My Keyword Research Software is Done!

As many of you know, I have been developing (outsourced) a piece of software for a number of months. You can read my previous post here, where I debate whether or not to give the beta away for free. Obviously, I didn’t do that.  Instead, its been about 4 months since then and I have continued to develop and complete the software.

Personally, this software is a HUGE game changer for me and how I do keyword research!  It makes it so much easier to research lots of keywords and cherry pick the great ones that have exact match domains available.

I am going to post a quick video demo of how the software works probably early next week, but for now, I wanted to just quickly explain some of the features.

This software allows you to enter a root keyword and then generate up to 800 keyword results.  However, you can also check for the number of results in Google or the number of Title Competition (All in Title), and much more…automatically!  Oh yeah, you can also automatically check for which exact match domains are available for the keywords.

So imagine this, you enter a root keyword; you check the box to do certain competitive analysis and you check another box to see if the exact match domains are available.  Then you hit 1 button and it automatically finds related keywords, does the competitive analysis, and checks for exact match domains.  Then you have all the data you could possibly want or need to get great keywords.

Okay, are you ready for this?  Take all of those automatic features and just imagine instead of entering 1 root keyword if you were able to enter MULTIPLE root keywords at once?  Yep, you can do this with my new software.  For example, you can enter 10 root keywords at once and the software will pull up to 800 related keywords for each!  So, you could be left with a list of 8,000 keywords that you can quickly filter based on minimum CPC or searches per month to find the perfect keyword.

Like I said, its really a game changer for me.  In the past, I have been using Market Samurai probably like most of you.  Market Samurai is a nice tool, but it does not allow you to search for mutliple root keywords at once.  It does not allow you to automatically check for exact match domains (yes you can check for domains with “Domain Samurai” but its not automatic and it has a few shortfalls that I don’t like).  If you have tried to search for exact match domains with Market Samurai you will probably know what I am talking about…its very time consuming.

Other keyword research tools are great and may be all that many niche marketers need.  However, if you are interested in finding lots of exact match domains quickly and analyzing lots of keywords and niches quickly then you will enjoy this piece of software.

There are lots of other features as well including a brainstorming feature that helps you pull keywords from Google Trends and Spyfu keyword lists.  You can also do a top 10 competitive analysis for any chosen keyword.  Finally, you can also do a rank check to see where your domains are ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for your chosen keywords.

Overall, I just wanted to give you a quick update on my software because I have been talking about it for several months now.  In fact, this has been in the works for nearly a year now.

So, right now I am just putting the finishing touches on the website so I can launch the software to the public.  I expect to be able to release it to everyone next week sometime.  For the first week or so, I will be offering an exclusive discount to readers of my blog.  So be sure to open any emails you get from me, so you can at least see what the discount is.

Anyway, that’s just a quick update on my software.  There will lots of other exciting things going on around here (or perhaps a new blog :) ) over the next couple of months.  I expect to be working full-time from home on my internet business near the 1st of March, so I will have a bit more time to dedicate to you guys and other projects that I will be sharing with you…so stay tuned!

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39 Responses to “My Keyword Research Software is Done!”

  1. Wow! VERY cool— love the idea of being able to put in multiple root keywords at once :))

    Do u know if this will be a one-time cost or a monthly fee??

    Sounds really COOL!!!

    • Lance, I HATE monthly fees…so I won’t do that to you guys! This will be a one-time purchase with free update/upgrades for life. It will be a very reasonable price too; especially with the discount I will be offering for you guys.

  2. This sounds like it will be a winner. I can’t wait to see the video. Congrats on the plan to work at home purely on your Internet Business.

  3. Hey Spencer,

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the tool. I have been working on keyword research for the past couple days. I was going to ask you to take a look at what I came up with and give me some validation on my choices, but with this software on the horizon, I think I’ll just wait and use the software. Can’t wait to see it.


  4. This sounds great. are you using it predominantly with adsense blogs.
    I too am quitting my day job and working the online thing full time —should be interesting especially as i earn about $5 a day at the moment. I better get my skates on and see if i can improve on that fast.

    look forward to using your KW tool and thanks for the one off payment as opposed to monthly…

    • Dave, yes I do predominantly use it for adsense blogs. However, the essential component for any successful SEO website (no matter the monetization method)is finding the proper keywords…the rest is just details!

      Wow, you are brave to work from home for only $5/day…are you should you want to do that??

      • mate just finished a 9 month contract in Haiti, so am ready for a break and thought I would focus on online endeavors.

        i am interested in Lead gen and helping offline businesses so will do a bit of that but would like to build out the adsense income.

