8: Get Backlinks

  • Typically, I will submit the exact same articles on my site to, once my site is indexed.
  • If I am feeling ambitious (I have not done this on all my sites) I also submit the same articles to 20 or so of the top Article directories.  I have used Magic Article Submitter for this, but prefer Article Drip Robot to submit these articles quickly.  This software work amazingly well.  For this challenge, I am going to outsource all of my article distribution to save time.
  • I have used (affiliate link) in the past to generate automated backlinks to my sites.  This service works really well, and I have never had any problems with it.   Its a bit pricey for some, but if you have multiple sites and dont have time to manually build backlinks, its a well worth it. This is a bit of a gray hat service, so be forewarned.  Google has never said that these services are wrong per se, but it is hotly debated.  However, I can give you my verdict on what Google thinks by simply saying that I have lots of sites that rank #1 for my chosen keywords, and they are part of this service.  Nevertheless, because of the price I am going to be doing some testing with other methods to see if I can get the same results without the service.
  • I have many sites that the only backlinking method used was that do very well.  So, sometimes I distribute articles, sometimes I don’t.  Overall, I would recommend that you do.  I have just been lazy sometimes!

Step 9: Go to the Bank

  • These steps will rank your site in Google and visitors will click the ads.  All you have to do is watch your Adsense account!
  • Once my sites are built, I never touch them again.  These are hands free sites that hopefully will produce for years to come.

Okay, this post was WAY longer than I was expecting.  It may look like a lot, but its very easy to implement once you get the system down. I may have missed something, but I believe I covered all the major points.

I hope this answers a lot of the questions that are out there about building Micro Niche Adsense websites.  This really is the process I follow, and will be following over this 30 day period to build 100 websites!  (I currently have 26 built or in the works for this challenge).

Anyway, posts your thoughts below…thanks!

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17 Responses to “Day 3: My Overall Process for Building Niche Adsense Websites”

  1. Thanks for the general idea on your niche website creation Spencer.

    So if I get it right your sites would only have 2 articles ever?

    Then with all the backlinking you would be doing expect the site to rank an d well with adsense?

    I’m excited to see the project’s progress and hope to learn from you.

    • Yes, I only write 2 articles for the site…ever.
      Also, the outsourced articles are not expensive, I spend about $6 for a 400 word article. Other places will do it cheaper I suppose, but I am concerned with quality and giving the visitors to my site a quality article and experience (this also keeps Google happy).

  2. Nice post.

    I am currently building my first site. It’s not adsense but a lot of your steps further solidify the strategy I was planning to use.

    That place for article outsourcing looked good. A bit confusing on the pricing though. For example, how much do you pay per article? It seems that they have different quality levels, and for one with average+ quality, you can end up paying approximately US$5.00 for just 300 words.

    This seems a bit pricey for me lol.

    Also, I do plan to use 3waylinks for my sites. I don’t want to bother too much with article marketing in the beginning. Once I start to see some fruits from the labor (once a site starts earning) I might add a few articles to 5-10 of the top directories.

    I notice you said you’ll be submitting the 1 or 2 articles you have on your site to and such. Won’t this count as duplicate content? Or do you plan to re-write these before submission?

    Keep on trucking and look forward to your next update!

  3. What WP template do you like best? I’m looking for one that is easy to customize the colors and is easy to insert adsense.

    Also, why is this site not setup with adsense??

  4. please keep update with your daily earning if possible
    overall i liked your idea and keyword research method thanks :)

  5. Hi Spencer,

    Do you think at the end you could show us a screen shot of where you placed your Adsense ads on your new sites? You could just black out the domain name.


    P.S. Since you are also teaching us, which is taking up some of your time I wouldn’t worry too much about making exactly 30 sites. I value your time more! :)

  6. Hi Spencer,

    I’m curious… Have you ever used a script called XML Sitemaps Generator to create Google compliant site maps for your blogs?

    I find doing this and also adding my sites and sitemaps to the Google Webmaster service gets my sites indexed very fast. Just an added suggestion.

    I focus on getting my income from Amazon over Google Adsense and the system I use works quite well. I’m now testing Chitika, but it takes a while for them to approve domains.

    • Kenneth:
      Yes I do both XML sitemaps generator and I submit the sitemap in google webmaster tools. I actually mention both of these in the above post.

  7. I think you should put another step here “Monetize”. How you can make more money with adsense? Maybe some tips about Adsense it self-how to set up adsense to get more clicks for example.

  8. You do a lot of the same things I do (but I’m a bit of a newb at the niche stuff). I would recommend using Micro Niche Finder. I know you really got your system down, but some of the things you did in Excel can be done more easily in that program. Also, BookmarkWiz is pretty nice as an alternative to Bookmarking Demon.

    All in all, a great synopsis for what sure will be nice ride. Time to crack up a beer and getting started on some of my own keyword research. Thanks for the brilliant read! And good luck.

  9. Great outline, I do have a question though: isn’t 2 articles a little weak as far as content? I guess i don’t understand how sites with just 2 articles as content can take the top ranks in google search?

  10. This is a hugely valuable post. I can’t believe there aren’t more comments on this.

  11. Fascinating exactly where have you found this method?

  12. Hi Spencer,

    I found your site through Pat at Smart Passive Income. I want to say thank you for this great resource. I’m currently building a number of niche sites. Some will be clickbank product niche sites and the others I want to do are Adsense.

    I’m curious about something you mentioned in this article. You said you submit the exact same article to E-zine articles. Do you spin it or rewrite it or just send the exact same articles over. Doesn’t that count as duplicate content?

    Could you please explain that for me. Thanks Spencer.

    Also, are you available for private consultation?


    • I no longer recommend putting your same article on article directories. I would advise spinning it, or better yet creating an original article to distribute. I don’t do private consultation. I made a business decision to focus on building my own sites rather than do any coaching…sorry! Although I share lots of advice through my blog…

      • Hi Spencer,

        Ah…no problem on the coaching. I just found three keywords that seem to meet all your expectations and was hoping to pay you to see what your thoughts on them were. That’s all All of them above $1.00 in the cpc section. The only thing is for one of them I see a page rank of 1 with 5 backlinks. I’m hoping that’s okay. I also have exact domain for the .com

        Curious, do you not worry about the actually competition…you know..when you put the ” around the keyword?

        Do you have a blog post where you talk about what to have on your adsense blog? You know, like an about me page, what to have on the sidebar and etc? You have so much info here and any guidance would be great.

        Btw, your book is still for sale right. I want to buy it?


  13. Hi I had a little problem viewing your site but regardless it is a really nice site


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