Day 1: How I Will Choose My Niche Keywords to Target

As I begin building websites, I wanted to share with all of you how exactly I will be choosing the niche keywords and how I will be judging the competition for these keywords.

I hope to be going over this information in a little more detail in the future, but for now I will just lay it all out.

Cutting Through the Keyword Confusion

There is a lot of noise out there that can really cause confusion to people trying to do keyword research.  Many people will list a dozen or so factors that you need to look at including number of competing websites, amount of websites targeting the keyword in the title, etc.

In reality, alot of this doesn’t really matter.  The most important thing to look at is the strength of the top 10 websites in Google.  That’s it. If you can outrank these 10 sites, who cares how many millions of other websites mention your keyword on their website?

I will go over all the criteria to look at to judge the top 10 sites in more detail, but for now, I just wanted to give you how I make a quick decision on the strength of the top 10 sites.  For this challenge, I will only choose keywords where:

  • At least 2 of the top 10 sites have a Google Page Rank of 0
  • These 2 websites must also have NO BACKLINKS to the page (not the site) that is ranking.
  • I will also look for weak Title SEO.  (If the exact keyword is not in the title, this may be a sign of a weak site in the top 10).
  • If the site only has a few backlinks (less than 10) BUT also has weak Title SEO, I still may choose to enter the market.
  • Overall, I will only choose a keyword if there are AT LEAST 2 weak sites in the top 10 that I believe I can outrank.

More Criteria For Choosing Good Keywords

Its also important to choose keywords that will get enough traffic.  I will be limiting myself to:

  • Keywords that receive at least 1,000 exact match searches in the United States (not worldwide).
  • I will only go with a keyword that receives between 1,000 to 2,000 exact searches if I believe I can rank in the TOP 5.
  • If a keyword receives around 2,500 exact searches or more, I will be happy to rank anywhere in the Top 10 sites on Google.
  • I will only target keywords that have an Adwords CPC value of about $1 or more. (I am somewhat flexible on this, but will never go too far below the $1 mark).
  • I will only build websites where the exact match .com, .net, or .org domain name is available.  I may have to break this rule if I don’t find enough keywords before the 30 days are up, but I don’t plan to.

By being very restrictive on the keywords that I build sites on, I will be significantly increasing my likelihood for success.  I would also highly recommend that you do the same.  In the niche adsense game, the majority of your success will lie in your ability to choose good keywords.  Building backlinks, writing good articles, and building a good site pale in comparison to excellent keyword choice.

In conclusion

Overall, this is the criteria I will be using to choose the niche markets that I will enter.  If there is one thing that I can stress, that is to choose your keywords carefully and wisely, because this is one thing that WILL make or break your ability to be successful in this business.

Let me know your thoughts below!

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17 Responses to “Day 1: How I Will Choose My Niche Keywords to Target”

  1. Some great points. Built one website today! I will keep going each day wih one! I tend to never go for keywords with 1000 searches. Didn’t really think about looking at it like that. I tend to go for anything over 3500. If your getting the exact match domain chances are you will rank first page easy enough. I set up a site 3 weeks ago that had the exact match with 9.9k exact searches monthly and its on the first page with just a bit of social bookmarking.

  2. So you’ll be building your own sites for this. Do you ever consider placing content on document sharing and/or revenue sharing sites for quicker results, or multiple results?

  3. Looks pretty sound to me. What tools are you using to do your KW research? Micro Niche Finder??

  4. Hi,

    Yes, I would love to know what keyword research tools you are using!


  5. Shane: Yes, exact match can make a huge difference.
    Daniel: I just dont have the time to place the content on revenue sharing sites as well, but this could be an additional revenue stream for others… I am outsourcing the site building as well…
    Mark and MD: I use Market Samurai (free) for KW research. Tomorrow I am posting a couple of videos of how I use these tools and how I narrow my kw lists down to find the winners…

  6. Ok I am up for a challenge 30 days 30 sites . I own market samurai so i am good to go i like the way you think .

  7. Thanks Spencer! Your selection criteria is very impressed. I can see what I lacking off in my selection criteria and that is why some of my sites cannot break into top 10 but some can. Keen to know more what is your next step… Appreciate your kind sharing!

  8. inreview says:

    Spencer, how many keywords per site you will be targeting?

    Thanks for sharing. Really glad to be able to see the entire process of building adsense sites.

  9. I target 1 keyword per site.

  10. Hi Spencer,

    Looking forward to your keyword research video! Just want to ask, if you only target 1 keyword for 1 site, how many pages you are going to make for 1 site?

    Usually I will go for 1 keyword as well, but I found only having 1 page content is hardly to remain at top 10 in Google; so, just want to see how many pages you are going to do for 1 site! Thanks! :)

  11. I think the first point you must master is “Market Research”.
    Finding “keyword” is on one of the branch of it.

  12. Do you focus on product keywords only, or ANY keyword with high search low competition results?

  13. I too am curious about the same question as codesanta asked . . . are you focusing these keywords on products? And will you be building your sites using WordPress sites or using something like XsitePro?

    • I choose keywords based on the Google CPC value. If advertisers are paying money for the keyword, that’s all I care about. If its product related, so be it, if not…who cares?? All I need to know is that advertisers are paying good money when someone clicks an ad.

  14. How do select what niches you will be going into??


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