How to Create a Product When You’re Not an Expert

First of all, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post! It has generated 77 comments so far…WOW!  I am blown away by you guys, thanks for the support!

Other than building niche adsense websites, I am trying to diversify into creating a couple of products.  I am currently having an eBook being written for one of my niche sites (nursing assistant related), and I also have a piece of software (keyword research tool) that is almost done!

The truth of the matter is that I am NOT an expert in the nurses assistant occupation and I am not a computer programmer.  So, today I just wanted to get your creative juices flowing and state that you do NOT have to be an expert in something to create a product in that field.  Let me share how you do this by citing my 2 examples…

Exampe 1: Creating a Niche eBook or How to Guide

The reason I am creating a niche ebook in the nurses assistant niche, is because I have an Niche Adsense website that gets around 150 to 200 unique visitors a day.  I built this as one of my typical adsense websites and it has done better than I expected.  I make around $20 – $30 a day with this site, but with that traffic, I believe I could be doing much better.

Obviously I am not an expert in this field and am not qualified to write a book about the subject.  However, that is the great thing about outsourcing!  I simply went to and posted my job.  I specifically asked for either practicing CNAs or RNs (RNs have much more training and medical knowledge than CNAs).  Its amazing the qualified people you can find!

In a matter of days I had a least 5 qualified writers that were either CNAs, RNs, or LPNs…wow!  I hired an individual that is a practicing RN of over 20 years and used to teach CNA classes.  She also has extensive experience writing medical test questions; which is a perfect fit for what I am doing.

So, just remember that YOU CAN do the same!

You don’t have to be an expert.

You don’t have to be passionate about the subject.

You just need a market with a need, and some traffic.

You can make money because you are a saavy internet marketer.

Just make sure your product is top notch quality!

Example #2 – Creating Software Products

I couldn’t program myself out of a paper bag.  However, I have had several ideas that I believe would make great software products that others would use.  I have discussed my keyword research tool, which is ALMOST updated and complete! (I’ve updated it to use the new Google Keyword Tool and its works quite well…and so it definitely won’t be for free as I was considering previously…sorry!).

Again, outsourcing is how you create a product when you’re not an expert.

For this project, I hired a freelance programmer who had already created a keyword research tool.  In fact, chances are that if you are considering doing a software project, something similar has been created in the past.  And so, you will probably be able to find a programmer that has created something similar to what you are looking for.  This cuts down on the time and cost of creating a software product considerably.

My advice for hiring a freelance programmer?

Make sure to ask questions BEFORE you hire anyone.  By doing this, you can see how quickly they respond and see how well they understand the project.  I like to make them describe the scope of the project to me in the their own words.  This way you can both be sure that you are on the same page.  In addition, many freelance programmers speak a language other than English as their first language, so you need to make sure the communication is good.

Also, if its a big project, I would definitely look at previous feedback and jobs they have completed.  If its a small project, you actually might be okay hiring someone with very little of no feedback.  The reason?  Because these freelancers will often do a job for very little money simply to build up their reputation.  If you are able to take a chance on them, they will be extremely grateful and will often go above and beyond the scope of the original job to keep you happy.

Put Your Thinking Cap On

Overall, start thinking of some big ideas!  You don’t have to be an expert to create a product, just find a market and fulfill their needs.  There are lots of experts that can be hired.

Anyway, I hope that this will help you to start thinking of some really sweet products that you can create.  Think about things that you wished you had.  Or think about an area you know about that might be under served.  There are millions of ideas out there, go get yourself one!

Finally, since its Friday, I thought I would play a happy song for you.  This song is GUARANTEED to put you in a good mood!  It’s one of my favs.  Its called “Happy up Here” by Royksopp…enjoy and have a good weekend!!

