Long Tail Handbook Now Available!

Well, its been a long time coming…but my new all inclusive how to guide for finding profitable keywords and building niche websites is finally available!

I am very excited to announce that you can find my new ebook, Long Tail Handbook – right here.

I have had SO many of you ask me for this guide and I really appreciate all the feedback you have given me to help keep me motivated to put this together.

When I first started making some real money with my niche websites (a few thousand dollars a month), my friends, family, and others that knew about what I was doing; always asked the same question: “Where can I find a step-by-step guide on how to do what you are doing?”

Well, up until now, I haven’t had an answer for them, because nothing existed that I was aware of.

So, I sat down over the past few months and detailed every step of the process with a focus on finding profitable, low-competition keywords.  Finding these keywords is the real heart of the business!  If you can’t find these keywords, nothing else matters.  I would also venture to say that not really understanding how to analyze the competition is where 99% of people trying to get involved with niche websites fail.

I think this guide will improve those odds a TON!  At least that is the whole point of this guide.

Not only do I show you EXACTLY how to find these keywords, but I also give you step-by-step instructions for how to drive traffic to your site.  In the book is also a 2 page quick reference guide that you can print out to make following these steps very easy to follow – in addition to extensive detail of the rest of the guide.

Anyway, head on over to the Long Tail Handbook page and check it out!  If you think my blog provides good value, just wait until you see the quality information that you will find in the book!

Oh yeah, and the price REALLY is an introductory price.  I really do intend on raising the price after a little while.  I’m not sure exactly when (depends on the demand), but I just wanted to give you a heads up that its not just a marketing ploy; it really will be more expensive in the future.

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30 Responses to “Long Tail Handbook Now Available!”

  1. Just wondering when you plan on raiding the price. Do not want to miss out on intro price but also have ran out of ebook money for the month lol.

    • Hey Lonnie, I may be increasing it a little bit as early as tomorrow (certainly by the end of the week). So far, its actually selling quite well – THANKS EVERYONE – so I do plan on raising the price soon.

  2. Hi spencer,

    Is your ebook targeted more to complete newbies or is there a lot of meat for advanced users as well?

    I ask this because I’m looking for info that will take my adsense earnings to the next level. How much of your book covers outsourcing the content creation and site building, link building automation, etc.

    I know you outsource most of your work so am wondering how much of this topic is covered in your book?

    Do you also provide a good resource list of reliable providers that you are personaly using?

    Thanks and good luck with the ebook. I’ll buy or not based on your answer.

    • Hey John:
      This book definitely covers plenty of more advanced topics for the seasoned user. In fact, I leave out a lot of the typical newbie stuff like how to register a domain, how to install wordpress, etc. This book focuses squarely on the topic of how to quickly find low competition keywords and build profitable websites around those keywords.

      The true heart of building these sites is being able to judge the top 10 competitors in Google; this book tells you EXACTLY how I do that. Most marketers fail by choosing niches that are just too competitive.

      I also have an entire section (actually 1 in the Appendix as well) that focuses on linkbuilding; with my added comments on how you can automate these processes.

      I also discuss in detail how and where specifically I outsource my content creation for my niche sites.

      I also list a couple of places that you can outsource other things like link building etc; although I don’t specifically list who I use. Using these resources, you will be able to find plenty of providers.

      Overall, this is a meaty book with most of the content geared towards more advanced topics. There is enough for the newbie to get started as well, but for someone ready to get into the “nitty-gritty” of niche website building, this is a great book.

      And finally, of course, if for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied after you make the purchase, I will refund your money without hesitation.

  3. I am so psyched! Looks like I have some reading to keep me busy tonight! Thanks for the book! I look forward to learning and earning!

  4. Wow Spencer!

    Just purchased your book and have read through it—

    LOVE IT!! I think i can relate to all the experiences you shared about in your earlier days,… of trying all sorts of things and not really seeing much in the way of financial success.

    I am still in those days! But after reading your book I feel very confident I now have a straightforward approach to getting a website going that can make me $30/month! And then make another and another…

    What I LOVE about your model is it leaves out all the things that have been an obstacle in the past (ie. creating an email list then marketing successfully to that list, having to create a product to sell, getting people to buy an affiliate product, etc.)

    I love the simplicity of just focusing on finding a long-tailed keyword (which you did such a great job breaking that down that even I could follow along) and then using the strategies you listed to make sure I get ranked.

    I can see how this all works! As you mentioned, you don’t go into the details of setting up a WP Blog, or how to install a plugin but these things are easy enough to google an answer for.

    I did need a little more info on how to use SEO for Firefox for discovering backlinks but again, found the “how-to” video that the author helps explain that in more detail.

    I’m sure like many others (and it sounds like yourself included) I’ve tried all those programs that promise the world, or promise thousands in days! lol… and perhaps if you knew enough, it’s possible those would work, or could work.

    But i’m SO THRILLED to finally come across something that suggests a very real way to make $30/mo per website you create… and then details out how to do it.

    I REALLY appreciated that you gave some VERY sound advice on things to avoid or things to do to make sure we keep google happy as well. I can tell all this comes out of your own experience so I feel very confident following it!

    Thank you Spencer!! Sorry this is so long, but this is SUCH a relief to find!! :)


    • Lance…WOW! Thanks so much for the great review!!

      I’m so glad that you liked it. I put a lot of effort into the book and documenting my processes. I think you will see now that it provides a perfect guide for how to find and profit from long tail keywords.

