Here are a couple of quick videos of how I use the free tool, SEO for Firefox.  This is a plugin for Mozilla Firefox, and has saved me countless hours in researching potential keywords.

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8 Responses to “Day 4: Keyword Research Videos: Using SEO for Firefox”

  1. hi, Spencer, videos is not working.

  2. Videos work fine on my end.

    Nice videos. I must admit, the videos are short but to the point. This is golden when showing someone how to do something. Keep it short, simple, EASILY understandable and get the point across ASAP.

    Spencer, just in case you did not know or for anyone else who might benefit from it:

    Traffic Travis (free version) allows you to look into the top 10 or top 20 results for any given keyword. The results include everything you look at in your two videos but in a much more organized and easy to look at format (a table like Market Samurai’s SEO Competition Module.)

    I find it very useful for just looking at a quick glance at the top 10 PR, Page Links, Domain Age, as well as intitle, inurl, h1.

    Worth a look :)

  3. Del: Great tip! I havent used Traffic Travis in the past, but sounds like it could be a handy tool.

  4. Another great read. Thanks again, Spencer. I’m picking up on things I have done wrong (or at least the hard way). I love the SEO for Firefox plugin. Videos are working fine for me.

  5. Thanks Spencer, it will same me a lot of time. Micro niche finder is quite slow. make me boring.
    Thanks Anton, because he refer your site to me.
    Really Good !!!


  6. SEO for Firefox looks awesome, thanx for that tip! I do see a lot of items are checkmarked by default, would you maybe have time to list those you specifically have checked. Currently all I’m seeing is question marks but I’m hoping that will fix itself.

    • Witchie:
      Here is the options I use on SEO for Firefox: #1 | PR: | Age: – | Y! Links: | Y! .edu Links: | Y! .gov Links: 0 | Y! Page Links: | Y! .edu Page Links: | Business | Whois | Yahoo position:

      Hope that helps!