Final Post of Niche Adsense Challenge!

Well, the time has come to retire this blog. I have made it quite clear here that I am creating a new blog so that I can expand my focus a bit and discuss new business ideas that I am having. That new blog can be found at:

However, just because I won’t be adding any new content here; doesn’t mean that the old posts dont provide any value.  I plan on keeping this blog live for your reference as needed.  As I look back at some of the old posts I see that there is really some great content here (at least I think so).  The content provided in the past is really everything that someone would need to get started creating niche websites.

I can also understand that it can be hard to read an entire year’s worth of posts to find the gems.  So, I went through and make a quick list of the posts that I thought would be most helpful to someone trying to create niche websites.  As always, you can visit the archives page to view a complete list of the posts made.

However, to make it easier I have listed the top articles that I think are the best.  Here they are in chronological order:

So, there you have it!  If you are looking to get started in building niche websites, I would start by reading the above posts.  Of course there is lots of other great material here, but these are some of the highlights.

The great news is that just because this blog is dying, doesn’t mean that I am going to stop discussing niche websites!  In fact, I will be discussing so much more over at my new blog.  So, if you haven’t taken a look yet feel free to take a peak and leave a comment!

Go to Spencer’s New Blog!

As always, feel free to leave a comment below.  Or better yet, head on over to the new blog and leave a comment there.  I am going to start adding some great content over the next few days and beyond!  See you there…


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11 Responses to “Final Post of Niche Adsense Challenge!”

  1. hey any reason shutting down this site?
    thought u can start new blogs why u are shutting down this one?

    • Hey Vijay – this site will stay up and live. But I will only be adding new content to the new blog. I will still discuss niche websites on the new, but I will discussing much more as well.

      • This is niche adsense site for adsense. thats why you are creating new site for other affiliate networks as niche pursuits.

    • Why didn’t you just migrate this site to the new domain, 301 redirect this domain to the new domain, change the template, and change the direction of your content? That way you could keep the content history and more of the existing readers in all likelihood.

      • Its just a business decision I made. I am taking my content in a new direction, and I think new readers that know nothing about this old blog would just be confused by having the old content there. Maybe your idea is better, but I wanted to have a clean break.

  2. And what if you will come up with new content related to AdSense niche sites? Where will you publish it?

  3. Look fwd for you new blog and will be in my Google reader so I will not miss anythings. I follow your blog since the first day…why not for your new blog.

  4. Spencer, I have learned so much from your Long Tail Handbook. Good luck with your new blog journey. You gain me as a follower. Cheers!

  5. yous site has good steps for new bloggers like me, also the new site is well designed.