Importance of Keyword Research & Your Input

Part I – Keyword Research

I have been working on creating my new how to guide for those interested in building niche adsense websites.   In doing so, I was writing about the importance of choosing keywords that meet the fine balance between being profitable AND also are not too competitive.

This is a difficult balance to keep many times because of the draw to go after keywords that receives TONS of searches each month that also pay $4-5 per click.  Often when doing keyword research, newer people get blinded by dollar signs and therefore never end up making any real money.

So, how do you find a balance?  Well, some of the criteria that I use is as follows:

  • the keyword should receive between 1,000 and 10,000 exact match searches each month.
  • At least 2 of the top 10 results in Google must have a 0 Page Rank.
  • These 2 results with a 0 PageRank must also have no backlinks to the page.

These are a couple of criteria that will help you choose lower competition keywords.  It is so important to look at the top 10 actual results in Google that I can not stress this point enough.  Too many people will look at the number of competing pages or the amount of pages that have the keyword in the Title of the page.  This is no way to REALLY judge the competition of your keyword.

There could only be 10 competing pages on Google, but if all 10 of those sites are strong authority websites, I still would not go after the keyword. On the other hand, if there are 10 million competing pages on Google, but the top 10 meet the criteria that I mentioned above, I would gladly consider using the keyword.

The other criteria that you have to look at is the amount that the keyword pays.  I like to choose keywords that have a CPC of at least $1.00.  I prefer to look at keywords that have $2 or more however.

So, if you are really interested in building an income from Adsense, make sure you don’t get stuck in the trap of going after keywords that are extremely difficult to rank for.

As an example, one of the early sites that I finally followed my criteria and chose a great keyword for, now ranks number one on Google for my chosen keyword and has been there for almost a year now.

Even more importantly is that I get paid an average of over $1 every time someone clicks an ad on this site.  Below is a screen shot of my Adsense earnings for this 1 site this month so far:

So, this one little website that only has about 5 original articles on it, earns me over $600 each and every month, and I do no additional link building or marketing of it.  The reason is simple: I chose good keywords.  That’s the key to success.

Also, remember that I have about 300 other websites, this is just the earnings from one.  Most of my sites earn much less than this, but even a site earning $1 a day is residual income that adds to the bottom line.

Part II – Your Input Needed

So, I am nearly complete with the written guide on how to build these niche adsense websites.  Now I am going to create tons of videos of how to do it.  I am going to allow users to look over my shoulder as I choose keywords and build sites.

In fact, I am toying with the idea of building an actual site and revealing everything including domain name, keywords chosen, earnings, etc.  I figure if you can actually watch me do it on video and then you can visit the live website on your own; then that is probably the best education that I can give.

So, what do you think?  Would you like to watch me build a live niche Adsense website on video?  Also, I need your input on what else should be included in this all inclusive course (if anything). Please let me know what you want to see so that I can include it!

Please post your thoughts below and I will be more than happy to respond…thanks!

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26 Responses to “Importance of Keyword Research & Your Input”

  1. Wow seems great spencer. Looking forward to it coming out. Watching someone in real time is what sells me. To be honest with pdfs I usually read them and then very rarely follow up. With videos I always take action! I think if you approach this in the way you would with your other sites and not hold anything back, well then thats all you need in a course.

  2. Hey SPencer,

    Thanks so much – looking forward to the guide.

    Here are the 2 things that I struggle with:

    #1 – Click through rates. Obviously traffic is important, but if the people aren’t clicking on the ads it doesn’t translate into profit.

    #2 – Needed Themes and Plugins – I have some that I always use but am always interested in what others are using.

    thanks again

  3. If you will be building the site to show for Adsense, I would highly recommend AGAINST it. This is because if you show it off to everyone, there could be some bad apples out there who can clickbomb you and get your account banned. It’s too risky to show off your Adsense sites.

    Other sites, like Amazon, Clickbank, or otherwise affiliate sites are fine to show off.

  4. Sounds like a great course and I am anxious to check it out when you finish. The 2 areas I think need the most info are keyword research and then traffic generation.

    Keyword research I really would like to see specific criteria for choosing keywords. Is it truly just that amount of searches, 2 or more 0 pr on top 10 and $1 or more cpc? Or are there other factors as well such as keyword in title, keyword in domain, how many backlinks to competition etc. etc.

    Having a specific checklist that I can go down and check off and when i get to the bottom KNOW I have a good keyword would be an awesome thing.

    For traffic generation having a checklist to follow would be nice as well. How many articles for the website itself and when should i post them? Article directories: same articles or new articles and how often to post to them and also how often. Also which ones to submit to? What other things do you do and how often do you do them? ( social bookmarks, press releases, ?? ) Overall just having a set checklist to follow and know that once Im done the checklist I should be done and able to move onto the next site.

    Other stuff would be nice like a website template ( wordpress or html whatever you recommend ) and where to position ads for best results.

    Anyways, Keep up the great work. I love getting updates from you and look forward to viewing your course. I hope to one day be able to have 10 sites each making $2 a day.

  5. Ernie:
    You bring up some good points and you will be happy to know that I am addressing ALL of these in the course. I have created a 2 page checklist that goes over my exact strategy including: criteria I use to choose keywords as well as a timeline I use to market my websites. For example it says day 1 – do this. Day 2 do this. Day 7 – do this. Day 30 – do this. It gives EXACT step by step instructions.

    And yes there are other keyword factors that I look at including keywords in title, # of backlinks, etc. All of this will be included.

  6. Biggy:
    You bring up a good point about the potential for an adsense site to get banned. I have considered this as well. However, I believe the value comes from others seeing me actually create the site on video and then being able to visit it. However, I may consider just using alternative networks (other than adsense) for this site.

