I’m Telling My Boss, “I QUIT”, on Friday!

So, tomorrow I am going to tell my boss that I am quitting my job.  That’s right, the day has finally arrived that I am comfortable enough pursuing my internet business (niche websites) full time!

This is an exciting accomplishment for me because I set a goal for this a long time ago.  I started building websites over 5 years ago (before I even started my current job).  When I first started, quitting my job was just a pipe dream so I continued to work my “day job” and realistically expected to do that for a very long time.  However, about 18 months ago I finally discovered niche websites and the power of targeting less competitive keywords.

I’ve discussed exactly how I make my money online many times, so I won’t go into too many details about that.  However, I did want to keep you up to date with the reality that I will soon be working from home full-time!

How to Tell My Boss?

So, when I go into my bosses office tomorrow I really don’t know how I will explain it.  Very few of my co-workers have any idea that I make any kind of money at all online.  In fact, this whole thing kind of snuck up on me.  I mean at what point should I have started to spread the news that I had a real live potential business?  For years, I didn’t make anything worth mentioning from my websites.  Then I started to make $5 a day, but this was nothing to go tell my boss about.  Then I started to make $10 then $50 a day, but even that wasn’t always consistent.

So, I guess there was really never a “good time” to bring the subject up.  After all, I didn’t know if the income from my websites would “stick” anyway.  However, now I am at the point where my sites are earning more than they ever have and it makes complete sense for me to make the switch over to full time entrepreneur.

So, when exactly will my last day be at my job?  Well, I don’t know that for sure.  I am going to discuss it with my boss and work out the details.  However, I am hoping to work the rest of February and then March 1st be 100% on my own.  So, that’s only about 3 more weeks of corporate life!

Checklist to Quit My Job

So, as you are all aware I have been planning to quit my job seriously for the past few months.  But I wanted to ensure that a few things were in place before I did that.

First, I wanted to ensure that my online income was at least as much as my full-time job income.  Check.

Second, I wanted to have at least 6 months of living expenses saved up.  This is of course to prevent against the risk of not making the projected income that I have for my business.  By the end of February, I will have around 8 to 10 months of living expenses saved up.

Third, I needed to make sure I had health insurance in place.  Getting small business insurance is not fun and definitely more expensive than corporate insurance; however, its just one of the costs of being self-employed unfortunately.  This box is checked as well.

Fourth, I wanted to make sure that I had a work space all set up at home.  I just bought a brand new desk and chair for my little work space.  So, I’m all set on that front.

Fifth, I wanted to have multiple sources of income.  My primary business relies on Google search engine traffic and I wanted to diversify this before I quit my job.  As you are all aware, I just released my first piece of software – Long Tail Pro – which does not rely at all on natural search engine traffic.  I plan to create some additional software down the road or create other products to continue to diversify my income.

What to Expect

So, there you have it.  I am officially breaking the news to my boss that I will be quitting my job!  This is both a very exciting time and some what nerve racking time as I don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future.  However, I am very optimistic.

In addition, I will be able to focus more on providing value to you!  In addition to building more niche websites and potentially more software projects; I plan on focusing on providing more valuable blog content that you can benefit from.

Anyway, I will be sharing with all of you how my BIG discussion with my boss goes in the next few days!  In the meantime, I would love to hear any comments or words of advice that you might have.

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53 Responses to “I’m Telling My Boss, “I QUIT”, on Friday!”

  1. Hi Spencer,

    I’m very pleased for you. Well done on getting this far. It is a very big step you are taking, but it’s one I’d like to join you in … one day, I’m not at your stage yet.

    You seem to have thought things through and have everything in place so there is no reason why this will not work for you.

    Hope things go as you want when you meet your boss.

    Please keep us informed of your progress.

    Kind regards, Steve.

    • Thanks Steve! It certainly is a big step and I hope you get to do the same someday…I will certainly keep you posted on the progress.

  2. Good on ya mate 😉
    I think your doing the right thing.
    Oh..you missed one thing on the CHECK list
    Getting your WIFES approval hahaha! :D:D

    Keep pursuing a ‘software’ direction more too.
    Simply because it is FAR easier to sell software
    because it sells itself, not like some ebooks
    where you have to pre-sell….with software, the buyers
    are already interested in it because it meets their
    needs and they KNOW it will make their lives easier.
    Well done, your a great inspiration :)

  3. Spencer bonjour form France.

    Welcome to the great Self-Employed Club… or should that be Self-Unemployed? It’s a good idea to have liquid savings of 6+ months to hand… whether you’re employed or not. Try to keep it at that level.