        Do you have a backlinking stratergy that you use at the moment if so i would be interested in haering about it or if you use a sevice or outsource it. thats my biggest area of difficulty i guess because I dont really enjo that process that much………

        any thoughts have been toying with a Linkvana subscription

        • I have been using Matt Laclear on the Warrior Forum lately and seen some good results; there are other good packages that you can find on the warrior forum also. It looks like Matt has closed his services to new customers on the warrior forum for now, but his website is: you can probably order from there…but its more expensive. Never tried linkvana…

  5. I came to your site today, to find what you recommend for keyword research. Ironic that this new post is here. I will be eagerly waiting for your tool next week.

  6. Sounds like a winner. BTW, where will your keywords be drawn from? Google Keyword tool, Wordtracker, Bing?

  7. Thats awesome Spence looking forward to that for sure! 😀 quick question and hope the tool can help with this.

    Did you notice that the google keyword tool changed and now it seems the searches are different. Do you still use the goolge keyword tool and also what is the minimum searches you go for in regards to main domain keyword?


    What do you use mainly for backlinking? I know there are a lot of methods out there but which ones are you personally comfortable with.


    • Yes, the google keyword tool changed about 4 months ago. The old tool included data from both Google homepage searches AND google partner searches. The new tool now only includes searches actually done on Google. Yes, I still use it and I still use at least 1,000 EXACT match volume. More is better, but that’s a minimum. I personally feel that this change in the Google keyword tool makes your research more accurate…I have personally found the data to be more in line with the actual traffic I receive.

      For backlinking, I like to use article marketing as my #1 source.

  8. Great news – looking forward to checking out your software. With the hundreds of sites you have, I would have thought you already were full time? How do you manage to find the time to produce that much half or part time?


    • Outsourcing is the answer. I pay someone else to write articles and do backlinking. Going full time, I actually expect to build fewer sites…however, the sites that I do build will be larger. I expect to write more articles and devote more individual time to my high producing sites.

  9. Nice Spencer, I have needed this exact tool and will definitely be purchasing it.

  10. Spencer…

    Very exciting indeed…..looks like many marketers are going the software route for 2 reasons….
    1. help automate/find a solution for their business
    2. grow a huge list

    **looks like James Jones marketing….

    good luck….

    • Good observations Bill. My reason is definitely #1 – find a solution to my own business issues. However, the additional benefits may be a larger list…and some money in the bank. But in reality, I am solving my own problems that I see with other keyword research tools.

  11. Spencer:

    I was looking to by a KW tool… I will wait for your launch next week… hope it is not pricey as Market Samurai.

    Looking for a great deal for your regular reader!

    All the best in going full time and launch next week!


  12. Oh man, I just bought your ebook and market samurai hahaha talk about bad timing.
    I’ll still take a good look on your software and maybe buy it depending on the price.
    Anyway, good luck man !

    • Samuel, hope you enjoy the ebook and find it useful; if you think Market Samurai will suit your needs, thats fine; if you like my software and think it will be better…that’s fine too.

  13. Hey Spencer I was just curious…i just saw a post for your book…inside does it tell you step-by-step on how to build site just like the way you do?



    • Desmond, the book tells step by step how to find profitable keywords and the mindset you need to have when looking for Long Tail keywords. I do go into step by step details of how to find keywords, build the site, builds links etc. I even give a timeline to follow so that you don’t build links to fast, etc. This is exactly what I do when I build my sites.

  14. Do you have to use proxies with the software to get all that information.


    • Tommy:
      Using proxies is a capability that the software has if you are searching massive amounts of keywords. However, most users that search for 5 or 10 keywords at once will not need to use proxies. So, the ability is there if you want it; but if you don’t go overboard with the data you try to pull at once, you won’t need it (hint: I don’t use proxies).

  15. sounds excellent Spencer! can always use easier user friendly tools. way to go ! Congrats on the merge into full time marketing.

  16. Could you tell us a little bit more about the differents between your software and MS?

  17. Soencer, if that software could also pull keywords from Google/Amazon/eBay suggest, like Jonathan Leger’s Keyword Snatcher does, that would be awesome.

  18. I been experience with so many keyword software before normally it will work the same. It is not about the keyword software solely it about how you explore your keywords, build website and make money all the way.

    Anyway look fwd for any outstanding features with this coming software.

    • Absolutely a software will not solely make you successful as at seo. The software can simply help you more efficiently find, sort, filter and find great keywords based on the criteria that you specify.

  19. Congratulations Spencer on your new software! It sounds like it will be a very valuable tool, and if you price it just below Market Samurai, will probably have a real winner.

    Do you have any plans to write about the process of creating the software? Like, how you mapped your idea, conferred with programmers, even marketing it? I think I just gave you an idea for a new ebook….