  7. Why do you black out your pub-id, if it’s available by simply viewing page source?

  8. To be honest I don’t see why you would be “clickbombed” considering that your providing a course that shows people how to build a business using adsense. Its not as if you would be a competitor. Also google are fully aware that this happens.

  9. Spencer,

    Can’t wait to see the course. I am really glad to see that you stuck to your guns, even when the 30 day challenge didn’t work out exactly the way you expected. I think the lessons that you learned though were invaluable to everyone!

    I actually just went to the Adsense in your City by Google. I would love to share with you some of my findings. Shoot me an email when you get a chance, I would love to catch up and share some of my thoughts after hearing what they had to say about things.

    Also, FYI, there is a new Adsense Interface that will be coming out soon. Allows you to do many cool things and really take control of your Adsense account much better! Should be available to everyone within the next few months…

  10. I think it would be great to have videos showing step by step watching over your shoulder.

  11. I would love to have an Adsense account like yours for each and every month :-).

    Video would be great to watch. I prefer it to reading.

    If if if you need a guinea pig to try this out on, please think of me???

    aka Hackbridge

  12. I would love to get this product. Being able to watch someone go from nothing to a complete site making money is very powerful.

    Will you teach us how to apply this to other affiliate programs or is it only applied to adsense successfully?

    Ready to buy!



  13. wow, that is a great result for a small site with minimal backlinks. Perhaps your course should include a step by step, a to z guide on how you got that site from scratch to where it is today.

  14. Good advice but tough to find on the PRO and no backlinks for searches above 1000. Plus you can have pages that show high PR like Nextag or Amazon that may not be stiff competition. Keyword research is like the english language, for every rule there are exceptions.

  15. John Dow:
    The 0 PR with no backlinks are not as hard to find for high search keywords as you might think. I agree with you other point, which is why an entire course is being dedicated to the topic and not just 1 blog post – I will review all these exceptions to the best of my ability.

  16. I would take this course in a heartbeat. To watch a proven method of selecting the right keyword(s) and putting all that together into a site, creating a main article and related articles would be the perfect course…. Thank you for doing this and looking forward to it. I am curious when you expect this course to go live?

  17. Hey Brian:
    I am basically done with the book portion of the course, and will be starting the videos this week. I expect it to be done hopefully by end of September or early October.

  18. You’ve come along way. I’d be interested in a step by step video but just block out your details.

    I’ve been researching good keyword domain names and that’s pretty much what I follow, if the front page of Google top 10 listings has at least one or more with 0 page rank and are unbelievably ranking along Amazon sites and PR 7, 8 and 9 sites then I might consider going for that market.

    How are they able to rank along side those authority sites is amazing but I know I could easily outrank them even though they have 0 backlinks.

    Look forward to your course Spencer, anything that can teach me more about Adsense is something I’d be interested in.

    The Shanester.

  19. Thanks for the reply Spencer. Providing a step by step, day by day checklist is something I think many people will find as a powerful tool and help keep them ( me ) accountable and take action since its all laid out.

    If you need a guinea pig for a truthful successful testimonial ( I KNOW I will succeed with your laid out plan )or even a proof reader, feel free to email me.

    Look forward to hearing more from you!

  20. Hi, Spencer,

    Of course it is very good idea of showing one site that how you do and make. But, here is additional advice of the danger of showing your site. This is because, it may cause too many people clicking the adsense and become a “click bomb”. This may cause Adsense alert and cancel of your account. Please bear in mind with this or if you use additional new adsense account and give advice for visitors do not over click the adsense too many times in short period. Anyway, above is just my worries that you kindness may bring you trouble. Thanks!

  21. Its a great information I am waiting to see the full course when it is released

  22. Hi Spencer,

    I have been following your blog now for awhile and would be interested in your guide. I have a couple of questions.

    1) Is your website, the one that is making $600, is it listed #1 in Google? Do you have more than one keyword for this site for the various pages?

    2) Lately, I have been trying to find good keywords, but it seems that many of the keywords that I want to go after are dominated by Amazon, Nextag, e-how, WalMart and Google shopping. Are you able to rank any of your sites above these competitors. If so, how long does it take.

    3) Do you have to be listed in the top 3 on page 1 to make good money from adsense? Thanks

  23. Joe:
    Here are some answers
    1. Yes, my site is #1. I mainly targeted 1 keyword, but my other pages do have related keywords that still generate some long tail keyword traffic.
    2. Yes, you can outrank these sites. In fact, I typically view these types of shopping sites as lower competition, but it all depends on certain criteria (which I will go over in the course). How long also depends, could be 2 weeks could be a few months.
    3. You do NOT have to be in the top 3 to make money with adsense. I have some that are even as low as #11 on Google that still make more than $1/day.

  24. Spencer,

    Can’t wait to see your Adsense video course.

    The two main things I’d like to see in some detail are keyword research, and getting traffic. I would think that if I had those two things sown up I would be well on the way to making money.

    I would like to see you make an Adsense site live, but I appreciate that it may put your account at risk, so whether you want to go that route is up to you.

    I know others have offered, but if you need a guinea pig to trial this for you, please consider me.

    I’d pay for the course of course, I’m not trying to get anything for nothing, but I would enjoy being part of the development / testing of it.

    Kind regards,


  25. Hi Spencer,

    I just read this post and I’m wondering how Google Instant Search will factor in your research as well as if you have noticed any change yet in the visitor counts. (I know it too early to really draw any conclusions; I just wanted to bring the issue up.)

  26. Hi Spacer,

    I am very keen on your “how to” guide. How can I get informed as soon as it is available. Many thanks in advance…