I’m Ready for a New Challenge!

Okay, so as you are all aware, I finished my niche challenge to build 100 Niche Adsense sites in a period of 30 days.  (You can re-read the posts starting here).

The challenge was highly motivational and educational!  Since doing the challenge I have received enormous response and support…I thank you all!

I successfully completed my challenge of building those 100 mini-sites, but it was quite a roller-coaster ride.  Many of my sites were de-indexed, and I fully discussed why I believe that happened and how that can be avoided in the future.

As a result, my earnings from these sites have not been as high as expected; however, I do still earn about $300/mth in passive income from these sites, so its not a complete loss.  In fact, in a couple of months I will have completely recouped my initial investment from outsourcing much of the site building and article writing, and then the $300/mth will all be pure profit at that point.

Recently, I have been wanting to build some larger more authority type sites, and in fact the post I made yesterday (about the Google Dance) is one of my larger/authority type sites.  Well, I think I am ready to build another one.

I was going to do this anyway; however, part of my desire to share this process on my blog is actually from some other blog posts I was made aware of recently.

To be honest, I don’t really read other internet marketing blogs very often.  However, somehow I found Pat Flynn’s blog where he is doing a Niche Site Duel with Tyrone Shum.  He and Tyrone are both building Niche websites from scratch and are revealing the entire process from start to finish including their earnings.  The only rule that they have is that they can not generate traffic through any paid methods.

First, let me just say that Pat’s blog appears to be legit.  He runs a successful site that is not internet marketing related, which is always a big plus in my book.  Like I said, I don’t really read other IM blogs, but I am keeping my eye on his.  So, as part of his challenge, he has opened it up to anyone that would like to participate…

So, I am feeling the draw to participate!  I don’t expect to have Pat or Tyrone take note of what I am doing over here in my little corner of the world, but if nothing else I can share with all of you my process of building a larger niche website from scratch.

After all my site is called, Niche Adsense Challenge; how could I pass up a challenge like this?!

What do you think? If I can get some moral support from you guys, I might start it up later this week.

Typically, I have focused on small niche websites; however, I am going to try and target some higher traffic keywords and a niche that can support larger amounts of content.

This is basically what I was going to do for my niche training product that I was in the process of putting together, but I figure, what the heck, why don’t I just let everyone watch what I do, reveal the URL, earnings, and everything…and make it something that people will look forward to reading about??

In fact, I have some different ideas of how to approach finding a profitable niche than both Pat and Tyrone have discussed so far on their blogs, and its a process that I have not shared before.  (You can read a previous post here on my typical process of finding keywords using Market Samurai).

Even if my new method doesn’t produce my winning keywords, I believe its a valuable method that I haven’t really heard discussed much before.

Anyway, let me know if this is a challenge that you would like me to participate in.  If there is enough interest, I will start posting some of my strategies in the next few days.

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29 Responses to “I’m Ready for a New Challenge!”

  1. Spencer, sounds like you are itching to do it, and I for one, am interested in your progress. So as the young ones say, Go for it, Dude

    • Chuck:
      Thanks for the vote! Yeah, I was going to built a larger site anyway, so I figure if others are interested, I might as well share!

  2. Hey Spencer, I too am interested in seeing you go for it!

  3. Hi spencer, I thought I had made a comment yesterday, but cannot see it.
    I have been following Pat and Tyrone’s duel.
    I think a variation on thier methods would be very interesting.
    as Chuck says….Go for it.

  4. are you doing the small niche site dual as well as the large authority site? Be interesting to see your approach to ensure the authority site will be successful before putting a ton of effort into it, or at what point you would bail if it doesn’t pan out and is not worth it.

    • If by “small niche site dual”, you mean the one that Pat and Tyrone are doing, then Yes I will be doing that. The niche site I create will be built with the hopes of turning it into more of an authority site. However, I will be gauging its success along the way before I built out huge amounts of content.

      I will be posting more details in a day or so of what my approach will be if there is enough interest.

  5. Hi Spencer,

    I wasn’t aware of the two other guys’ challenge so I’ll take a look. I for one would like it if you joined in and shared your progress.


  6. I have been always a regular reader of your blog and i like the way you express your real Adsense earning and IM experience.So i love to read to your new challenge’s experience.

  7. hey there, this might be little offtopic, but i am hosting my site on hostgator and they will suspend my hosting in 4days, so i would like to ask you which hosting do you use or recommend?

