Expectations for My Niche Adsense Challenge

I begin my challenge today – April 14th, 2010!  I am building 100 Niche Adsense websites in 30 days!

I am preparing to start researching and building 100 Niche Adsense Websites over the next 30 days.  As part of my preparation, I feel like it is important to share some of my expectations, goals, and the process I will follow.

The overall purpose of this goal is to implement massive action on a project that should yield significant results based on my past experience.  I have built nearly 150 of these websites in the past, but never more than 30 or so in 1 month.  So, for me to build 100 in 30 days really is a challenge!

But how much money should I expect to make?

In the past, my niche adsense sites have been averaging approximately $20 per website per month.  I hope to achieve the same in the future.  However, it will take probably 3 or 4 months before they will start earning that much.  Here are my expectations for earnings over the next few months from these 100 sites:

Expected Earnings

Month 1:  $200

Month 2: $600

Month 3: $1,500

Month 4: $2,000

These projections should make sense if you think about it.  Many of the sites (particularly those built towards the end of the first 30 days) will not be indexed by Google or be ranking well at the end of the challenge.  This is to be expected.  As the websites age over the coming months, and as backlinks are built to the site, I expect their earnings to increase until about month 3 or 4 when hopefully they reach the $20 per site per month mark.

What can YOU expect from me?

I plan to share as much information as possible with you as I build these niche adsense sites over the next 30 days.  That includes how I find my keywords, how I pick domain names, how I set up the website (I use WordPress), what plugins I use, how I get backlinks, and much more…

I also plan to share how much money these websites are making me over the next 30 days and beyond.  The only thing I do not plan on sharing is the actual domains.  The reason for that is quite simple: If you know the domain, you will visit it (or others will) and potentially artificially increase earnings; making my little experiment here of little value.  I want to share with you how you can implement the same processes that I follow and hopefully achieve the same results; so I don’t want my results nullified in any way.

How Can I do so much in 30 days?

Well, the truth is that I probably couldn’t do so much in 30 days.  I will be outsourcing a lot of the work, and I will share with you where I find my outsourcers.  I will personally do all the keyword and niche research.  I will be outsourcing all article writing and basic WordPress setup and configuration based on my instructions.  This will save me a lot of time, but it does come at a cost.

How Much Do I have to Make to be Profitable?

Because I will be spending a decent amount of money on these sites, I have to consider how much money each site needs to make to be profitable.  I will go into more details later on this subject, but essentially I will be spending about $25 per website to get up and running.  Overall, I will be spending more than $2,500 over the next 30 days on these sites. I also have hosting and other monthly costs to consider.  After taking all these into consideration, my break even point is approximately $3 per website per month ($36/yr).

So in reality, I am happy with any earnings of over $3 per month.  And that is actually only considering 1 year of earnings.  If each of the sites continue to make at least $3 per month for multiple years, the return on investment becomes much more significant.  However, the goal is $20 per month.

So, I am glad you are going to follow me along because the following motivates me, and I hope you learn a thing or two along the way.

So, what do you think of my challenge?  Please share your thoughts or questions below!

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28 Responses to “Expectations for My Niche Adsense Challenge”

  1. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out! 30 sites a month is difficult let alone 100! Are you going to be buying .com .org and .nets? So your initial outlay will be $1000 for all the domains, or if you buy in bulk will be $700.

    I might try this on a much smaller scale of 1 site a day over the next month! Is there any way you can share even the template you will be using?
    What kind of search level will you be looking for when choosing keywords?

  2. Kaarthik says:

    Well let me be the first on your site to wish you the best of luck with your project. Now I’m not into minisites but I do feel that money can be made using the method you are planning to implement. Also you can keep the profitable sites and flip the rest. I once again thank your for planning to share your site development with us.

  3. Yes, I will be buying .com, .org, and .nets…exact match only. The outlay just for domains will indeed be close to $1000. I will be sharing some more detailed keyword research tomorrow. I DO plan on sharing my templates as well…

    I think you should go for the 1 site a day challenge!

  4. Good luck Spencer!

    I will be watching keenly to see how you make out. I was thinking of doing something similar myself at the end of last year; maybe I’ll do it in May or June and capitalise on your findings. I’m based in the UK so will use .co.uk domains (they’re cheaper than .coms as well – which helps costs) and have a whole library of site building, automation, development and marketing tools (I’m an ex-developer.)

    Good luck again – I really hope it works for you (my motives are entirely selfish of course – I want to do it too!)

    • Jay:

      Glad to have to following along! If you start a similar project, lets us all know!

  5. Spencer,

    I am so intrigued by what you are doing. I am really looking forward to learning your methodology and process. Best of luck although it doesn’t sound like you need much luck with all your skill!

  6. Barbara:
    Thanks for the encouragement…there’s is some luck on the big winning sites, but overall the process works and consistency is the key!