      I purposely focused on the most important aspects which certainly are some of the more advanced topics. So, while I did skim on some of the things like setting up WordPress and how to use SEO for Firefox, there are plenty of FREE resources out there to show you how to do this (if you need to).

      Thanks again Lance!!

  5. Hi Spencer,

    I just picked up your book. I’ve only had chance to skim it at the moment as it is the early hours here in the UK and I need to wake up for work in 4.5 hours :-(

    Kind regards,


  6. I have been reading Spencer’s posts on and off for a few months now and today I decided to buy The Long Tail Handbook. In a way I knew what to expect, because I have read many of Spencer’s posts previously, and in writing this I have skimmed through the eBook before posting.

    While I have yet to digest the contents fully, I can say the book is written in an honest and clear style. That is what I meant when I said I knew what to expect, and I am not disappointed.

    If you consider that Spencer is actually making a good living using the same methods as laid out in the book, why would you not want to read what he says?

    I know the book is right for me, because of where I am in my IM journey. It might not be right for everybody. There are no guarantees. In the final analysis you have to do the work to make it work for you and I am confident that the methods in this eBook do make a lot of sense.

    At the price I paid, I have a bargain. Try it yourself and see.

  7. Spencer,
    Thanks so much for the book. I’m not yet completely finished with it, but it’s been so helpful already that I wanted to comment. For someone who is just getting into the SEO world, this book is going to be invaluable. This is going to save me so much time, energy, frustration, and most importantly, money.
    I’ve got to be honest, I sometimes wonder why you share all this information with people, but your explanation in the book really makes a lot of sense. Hopefully, it’ll make a lot of cents(get it?) for me. With an endless supply of longtain keywords available, why not?
    Thanks again, and I can’t wait to see what comes down the pipe next.

    • Hey Shooter!
      Thanks for the review! And yes I always do debate how much information to share, but as I explain in the book; there really is enough keywords to go around for everyone, so why not. Hope it makes cents!


  8. I just read your ebook. How do you find longtail keywords that still have the domain available? I have both marketsamurai and micronichefinder. I can find profitable keywords (low competition and more than $0.50 CPC) but sadly their EMD’s is no longer available.

    • I like to only look at the keywords that DO have the EMD available. So, I will filter the keywords based on minimum searches per month and CPC. Then I take this list of keywords and paste it into the Godaddy.com bulk domain registration section (up to 500 domains at once). It will show what domains are available. Then I just focus on seeing if these keywords are low competition in Google. Hope that helps!

  9. Btw, I have been reading your blog and you have revealed so much that it was a no-brainer for me to buy your ebook. I had no problems downloading and the price is such a bargain.

    Highly recommended for anyone starting in internet marketing / SEO. I have been trying out some of the methods and they DO work! If you want to know how to generate passive online income and committed to DOING WORK, then this is for you.

  10. Hi there Spencer,

    What is your take on ranking multiple pages to the top spots (1-3)?

    We are talking about hundreds of low competition pages here.

    All the time, you have been ranking single keywords for the main url…

    • Just to clarify, you are talking about 1 website with lots of pages ranking for lots of different keywords correct? If so, this is a great strategy. I always start off ranking my root domain for my chosen keyword, however, if its a good niche I will create more pages and try to rank those pages based on other long tail keywords.

  11. Just bought the guide, look forward to reading it over the weekend. I’ll let you know what I think!

  12. Thanks Shane! Let me know what you think…

  13. oh my gosh Spencer!!!

    I had to write another comment here b/c after 48 hours I now have a website that is the #2, #3 & #4 spot for the keywords I picked a site for [ kids cartoon movies ] I mean i’m BLOWN AWAY!!

    I’ve never been able to do something like this before… i’m so happy i could just cry! I still feel like i don’t really know what i’m doing but i just kept going back to your longtail handbook and re-reading something, or double-checking to make sure i was doing the things you said where “KEY!”

    And honestly, i really don’t feel like i did that much! If you have time for any tips/comments/suggestions i’d sure appreciate it :) But otherwise, i’ll stick to the process you outlined in your handbook.

    So my next thrill will come from actually seeing this site make a few bucks! hahaha— yahooo!!!!

    Thanks again Spencer, this is the FIRST time i’ve been able to experience a measure of success, and it’s so WONDERFUL!!!

    • Thanks for sharing Lance…that’s awesome! Good job picking a low competition keyword!!

    • Really nice work, Lance! Good looking site, and you clearly have reached a high spot in the rankings. I am curious…how long have you been building up the site now?

      All the best as you move forward to monetize.

      p.s. Spencer, you continue to do some awesome work on this site and clearly with your e-book work

  14. WOW Spenser, lots of rave reviews,… as expected..!!
    Quick question… Do I have to buy any other tools other than Market Samurai to follow your methods.

    • Tom:
      No, you do not need to buy any other tools. In fact, I only use the free version of Market Samurai, so you don’t even need to buy that. I do discuss some tools that can help automate things, but those are certainly not required.

  15. Hi Spencer,

    Great e-book. I’m working on my first few sites now.

    Quick question. Where are the videos that are mentioned? I only was given a link to the .PDF e-book.

    • Hey Mike:
      The mention of the videos in the ebook was an error. However, I am working on some videos that will be included in future editions. I will be sending you and everyone that has purchased already any new videos or other updated material that I create for the book.

  16. I interested to buy the ebook. How can I purchase it? Pls. Advise how to go about it

  17. hi spencer.
    may i know where i could download your free ebook please?
    i clicked on the link but there is no download button.
    thank you so much. more power to you.


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