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17 Responses to “How to Create a Product When You’re Not an Expert”

  1. I’m doing the same on a few niches that I’m not an expert in. At the moment I’m working on an Interview product. Here’s what I did:

    1. Had someone on rentacoder locate and email the top 25 experts in the niche with a JV invite letter that I provided.

    2. I simply lined up interviews via skype

    3. Recorded — had someone on create me a professional intro to the videos / add effects etc.. (it’s amazing what people will do for 5 dollars)

    4. I’m just putting it all together so I have not tested sales as of yet. However, these gurus provided me with great content so I’m sure that it will take off. I’ll keep everyone posted.:)

  2. Hi Spencer,

    First off, great post! :-)

    I like the first idea, around the nursing assistant niche example you’ve mentioned. However, when selling the ebook, how would you position yourself? If “People buy from People” is of any relevance here, then the prospective buyers will ask – Why should I buy from “YOU”? What’s “YOUR” experience in this niche?

    Please help me with this query. Thanks :)

    • Sooraj:
      No problem. Think of it like a piece of software. Just because I didn’t write the programming for the software doesnt mean other people wouldn’t buy it from me. You have to leverage the expertise of the author or the value it will bring.

      I will be stating that the ebook was written by someone with 20 years of experience in the field, etc. Its similar to selling an affiliate product. You don’t have to claim to be an expert to make a sale…hope that makes sense.

      • “I will be stating that the ebook was written by someone with 20 years of experience in the field” — Yes, as long as that’s true, it makes perfect sense. :-)

        Would you go on to promote (talk more about) the actual author on your website?

  3. Great post Spencer! It’s great thinking outside the box. Do you intend taking an adsense unit off your site and replace it with the ebook? Also do you collect emails on your niche sites?

    • I do plan on moving adsense around and possibly removing it completely depending on how well the book sales. I will be testing it out to which combination of no ads/some ads maximizes my profits. I currently don’t collect emails, but I will be.

  4. Spencer,

    Another great post. I totally agree with your points above, particularly about outsourcing. And I’m not the only one that agrees with you.

    I don’t know if you’re a student of any of the personal motivation / self improvement movement, but you may know that Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) is basically considered the father of the entire movement and basically spent a lifetime studying what makes successful people the way they are. He had relationships with Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, and many many others.

    He had a great discussion at one point about what Andrew Carnegie contributed his success to. He talked about the “master mind” principle and that you surround your self with people who know things you don’t know, have money you don’t have, have skills you don’t have. Andrew Carnegie said that personally he doesn’t know anything about the making or marketing of steel, despite creating the worlds most impressive and successful steel empire. He did it by organizing and coordinating the efforts of people who did know how to do these things.

    Anyway, all that to say your point is well established as a skill that you have to have if you truly want to be successful. you have to learn to leverage the skill, talent, resources, and sometimes, even the capital of other people, in order to reach your goals.

    As if this post weren’t long enough, here is a link to a band that i think you’ll enjoy. I discovered this fellow many years ago back when was still a great site (before Yahoo bought it a ran it into the ground). Anyway it’s pretty similar to the video you posted. The band is called Contraption, and you can still find some of his music on Here’s a link to his page:

    I would definitely recommend Lemonade, Too Much Beauty, Left Behind, Miracle (maybe my favorite)

    I think you’ll like them.


    • Hey Chris, thank for the band recommendation, I will check them out. Also, with all the writing you do, I hope you have your own blog!!

  5. Great Idea,thanks for all the information that you have posted here at your site,i have really learn a lot from all of it,wish you best in all of you do.Again thanks for your help.

  6. Hey Spencer, Great ideas I guess it’s time to put on the thinking cap. Right now I have these sites up and no money coming from them. It’s time to start the creative juices flowing.
    Thanks, and thanks to all the great comments from the other replys also.

  7. Your Product creation is not new, but reassuring that you need not be an expert… So pick a hot niche and go for it.


  8. Spencer,

    I was thinking about this myself in another field. Can I ask you if you will list her as a co-author? Or if she is a ghost writer and it isn’t an interview how would you describe it? Would you say you partnered with an expert? Will you just be paying her a fee for the product creation or any ongoing fees?

  9. Thank you for your reply. If I can just follow up , would she also be able to sell it herself if she wanted to or are you setting it up that you are buying it with the rights? I’m working on an interview with someone and though it’s a different format, I may also want her to write something down the road.

    • Hey Jill, no problem. I own the full rights to the product. The author will have no rights to sell it on their own. This is pretty standard. I am paying her to write an ebook. I will own the book and the rights to sell it. She gets the one time payment and has no rights to reuse the work, as I am buying it from her.