    • Rashad:
      I have both bluehost and hostgator accounts. I like Bluehost.com MUCH better. Just my opinion, but that is what I would recommend.

  8. Well….

    IMO…your 100 adsense site challenge was a huge failure. You should easily be making well over 1k per month especially because there was so much information available to build the sites properly…from keyword research to “buyers keywords” and exact match domains.

    If I were you…I’d learn how to build microniches properly first without getting them de-indexed and such before moving into an authority site.

    Then again…that’s just me….I like to know and conquer 1 thing at a time and get it right before I learn something new.

    • Bill:
      I appreciate your opinion. Its not a newsflash that my 100 niche challenge was not as successful as hoped; I’ve mentioned that several times here. I tried some things differently during the challenge that I don’t usually do, which is what caused the problems.

      Secondly, you are also forgetting that I own approximately 300 niche websites with a significant number of them being very successful. I have built several niche sites since the original challenge that do quite well.

      I’d be happy to hear your successes…

      Besides, everyone learns from this sort of process! That’s the benefit of these challenges. They don’t always go as planned, but everyone learns, and I believe that is valuable.

  9. Hey Spencer – I’ll be paying close attention to what you do! We both (Tyrone and I) admit we’re not experts with niche sites, which is why we’re doing this and making it public, so everyone can learn what works and what doesn’t. Even though you haven’t started yet, you’re probably ahead as far as experience, so yeah! Welcome to the challenge, and hi to all of your readers! Cheers!

    • Pat:
      Thanks for stopping by! I certainly make no claims of being an expert either…but I’m willing to share whatever I know and learn along the way. I will keep you posted…

  10. go Spencer go!!

    like you mentioned you dont read others IM`s blogs, i can say easily I follow only few (three max) and one of them is you;

    no hype or anything, just plain and simple enthusiastc reading,

    looking forward to work paralelly on your new challenge 😀



  11. Spencer and others….

    I meant no disrespect about my comments regarding Spencer’s 100 website challenge and I have read many of the posts regarding the “not so good results.”

    To me though….when you send emails to your list talking about doing another challenge but with an authority site…. I wonder what your readers will get from it…including me.

    If I were you…I would re-do the 100 website challenge but with a twist…..

    I’d love to see what you’ve learned and would rather see you build 10 sites making $1k per month….

    I’m no expert either but I’d rather see something done right and if you made mistakes I’d really like to read about what you did differently to correct those mistakes and make real money with microniche sites.

    • Bill:
      I believe differing opinions creates progress…so I truly appreciate your view!

      I haven’t shared everything that I do on this blog, but I actually have built 4 sites since the original challenge where I applied what I learned. These 4 alone brought in over $400 last month…

      As I’ve explained previously here: http://www.nicheadsensechallenge.com/what-i-learned-from-my-challenge/ , I am doing things differently now and focusing on more content and better quality content. (I have also discussed this in a couple of other spots as well).

      But I agree, I believe its worth another post from me to clarify what I have learned and to discuss the success I have had SINCE the original challenge.

  12. “Everyone learns..”

    Exactly! I couldn’t agree more, I love following along with the challenges, whether they are positive or not, it’s still that valuable learning experience! I and certainly appreciate you for it! :)

    Thanks! Now, get busy! 😀


  13. You have my support here! I believe you will create another miracle blue print success!

  14. Go for it. I really enjoyed your last challenge and always look forward to your emails as they are refreshing to read. I think it would be great to see another challenge and the authority route is where I am stirring my business so this will be interesting!

    I didn’t consider the 100 site challenge as a failure, after all you are still coming out with $300 a month and the knowledge of knowing what went wrong and how you can rectify it next time round.

    There’s no such thing as a mistake, only lessons. If you aren’t making mistakes, then you aren’t doing anything. Success comes from failure.

    • Shane, thanks for the encouraging words! Yes, I HAVE learned alot from my previous experience and wouldn’t change that.

      I look forward to having you join the challenge as well! Let me know when you get started and I will try to make mention of it…best of luck!

  15. Just decided after reading through all the posts on their sites I am going to get involved in the challenge. I’ll add my site over the next few days.

  16. i was totally fail on mini site adsense .i don’t know why. maybe my keyword CPC is not that high

  17. I definitely will follow you! I like the idea of larger sites myself but tend to make smaller sites because they are easier 😉


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