May Update on My Niche Sites

Okay, so it has been a couple of weeks since I finished my challenge to build 100 sites in 30 days, and I wanted to give everyone a quick update.

First of all, I have not seen any additional sites de-indexed, but I have also not had any of the sites that were de-indexed come back yet.  Overall, I think I have around 30 out of the 100 sites de-indexed; I’m not 100% sure on this number though.

My earnings for the month of May was: $253. 13

I’m not real excited about this number, but I do expect it to continue to get bigger over the next few months.  And the best part of course is that I have not touched these sites in 2 weeks and will probably not put any additional work into them going forward (at least for a while).

So any income that comes in now is purely passive income.

So, now what am I spending my time doing you might ask?  Well, I have certainly been staying busy.  I am in the process of creating (outsourced) a couple of pieces of software that will make the process of researching and building niche websites a whole lot easier.  I expect that these pieces of software will be done in the next month or 2.  I will keep you all posted.

Also, I have gone back to some of my big winning websites and I am making them more authoritative.  I have been adding content and making the templates more professional looking on some of my older sites.  I believe that these actions will make my rankings a little more solid in Google.

Anyway, that’s a quick update for me!  Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions…

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11 Responses to “May Update on My Niche Sites”

  1. Would you say most of your websites are ranking on the first page? Maybe you are getting hits from longtail obscure keywords instead?



    • Lonnie:
      I do have lots of sites ranking on the first page of Google for my chosen keywords. I do receive some traffic from long-tails (untargeted) as well; but my guess is that the majority comes from my targeted keywords. I will add this info on a post in the future…

  2. Hi Spencer,

    I think those results are fantastic! If I had an extra $250 coming in every month I’d be very happy.

    You say 30 sites were de-indexed. Were they all from this batch of 100 that you did for your challenge or were some of them other sites that you already had?

    Of the INDEXED sites that you put up for this challenge – how many of them are income producing? Did you make $250 with 100 sites or just 70 or 50 or 30, etc? I’m curious to see if the 80/20 rule is in effect here.

    Of the sites you did for the Challenge that are NOT producing income, do you plan to go back and tweak them or do you just keep moving forward?

    Also, I really appreciate you keeping us updated here on the blog and with your email. I know that takes a lot of time.


    • Beamer:
      I think I am going to make a future post on where my sites are ranking, and which sites are producing the most income. Just based on my rough estimate, only about 50% of the sites that are still indexed are producing income. Look for this in the future…

  3. I applaud you for being so open with this project as you rarely see that in this business. Perhaps the deindexing was because of this project but who really knows for sure.

    Which brings up the bigger question. Everything you did made perfect sense to me. Logically you should see some ranking and get some traffic for at least some of the remaining 70 sites.

    But the payoff so far is pretty weak and that’s been my experience with Adsense forever.

    At about $3.60 per site per month you’ll have to hope it continues for 4 months just to recover the registration cost of the 70 that are live. That of course doesn’t include your other expenses or the time you put into it.

    Still, what more could you do to have done better? Google is a mystery and worse than that, it’s a mystery that keeps changing the rules.

    I’m thinking that content is still the most important part of a successful site as that’s the business Google is in. Keywords and low competition are important but if they lead the spider to two or three short pages of content I don’t think you’ll do so well.

    Thanks for sharing the effort.

  4. Hey not bad at all man…congrats!!!

  5. Just found your site today so a little new here. Are you building backlinks through articles or another way? With 70 sites, I would think you’d be making a little more than that but what do I know.

  6. Good progress man…
    I think you have to keep adding some more contents for a while
    and you will see some $s coming in..
    Best of luck!

  7. Sorry to hear that some of your sites from your challenge were de-indexed. $250 a month is not bad. As the sites age, that will increase. Good luck with your earnings!

  8. While I can understand hoping for better results by this point, I think you did well over all. An extra $250 passive income is nothing to snort at. I know in my house thats a land payment.

    I can’t thank you enough for walking us through your process Spencer. I’m learning quite a bit following your steps since I’m still catching up. I just hope your sharing with us isn’t the cause your setback.

    As far as the de-indexed websites maybe you could check if there was another TLD available for those and move them?

  9. Witchie:
    I appreciate the Thanks! I’m glad you are learning something throughout this process…its mean alot to me! That’s the whole point of this blog…
    Also, finding another TLD is a good suggestion, I may look into that if I feel one of my deindexed sites is worthy of a second chance!