Long Tail Pro Exclusive Discount – Now Available!

The day has come!  My new keyword research tool, Long Tail Pro, is now available!

First, I just wanted to say that this has been an interesting journey for me so far.  Technically, this is not my first piece of software to ever create…however, its the first one I am actually selling.  My previous outsourcing experience is a story for another time, but lets just say it was a valuable learning experience – even though I didn’t end up with the product I had imagined.

However, Long Tail Pro is an amazing piece of software that I actually use to help me find keywords for niche websites.  I find it much more valuable than any other tool on the market right now.  I seriously no longer use any other keyword research tool to find keywords…and that’s saying something!  I’m very happy with this product, and I think you will be too.

I could link to all the posts that I discuss how important keyword research is when trying to build niche websites, but I would probably be linking to 90% of any post I have written here.  So, I will just say it one more time – keyword research is BY FAR the most important aspect of building a profitable niche website.

So, without dragging it on any further I want to give you a chance to check out some more in depth videos of Long Tail Pro in action AND to offer you an exclusive discount.

For the readers of this blog only, and those on my email list you will be getting close to a 50% discount for the next few days.  The product will never be sold at this initial price again. The discount price is listed on the sales page (you will also see the regular price).  So click the link below to see the full demo videos of Long Tail Pro and to get your exclusive discount!

Check Out Long Tail Pro Right Now!

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25 Responses to “Long Tail Pro Exclusive Discount – Now Available!”

  1. Wow Spenser!

    REALLY incredible piece of software you created—
    and LOVE the special discount you’re offering :)

    I wanted to clarify though, will this work on Mac’s
    at all or just Windows/PC for now??



    • Lance:
      The software requires the Microsoft .net framework 3.0 or higher. A standard Mac does not run windows, but I believe there are some ways around that – not my expertise though. So, unless you know how to make .net framework function on a MAC, then Windows/PC is required.

  2. Just got my copy. Thanks!


  3. Will be picked up my copy today!

    Will you be offering an affiliate program for your keyword tool? I know some people who may be interested :)

    • Yes, there will be an affiliate program. You can look for that in about 2 weeks…and of course I will announce that to everyone as well. Thanks!!

  4. Spencer, it’s working great. I’ve honestly found too many keywords for me to work on in a matter of minutes.

    So far my only question is how to name the export file on the competitor analysis? It auto names them export.xxx. It would be great to auto name the keyword or allow me to name it.

    • Gabe – great!
      Do you mean the competitor analysis tab or the keyword analysis tab? Just want to confirm. On the keyword analysis tab, if you dont like the export options – you can actually just select everything you want and then copy and paste in excel – or anything else.

  5. Spencer, without taking too much of your time. What is “all in title” referring to?

    Go Bombers!

    • Hey Hey – another WA guy!!
      All in Title shows the number of websites that have the keyword in the title of their page. This is a very important SEO factor. So generally speaking, the smaller the number of websites that have the keyword in the title – the easier it would be for you to rank a website for that chosen keyword. That’s what “all in title” refers to.

  6. I think we need a stop or pause button for this program. would it be available on the next upgrade?

  7. Hey Spencer!

    Thanks for the great tool! I am looking forward to digging in and giving it a test drive. I am up to 2 sites now and on my way! Your blog and Long Tail Handbook have been a huge help and I am sure the new keyword tool will help to make this a profitable and exciting adventure.

    Thanks again!

  8. Great New Keyword Tool.

    Can you tell us what upcoming features you are planning the next update?

    Might have to decide between this and Micro Niche Finder



    • Chris –
      I plan on adding additional domain extensions beyond .com, .net, and .org. Also, possibly looking into providing a list of proxy ips. Also have a few other updates for simple user friendliness etc. However, this is a tool that I expect to continually be adding features to in the coming months.

  9. Hi Spencer,
    Would you be able to include scrapping of keywords from Amazon, Ebay, Youtube ..etc ?


    • Chris –
      I think thats a great idea. I will definitely look at adding this type of keyword brainstorming feature from these sources.

  10. How about a scrapper for google products also

  11. What about the license? Does it allow me to run it on my PC and laptop? (not at the same time)

  12. How about adding the google suggest keyword, then we would be up to date on what is being search to day,


  13. Is there a profitability Index like OCI in MS?

    Is there a Bundle discount for LT Kw tool + LT Hand book?

  14. Hello Spencer, great blog here, I found you on warrior forum and I’m glad to…I’ve just purchased your keyword software and I had some gos, I found an issue:

    When it gets on “all in title” on the “keyword results”,in some point I’ve got a message saying: “google blocked, try again later”

    Do you have this issue yet?
    What should I do?

    I know if we do manually on google too much, google will block that,so maybe is this case on here…

    Any one who purchased the software having this issue?


    • Federico:
      Yes, it is google that has placed the block not the software. To avoid this, you can use proxy ips.

      Also, if you generate keywords and then filter them and then hit “analyze manually” you will have less keywords to analyze and will be less likely to be blocked by google.

      Hope that helps!