I’m Selling Some Niche Sites…

Well, after I made my post on my plans for my niche adsense future, you all gave me some great feedback.   I appreciate that you are involved enough to make some genuine suggestions or ask real questions!  So, here is what I have decided to do, and why.

I am selling some BRAND NEW niche adsense websites right here (you will also notice a tab for them at the top).  These sites have all just been built in the past week or so, and have just been indexed by Google.

The reason I am selling them is basically as I explained in my previous post.  My true passion is doing keyword research and finding those untapped niches with lots of potential and very low competition in Google.  Honestly, the part of my internet marketing business that I don’t enjoy so much is linkbuilding and promotion of the sites.  I do it as necessary, but I actually genuinely enjoy doing keyword research (does that make me a nerd??).

So, I have done the keyword research and found what I believe to be some great niches.  I have built the structure of the site and gotten them indexed in Google, and now I am going to sell them.  These are sites that certainly have the potential to do very well in Google, and with Adsense.  (You can see the full stats etc and more details about the sites on the sales page here.)

So, I may be sacrificing some earnings in the long run here, because I really think that if these sites get some decent backlinks and some basic promotion, they can rank very well for their chosen keywords.  So, the earnings over the long haul should be much more than I will be making on the sale of these sites.

So, I may be losing some potential earnings in the long run, but I will be freeing up more time to do what I enjoy (keyword research), and at this point I believe the trade off is worth it for me.  So, I am sacrificing a little bit of money later for a lot more “job satisfaction” right now.

In addition, as I build more sites, I am sure that not all of them will be sold; which is just fine.  I will be left with some good websites based on some great keywords, and when I have time or the desire I can promote them properly.  So, I will still be building up my Adsense empire, although maybe a little more slowly than in the past.

So, go ahead and head on over to the my Niche Sites for Sale Page and check them out.  As a heads up, I am offering them exclusively to my readers for the first few days.  Any sites that have not been sold will be listed elsewhere about mid-week this week.  I am also offering some great bonuses there, including some ONE ON ONE coaching with me!  So, be sure to take a look and let me know what you think.

Feel free to leave any comments and questions right here, or on the sales page itself as comments have been enabled to discuss any related questions there.

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3 Responses to “I’m Selling Some Niche Sites…”

  1. Hi Spencer!
    I’ve talked about you and your Adsense sites a number of times on my blog. I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing a guest post and give people a basic rundown on how you’re setting up these sites and what kind of results you’re seeing. And you can include links to whatever you want – your sites that you’re selling or any other products you’d like.

    If you’re interested, you’ve got my email up there.

    And, as always, love the post!

  2. Long time since I visited lol Good to see you’re already brainstorming new ideas and already put a plan in motion to sell some websites.

  3. The “Niche Sites for Sale Page” is brining up a 404 page …