Alright, today is already Day 3 of the challenge, and I am well on my way!  I have 10 sites built and I am finding lots of other keywords.  However, I feel like I want to share with all of you in more detail what I am doing, but I just dont have time.  So, you will have to be patient with me as I make posts here.  I am shooting for 1 each day, so far so good.

Today, I am showing a couple of videos of me doing some keyword research. (Sorry the sound isn’t better quality). The most important free keyword research tool on the face of the planet is the Google External Keyword Tool.

Google also has another great free keyword tool called the Search Based Keyword Tool.

However, I like to use the FREE version of Market Samurai (or Domain Samurai) because they pull the data from both of the keyword tools for you in an easy to use format.

In the second video, I show you how I take the exported results from Market Samurai and narrow down the keywords that I want to look at by finding exact match domains.

I share with you a little trick to find exact match domains very quickly that I have never shown anyone else.  I may be kicking myself later for sharing this, but hey, I said I would share everything.

In the future, I am going to show you another free tool I use to judge the strength of the top 10 competitors.  No need to get any expensive tools to do this, I am all about free stuff when possible.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the ideas in the videos…thanks!

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12 Responses to “Day 2: Keyword Research Videos – The Tools I Use”

  1. Wow, excellent tip about how to look for exact domain using excel and godaddy.

    This will help me out A LOT with the project I’m working on.

    The videos were excellent! I hope you will take the time to do more like these for all aspects of your build.

    Much appreciated and best of luck dude!

    btw how old are you? You sould very young about 16 years old hehe

  2. Del – Glad you liked the videos! I will be making more, sorry they arent better quality, but I’m doing everything kinda quick!
    Yep, I was blessed with a young sounding voice! But I’m old enough to have 3 kids and a mortgage!

  3. Cajun Girl says:

    GREAT …info……

    Hey you don’t sound too young…after all you are a father of 3………..just keep

  4. Great tips! Yeah, is another helpful idea for me. Anyway, as I am using micro niche finder, this make the whole process much easier and faster. Thanks a lot!

  5. This a nice cool tips and your videos are very informative on how to set up the excel for finding exact domains!
    Looking for more…

    Great job mate!

  6. Wow! nice videos. Thank you for providing this guide for free since i’m sure that other money making minded people would sure sell this kind of video. Thanks.

  7. I paid $77 dollars to learn this stuff, you teach for free it is very fortunate for those who follow this blog.

  8. Golden Girl says:


    Looking forward to moving forward with you on this journey!

  9. Second agree, Hotter voice. sound very attractive

  10. Thank you for sharing your journey! What was the code for the excel tip I didn’t quite catch it?

  11. When judging your competition how do you evaluate the top ten when they include sites such as ehow, wikipedia, amazon, target, ect…


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