My Niche Adsense Future…

So, some of you may be wondering what the future holds for me as far as niche adsense websites are concerned.  Well, one thing is for sure, I have certainly not given up on earning money this way.  The fact remains that before I built 100 niche adsense sites a month or so ago, I already had over 150 niche adsense sites up and running!

These older sites continue to do very well for me and bring me in a steady income everyday.  So, the method works, I just need to put a little more effort into these newer sites.

So going forward, I am going to be building up some of the niche sites that are showing some promise via rankings and earnings.  Over the next few months, I will be adding much more relevant content and building these out into more authority sites.  In addition, I will be trying to get some higher quality backlinks to really boost these sites.  This will all take some time…

The only problem?  I am VERY addicted to finding new niches!  Its somewhat of a problem that I have.  I tend to do very well at finding low competition keywords that would be easy to rank for with a little bit of effort.  However, I am running out of time to actually build these into suitable, content heavy websites.

So, I’m not sure what I am going to do at this point.  However, I can assure you that I will be working on my old sites.  At the same time, I have already found several dozen GREAT niches that would make great Adsense earners.  I have a bit of a new method that is helping me find untapped niches a little bit faster; although its very similar to what I have already shown you on this site.

So, I am considering getting the exact match domains for some of the great keywords, building a basic site, and then flipping them for quick sale.  The nice thing about this, is that these are keywords that I personally believe in and think will do well, so if no one buys the site right away, I would still have a valuable asset that I could built out when I have the time (hopefully).

So, what do you think; would you or anyone else be interested in buying a fully operational niche adsense site from me?  Let me know, so I can gauge your interest.

Any other ideas how I can monetize all the great exact match domains I am finding?

Anyway, that’s just kind of what’s going through my head right now…post your comments below!

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18 Responses to “My Niche Adsense Future…”

  1. Hire help?

  2. I may be interested if the price is reasonable and have a potentil
    of at least $50/month.


    • Astral Projection: That’s good to know. The niches I am finding are a little bigger than the ones I built my 100 sites on. Some of these niches definitely have $1000 +/month potential for sure.

  3. Just to make sure we’re on the same page, define authority site please.

    Flipping adsense sites has been quite lucrative for others. From my perspective I would probably say no I wouldn’t buy one but I suspect that’s only because I just don’t have the spare cash at this point. If my websites were doing better my answer might be the opposite especially if the prices were reasonable.

    • Witchie: I wouldn’t be flipping an authority site. I would be flipping a new site that simply is a great niche/great domain with low competition.

      An authority site is a larger site with probably at least 100 to 200 pages of content, more for the larger authority sites.

  4. Hi Spencer,

    You could always research your keywords and buy a domain name and then just sell that – the keyword list along with the domain name. You wouldn’t get as much as you would for a full site but you also wouldn’t have to spend the time building. It seems like you have the most fun doing the research and finding the domain names. So just do that part and sell it. I’d be interested in that more than I would a full site. I can set up a site in 30 minutes but I stink at keyword research and domain names.


  5. Donna:
    Great idea…I suppose flipping the domain has some potential as well! I hadn’t really thought of that. I suppose if I could sell a domain for $50 or more that might be worth it… Thanks for the idea!

  6. Hey Spencer,

    You could create a jv, you find the niches, and work with others to do the content and backlinking. I’d definitely be interested in that. I would also be very interested in the sites if your flipping them. Just make sure you have a minimum of 2 months earnings ready to show potential buyers. Im fairly sure there is a plugin that you can split adsense earnings!


  7. I also enjoy finding keywords and had an idea, but don’t know how to implement it:

    Have a site that auctions off keywords

    A single listing would give all the details that people find important in keywords. The better the stats, the higher the bid would go.
    Example: “gerbil widgets” is the keyword (obviously this isn’t revealed in the auction) but the stats are like:
    Searches per month: 2000
    adwords price: 2.40
    exact phrase match sites: 15,000
    Page ranks of top 10 google results: 1,1,0,2,0, etc.
    Yahoo backlinks of top 10 sites: 21, 4, 0, 3, 0, etc.

    …and any other pertinent data commonly associated with competition strength.

  8. Jean-Marc says:


    Let’s make it simple.
    Find the keywords, build the websites and tell me how much you want.
    Don’t show me any earning or anything else. Just build them your way (what you think is the best for a site like that. One that you would buy yourself) and I’m interested.

    Thanks for your time


  9. one of the main reason in doing these type of blogs is to teach other on how you did it. words of techniques and wisdom is what make this site enjoyable. i think you should give back to your reader and by giving them, you will double your success. pick 10 readers and ask why they should have a site made from you. have them document and give back more wisdom.

    this is my idea of you should do.

    thank you

  10. Alright Jean-Marc, I might just do that…I’ll keep you posted…

  11. Michelle says:

    There is definitely a market for “done for you” niche adsense sites, I have considered offering this service myself. I have a custom micro niche script/template that can knock out the website setup part in 15 min. My problem is articles take up much of the time in getting these sites deployed and I like you enjoy keyword research too much :)

  12. hi Spencer,

    thnx for great posts , I ve been following you from day 3 I think 😉

    im bout to jump in adsense sites as well and while I was reading fatcat blueprint I found this site
    as recommended one with lots of inbuilt tools and feauturea as inhome network of site buyers as well;

    have you any experience regarding this site or what is oyur comment?

    thnx, keep on with good work \m/


  13. Spencer,
    I have went through and read all of your blog posts since day one, and I was bummed out when you were de-indexed, but I am glad you are pulling back up!

    As far as your earnings go-do you think this might have to do with the Mayday update? These sites are still very new so hopefully in a couple of months everything will jump up!

    • Kelly, I don’t really stay up with other IM blogs much, so I had never heard of the “Mayday Update”. If I recall correctly this was about the time Google switched over to their Caffeine interface. I did notice some changes when I saw this happen, so perhaps it did have something to do with it. Overall, I think just the sheer number of sites and how quickly I put them up raised some red flags. In the future, I would recommend anyone building lots of sites to use unique themes or templates for each site, and to make sure you have lots of original content…

  14. Klemen:
    I have never seen or heard of that site. I don’t ever buy other people’s “how to” products. Its typically a waste of time. I tend to do better when I think strategically on my own. So, I don’t have any comment about it.

  15. You’ve got a problem most people mould love having :-)

    It would be a shame not to take advantage of the niches you’re finding especially if you really believe there’s money to be made there.

    Why don’t you offer some sort of joint partnership with some people to tap the niches you’ve found.

    I’ll leave it up to you on what type of agreement or responsibility sharing that would be acceptable to you.


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