    à toute


  4. Ive been following you since you started that challenge long ago, and must say that it is amazing how much you’ve progressed and managed to accomplish so far!

    Good luck with your future endeavors!


  5. Well done Spencer! Congratulations! I echo what Stephen says. Spence, what kind of plan do you have in place to make your “work from home” an effective operation.
    I seem to have run into some obstacles in that respect as “Dad” is now available during the Day! Would like to hear your thoughts on that.

    • Yep, that is going to be a struggle. There is no defined time when I’m “at work” and when Im “at home” now. I may just have to lock my door when I need to get some serious work done. This plan will probably develop over time.

      • Mes amis, if you’ll accept the advice of one who has worked “at home” for the best part of 30 years :).

        Have a door to your home office with a sign that says “Office Open” and “Office Closed” (or some such).

        When the office is open, it means you’re at work.

        When the office is closed, it means you’re not at work. You might be home for the evening, out for lunch, or whatever.

        The person who must stick to that is you. If you don’t respect your time, then don’t expect respect from anyone else.

  6. Congrats!!!! Well done!

  7. Christopher Hardin says:

    GREAT NEWS Spencer. About time you did it man. I been following your success for some time now. While I may not always agree with things you say…. Like *cough cough* the amazon niche sites. Hehe. I have always had faith in you and appreciate reading your stories. You are a 100 percent true online success story.

    Though we are separated by niches. You build niche adsense sites and I use outsourcers from emerging economies to create services for webmasters we are still alike in many ways. We both have the drive to succeed.

    Now if you ask me it is my belief that this blog has 100 percent helped you to full fill your dreams of becoming successful. It has given you drive and motivation and you have also do not wish to look like a quitter to the blogosphere correct? :)

    I think I myself may start an online journey blog. I myself am taking on a new venture. This is going to be tough this new venture but basicly what my goal is to replace my income I make from services with products in clickbank created by yours truly.

    Congrats Spencer you deserve it!

    • Okay, so you didn’t like the Amazon sites. Just ignore that blog post then! Yes, this blog has certainly helped. Even though the money I make does not come from this blog, the motivation each of you give me does.

      Best of luck in your goals as well.

  8. Well done man, i am just getting started into this business and hope to quit my job as well. I have learned a lot from your blog and also own your ebook.

    I see that most of your income comes from adsense, do u have any plans to make sites for affiliate products also?

    Also i was wondering how much u r making per month on average?


    • If the keywords are right, I would build an affiliate site for products rather than adsense. Adsense just has SO MANY MORE options for keywords that sometimes it hard to pass up. Most people don’t use adsense properly so they don’t really do well with it. But its the single largest (most money) advertising network in the world.

      If you read the headline on my ebook page – I make more than that each month now.

  9. Congratulations Spencer!

    It’s great to hear you reached your goals and are ready for the next level. Best wishes to you.

  10. Congratulation brotha,

    actually my condition is quite similar with you, just stuck in normal workday office job cannot do anything more.

    however i just start action so i have to boost my stable income first than follow steps like yours

    welcome in WorkHome society :)

  11. Congratulation Spencer!!!! You’ve made it finally! I’m recalling my own felling when I quit from my bank job in July 2008. And I was mking around 1500-2000$ net per month (good old PPC days ). Just from my online business.

    I’ve faced a lot of downs since then, then a lot of ups, but indeed being your own boss is amazing and any “career advancement” doesn’t compare with this feeling – being out of any systems and being 100% responsible for your own life!

  12. Well done, I would love to be able to quit my day job, but currently I have loads of debt and trying to get rid of it. In 2-3 years time I hope I can be where you are.

  13. Man, you are my IDOL, LOL. I wish I could do that!
    Good Luck.

  14. Hallelujah!! So the day has finally come! I’m so proud of you for getting to the point of being able to do this. I’ve been following you for awhile now and have been so impressed with your continued persistence even when things fell apart and you had to pick yourself up and start again.

    I’ve been a full-time internet marketer for over 10 years now and I can’t even remember what working in the corporate world was like. I just know I like this waaaay better :-)

    Have fun with your new freedom!

    • Lisa, thanks for the kind words. It certainly takes a lot of persistence. Wow – 10 years??!! I’m sure you have been through a lot…I may have to seek some advice every now and again…

  15. Congrats Spencer!

    My partner and I took the plunge almost 4 years ago and now have 2 to 3 main income streams although I am attempting to diversify even more this year.

