My Last Day is March 11th

So, as I have mentioned previously, I told my boss that I am quitting my job soon.  After figuring out some details, we have agreed that I will work until March 11th.  I hope that March 11th will be my last day to be employed for someone else…ever!

As you can imagine, I am quite excited about the prospect of working full-time on my own to build my internet business.  This will not only give me the time to pursue a few different ventures that I have been interested in, but I will also have the time to grow my existing niche website business.

So, you may be wondering how my niche websites are doing.  Well, quite honestly things have never gone any better for me.

My Earnings Over the Past 2 Months

Last month my niche websites averaged about $200/day from Google Adsense.  I also had additional income from other internet marketing efforts (ebook and Long Tail Pro), but I am not comfortable sharing those earning levels.  I like to keep a little mystery around my income!

This month (February) my niche websites are on track to earn close the $250/day on average from Google Adsense.  To be honest, if I put some more effort into my existing sites, I think they could easily top the $300/day mark.  Its almost mind boggling for me to see these kind of numbers registering on my Adsense accounts – but they have been every day for the past couple of months.

In fact I have had a few days over $300 from Adsense, and one day this month hit $350!  Oh snap!!

If you recall, it was only about 3 or 4 months ago that I made a sad video about Google deindexing my sites.  Then I made the CRITICAL decision to take some of the keywords from those deindexed sites that I knew could perform well and to build new sites based on those keywords.

I rebuilt about 10 of those sites.  The new 10 sites are outperforming by FAR what my old sites were doing.  So, in a way the fact that some of my early sites got deindexed was the best thing that happened to me.  I’m now making more money, and the sites that I build are bigger and of better quality.

I also consider myself lucky because I know I am sitting on a treasure trove of keywords that are very low competition yet very high paying.  So, if for some reason my new sites that are performing so well take a hit, I am confident that I could re-target these awesome keywords with a new website.  However, I really doubt that I will be seeing the same penalties that I saw in the past because of the precautions I have taken.

Anyway, I just wanted to provide a quick update in case there is anyone out there that cares.  I’m pumped to quit my job and get going on this stuff full time!  March 11th will be here in just a few short weeks!

If you have any comments, please leave them below.

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25 Responses to “My Last Day is March 11th”

  1. Congrats Spencer :)

  2. Hey Spencer – congrats. Quick question – about how many adsense sites do you have right now ? Do you find that only a couple make up the majority of the income and others only do so-so ?

    Thanks and once again cograts.

    • I have over 200 domains right now. However, a HUGE proportion of my earnings come from my top 20 sites or so. And of course my top 2 sites do pretty well also. I have many sites that fail and hardly make anything. Its just part of the business, you can never predict with 100% accuracy which of your sites will perform well.

  3. Man… those are great numbers Spencer. Congrats!!!!

  4. That is truly awesome Spence! Great to see things coming together for you.

    I will congratulate you on the 11th once there is no more job and full time business :-)

    You have the right to pad yourself in the back for a job well done and keep it going. By the way your keyword tool is truly amazing thanks a lot for the new added power! Haha

    Take care bro.

  5. Spencer, this is extremely motivating, we all hope to be in your shoes at some point. Keep up the great work.

    I’d also like to know from how many sites you are making your $200/day?


  6. Spencer I cannot stop laughing at the image you used for this post. I guess it portrays one of those rare occasions where quitting something can actually make you happy! :)

    Congrats on the increase in earnings as well. 90% of my Adsense income is from Hubpages (after selling all of my micro niche websites), so I think this month I’m going to revamp some plans and work on building a larger Adsense website.

    200 websites…how do you do it?!? :)

    • Yep, I’m a quitter…and its a good thing!

      Well, I own 200 websites, but I would say I only actively either add content or somehow manage about 10 to 15 of those. So, its really not that much work. Most of my sites were from my earlier days when I built 2 to 3 page sites. Also, the reality is that once you reach the top of the search engines, you often have to do very little to stay there. This is the case with many of my old sites.

  7. I also LOVE that photo Spencer, LOL… too funny!

    AND I LOVE hearing your story about making the switch to doing this full-time— SO COOL!! and very inspiring :)

  8. Hey Spencer,

    $250 daily and consistently is powerful stuff and thats only from adsense. Great work. Your a true inspiration to everyone! When is the new blog launching?


    • Hey Shane, thank you! The new blog is slowly happening. No exact launch date, but I still have it planned. I have been a bit lazy getting the new blog put together…but it will still happen…hopefully in March…

  9. Yes well done 😀
    I wonder if your heart rate will increase as the last day of work approaches haha….
    Hey 2 questions.
    1.What are you using to manage the 200 sites? Spreadsheet or software?
    2.If Google reviewed (manually) your sites today what do you think would be their thoughts now?
    YES…i enjoy the ebook too, and to be honest if that is your FIRST attempt you will do very well, because you have a knack for content….Well done again :)
    Mr Envious haha 😛

    • Hey Rob – thanks for the kind words!
      1. Spreadsheets
      2. Its hard to predict Google, but I’m more confident in my sites now…I would expect good things from them if a review happened.

      Yes, that was my first ebook…

  10. Spencer that is great news man! Congratulations! I hope to follow in your steps within the next 12-18 months. Thanks man!

  11. If you have some keyword phrases or niches which are low competition and pay well, then why not create more sites around them and dominate more of the top positions?

    • Hey Ben – great minds think alike! In fact, I have already built a couple of websites that target the same keywords to try and take multiple positions. I will most likely be doing this to a greater extent in the future…we must be on the same wavelength!

  12. Hello Spencer, congratulations!

    You quitting your job will be even good for us,I’m sure you will have more time to answers our questions:)

    Above you said you know why your sites got penalty…

    1) Could you share with us why and what have you done to avoid penalties from google???

    2)Which kind of precaution you have taken?


  13. Hey Spencer,

    Fantastic progress and congrats again! I’m sure you’ve mentioned this before but I’m still pretty new to the blog. I was just wondering if you hired virtual assistants to do a lot of this work…if not, I guess my question is whether you plan to (and why/why not)?


    • Hey Shae – Yes, I use VAs heavily! Well, I guess they are not technically virtual assistants, but I outsource a lot. I get article writing done through typically, and I also outsource linkbuilding. I had a VA actually building my blogs and posting content for a while, but I do all of that now. So essentially, I find the keywords and build the blog – I then outsource article writing and linkbuilding. Its been a HUGE boost to my business! I would never be where I am today if I didn’t outsource. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. This is a really inspiring story, I hope to be able to go it alone by the end of this year, long way to go yet but reading this post has motivated me to up the work rate.