My Decision on Teaching a Niche Websites Course

As you are all aware, I made a post last week about whether or not to teach a course or do coaching on building niche websites.  I was AMAZED at the input that I received from you…thank you!  Not only did I receive a lot of suggestions, but the input was well thought out and VERY helpful!  In fact, I would recommend that you go through and read some of the comments made on my last post as some of the arguments for or against doing a course were much better than the ones I initially laid out.

So, I went through and tallied up the comments for and against doing some sort of teaching or not.  In total, 73% of those who responded think that I should offer a course or some sort of coaching or variation thereof; while only 27% think I should NOT doing any niche website training.

I have been considering this decision for a number of months because many have you have personally requested that I share some of my insights on niche websites with you individually.  So, all of your comments have been appreciated in making my decision.  If this were a democracy, the decision would be simple.

I’m a Dictator

However, the fact of the matter is that my blog here is currently a Dictatorship, and yours truly is the all-powerful Dictator over what I do with my business.  So, I have made my decision and I don’t think there is much you can do to change my mind at this point.  I will NOT be offering any type of course or coaching on building niche websites!

This shouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone as I clearly stated in my last post that I was leaning this direction anyway.  However, I now feel much more confident in that decision after reading your input.

Here is one great comment by Chris that sums up some of the main reasons against coaching:

I have to come down on the dont do it side of things, I spent a couple years working in the coaching area, there are so many people who will buy the coarse and the coaching and then just sit on the information, its how the gurus make all the money one coarse after another knowing full well only 5% of the people will ever put the informations to use.

The problem is you risk your integrity when they all whine about how they didnt make any money, you could get caught up in endless coaching sessions with these kind of people and they are a huge part of the market place.

hate so sound so negative but unless you have some checks in place to weed through the disatified get rich quick people you could end up with a whole boat load of them and end up doing everything for them.

I just dont think 25k is worth the stress and headaches, the gurus sheild themselves well so they dont have to deal with any of the customers and that takes some capitol as well, anyway enough of my nay saying you layed out the pro,s and cons quite well

I often see a course and think, “if it really worked why would you share it with the world”.

Here’s My Reasons

In addition to these points made by Chris and others, I would add a few other reasons.  First, I want to have time to work on other projects such as new software or other niche business ventures.  If I tie myself down to coaching or doing a video course a HUGE chunk of my time will be spent supporting and working with people.  There is nothing wrong with that, but I simply have too many other projects that I want to get to.

Secondly, I think I can make way more money if I don’t do coaching.  I guess this really is just an extension of my first point, but I really believe that creating some additional software or pursuing some of my other business ventures (both online and offline) will allow me to increase my income much more.

Finally, I personally have never purchased an internet marketing course on building niche websites, etc.  I learned how to build websites and do keyword research all on my own using free tools and information available through a search engine called (you should try it).  Since I didn’t use a course or coaching to get started, I think others can also manage doing the same as I.

So, that’s that.  I’m not doing it.  I just want to make that clear so that you don’t expect anything different from me.

This Blog – and a New One!

So, where does that leave this blog?  Well, just because I won’t be doing any coaching etc, doesn’t mean I won’t continue to blog about my niche websites!  In fact, I have some HUGE plans for my new blog – which I hope to launch in the next month or so. (I will have much more time when I officially quit my full time job in a couple of weeks – March 11th to be exact!).

I don’t want to give away too much of my new blog, but the concept is new and I don’t believe I have seen any blog like the one I will be doing before.  Without giving too much away, the topic will be more broad than simply “niche adsense websites” as it is here.  The core of the blog will focus more on Niche businesses in general – with a huge twist that I think you are going to love.  Like I said I haven’t see anyone else doing this before.

I have read enough “internet marketing” blogs to know what the norm is…usually pretty lame.  This will not be an online marketing blog, it will be a “niche business” blog with an awesome twist that will allow you to interact with me quite a bit.

Anyway, I’ve said enough at this point.  Yes, will be dying in a month or so, but I will not be (at least I don’t plan on it).

Your Comments

If you have any comments to leave today, I would love to hear it!  What do you think of my decision to NOT pursue a coaching or video course?  Any other thoughts?

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9 Responses to “My Decision on Teaching a Niche Websites Course”

  1. Hi Spencer – I can clearly see why you have made the decision you did – let me ask you this – if a person was to buy your book and software do you believe they would have the tools they need to build a nice niche network of sites ?

    Since many of us are struggling right now, would you be willing to offer a package price on both products to your email list ? Like a short term deal in lieu of coaching ??

    Thanks in advance

    • Like I said, I have built a successful network of niche websites without a book or a fancy piece of software – all free stuff. So, yes someone could absolutely be successful with or without my book and software.

      I may consider doing a package deal in the future since you are not the first one to mention it. Thanks.

  2. Well I almost cried then I said, well, he is right maybe I am not working hard. Maybe I do not trust myself that is why I need coaching. So this is a challenge to me I CAN DO IT. I can sit down and continue doing what works and in the process learn more new things put a twist to them and produce unique results.
    Thanks you for the lesson, now I have to go get some work done.
    Thank you,

    • Grace, I understand that you would like some coaching. There’s nothing wrong with that; however, you can also learn a great deal from trial and error – in fact most of what you learn will be from trying out different things. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they dont. My advice is to not be afraid to fail. In the process you will learn a great deal.

  3. Hi Spencer, just wanted to say I was happy with your decision. I think you already give enough good information on your blog for anyone to be able to earn money. I know I did.

    Lots of people look for coaching because they are afraid to start doing anything all alone and if they fail that gives them a good reason to complain.

    Let the whiners alone. People that can and will succeed have way enough information to start and do not need coaching.

    Already looking forward to your next blog. I was feeling that you were stuck here talking only about niche adsense blogs when you obviously have a lot more interesting things to say.

    Good luck man !

    • Samuel:
      Thanks for the positive feedback. Its great to hear that someone else sees it the same way as I do. I simply don’t want to get cornered into spending all my time coaching etc, when there are so many great other ideas to try out. Yeah, I was getting a bit stuck with how narrow this blog is – the new one should be pretty entertaining to say the least…

      • Spencer i think that Chris’ comment was very enlightening, but mostly, your niche websites business depends on Google. And you probably heard recent talk about Google algorithm change and lost rankings?

        You already have made your own products, obviously built email list and this part of your business does not depend on Google that much. You have reputation and customer base.

        By starting coaching you are extending this part of your business further. The more you do this, the less you are at the mercy of Google.

        Will you have to deal with more whiny customers, probably, but you are protecting your business and have more control over it and your finanical future.

        • Boris – I appreciate the thoughts. I agree with you that extending into to coaching would provide an additional revenue stream that is not reliant upon Google. However, the fact is that there are MANY revenue streams out there. So, while coaching could provide an easy extension of my existing business, I feel that other avenues have bigger potential. Its just a matter of preference as well, I would prefer to move in some other directions rather than tied down to a course or coaching because I would want to give my full attention to it.

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