    It is a great feeling and for me personally I have never worked so hard or enjoyed working as much as I do now.

    For twenty years I had that dreaded Monday feeling and could never fully enjoy my Sunday afternoons/evenings but now I actually look forward to Monday mornings and getting stuck back in!

    You do have to be strict and ensure that everybody understands just because you are “at home” you still have a job to do. It definitely helps to have a office to office space to get yourself into the work mindset.

    Congratulations again.

    • Kate, yep I have dreaded going to back to work after a weekend for years now; Im sure many can relate. Its great to hear that you enjoy working at home after 4 years still…thanks!

  16. congrats! its happy to know that you finally quit 9 to 5 job.. That is great achievement in your life, hope I can accomplish it one day just like yours.

  17. Always interested in other people workspaces at home.
    You mentioned a new desk and chair. Care to share
    a pic with the masses?

  18. Wow!!! AWESOME Spencer!!

    What a great post to get to read this morning– CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’ll have to send photos of fellow co-workers so we can see the look on their faces :))

    Nicely done :)

  19. Hi Spencer,

    I’ve never visited your site before, but a friend forwarded this post via Facebook.

    My husband is in a similar situation, and is currently working to earn full-time income from Internet Marketing. Most people just don’t “get it” – so I’m always excited to learn of real success stories from real people (vs. the Internet gurus with massive mailing lists from the very beginning).

    I’m looking forward to checking back in to see how you finally tell your boss and co-workers that you’re outta there!

    Congratulations to you and your family, and I wish you continued success!!

    • Hey Tamara – yep, Im no “guru”. I’ve made my money with real niche websites and basic search engine optimization. Its not easy and took me a long time and a lot of hard work…but its certainly possible.

  20. Great job, nothing like firing the boss. I think I would have done it much earlier than you, but the conservative route is probably the smartest. I’ve been self employed for 10 years, and it looks to me like you’ve already learned the lessons so many solo-preneurs never learn, such as sticking with something long enough to build a solid income, doing what you enjoy rater than chasing money, etc. Excellent work and look forward to hearing updates!


    • Thanks Chris, yeah I have always been financially conservative. So its good and back. I don’t take HUGE financial risks so the pay offs tend to take a little longer…but I also have a family to take care of, so its really the best way to go for me.

  21. Wow, that is great to hear! AND I love how you have planned everything out. This will make for a GREAT transition!! Congrats!!

  22. My best wishes Spencer! It is sad that you are going to quit your job that you studied hard for in university, but look on this from positive side – you paid for education to discover internet marketing later. Was it worth that money to live the life you dreamed of? In my opinion of course it was!

    Maybe it is your destiny?

    • Yeah Boris, I suppose it is sad that I spent so much on my education. However, my background is in finance and I got my MBA, so it really does give me some great business knowledge that is going to help me out with my internet company.

  23. Congratulations!! Spencer well done, I know how hard it is to focus these days with all the so called offers we get on a daily basis you know the ones push button this and push button that. I’v learned one very important part of your marketing strategies, You never give up!

    Keep it coming,


    • Guy, there are no push button answers. I only would listen to those who tell you that rewards come from lots of hard work and dedication…the rest are blowing smoke.

  24. Good stuff Spencer! You’re an inspiration to us, you’re our hero! You should wear a superman “S” for Spencer :) I have begun following in your footsteps this month and I really hope that I can have that same conversation with my boss this year.

    The question is, do you tell your boss the real reason why your resigning? Because he’ll probably want to start niche websites too!

  25. Spencer,

    Congrats on finally reaching a major milestone! Not many people — especially those dying to leave their jobs — can say that not only are they telling their boss goodbye, but they also have another job to fall back on.

    When I first quit my job I only had a few months of living expenses to my name and no job to turn to but the Internet. Two years later I’m still shocked at how I made it. :)

    The best of luck to you and I know that you have no where but UP to go from here.

    – Yolanda

    • Yolanda – its great to hear from other full time IMers. Its a big jump, but I agree that things can certainly get much bigger. Hopefully that becomes a reality.

  26. Christoffer says:

    Congratulation Spencer with quitting your day job, this must be a fantastic feeling!

  27. Hi Spencer!

    I’ve been reading your blog for the last month! Simply incredible! I hope to have the same success as you by the end of the year. You give us all hope that there is money to be made online! Please keep us all on the edge of our seats for your next post!



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