  7. While consistency and persistence in following a plan, any plan, is a rare thing and something to be applauded, admired and copied!… I do wonder if the tremendous effort and expense is best spent on developing an income stream that all depends on 1 source, a Google adsense account. Something Google can take away in a heartbeat without any recourse, to say nothing of long-term rankings of such sites by Google.

    Have you ever considered building just 1 or 2 authority sites, instead of 100 adsense sites, which wouldn’t take any more effort, certainly, and should earn about as much as these 100 sites, and wouldn’t be dependent on 1 source of monetization?

    Because you’re focusing so much attention on so few sites, a side benefit is you’d be able to provide the type of site Google is actually looking for to rank well in the SERP’s, thus building an asset that should stand the test of time better than quick adsense sites.

    Just a thought – something I struggle with daily.

  8. wish you best of luck

  9. Daniel:

    You are 100% correct that it is important to diversify. However, for many people starting out, 1 source of revenue from niche websites is better than none! Also, I do have a couple of authority sites as well.

    Overall, I don’t worry about these small sites too much though, because I am not trying to “trick” Google or anyone that visits the sites. I am providing valuable quality written content that answers the questions they are searching for. This provides a valuable user experience to the customer and is EXACTLY what Google wants. So, google has no reason to dislike these sites as everything is done to their webmaster guidelines. However, I agree that diversifying your business is always a good idea. Thanks for following!

  10. Good luck Spencer – I think this is a great idea and am behind you all the way! Are you targeting these sites to specific countries?

    take care,

  11. Currently I’m on the way as same project like yours so I’m looking fwd for this blog from time to time, maybe I can make a little twist from useful information which I learn from here. Good Luck!

  12. Mike Anderson says:

    Looking forward to following your progress as I am trying to start adsense sites myself. I’m just waiting for Google to approve my account.

  13. Hi,

    I can’t wait to see how you do. The only thing I am going to ask of you is to not hold anything back. Tell us everything!

    P.S. Sorry this might sound really dumb, but can you tell us how to track Adsense sites? I’m not sure how to track my Adsense earnings. It just gives a total amount and I can’t tell which site it’s coming from.

  14. Thanks for all the well wishes, I am truly grateful for the encouragement!

    MD – I wont hold anything back. To track your adsense earnings per site – use channels (under Adsense Setup). The best way to track which site is to click the “URL channels” option. Just create a new channel for each site and Google track which sites are getting the clicks automatically! (No need to replace existing code or anything).

  15. Spencer….

    I will be following closely….my question is how many pages per site to get the average of $20 per site per month by month 4…that seems pretty aggressive……will you be working on these sites full-time? If so, than I believe its doable.
    Naturally, you’ll be targeting keywords well over $1 CPC….more like $5+ to come up with your goal I would expect….

  16. This is great opportunity for us newbies to learn first hand what it takes to set up adsense sites.

    This is close to my heart as I actually like the adsense monetization model.

    I’ll be keenly following your progress and wish you the best.

  17. Wish You All the Best Spencer …

    Looking for learning from your experiences !


  18. If you’re having troubles finding profitable niches, might want to try Magic Niche Finder. I found 400+ niches with exact domain name match over-night!

  19. Good luck Spencer! Will definitely be keeping my eye on this blog daily!

    Will you be sharing your process by video or pictures or just through regular posts?

    Looking forward to learning a thing or two from you! 😀

    • Del: I am also going to share some videos of my processes as well. This weekend I should have my first videos posted on how I do keyword research.

  20. Great! I am happy to join! I am interested to build many sites also. So far I have building about 25 sites but not every sites giving me lots of adsense and it is very little. Most of them giving less than $5/mth, only 2 sites constantly giving me above $5-$20/month. I believe by watching over your shoulder will definitely benefit me a lot.

  21. Spencer, thanks for sharing this.

    I’ll be following you along the way 😉


  22. Spencer, Thank you for such a informative challenge. I plan on not only keeping up with your daily happenings, but too, I plan on walking in your footsteps and following you in this journey by by setting up some Adsense sites as well. I, however, will be setting up 10 sites rather then 100 – I feel this a good manageable number to start out with since these will be my first Adsense sites I have ever created. I will be doing all the legwork myself as to cut down on the cost of things but if I keep my nose to the grind and follow your recommendations I know I can get this done. I am excited to start this challenge and be successful along side you!!!!

    • Awesome! 10 sites in a month is a great goal for your first sites…its a lot of work, but you will learn SO much just by doing it. Your efforts will pay off big time on future sites (and hopefully the first 10 too). Best of luck!

  23. Best of wishes on your project.

    I am absolutely certain of your success.

    Adsense definitely works. I’ve only got 5 sites (3 years old) with adsense, but they make an average of $60/month. Nice little bonus.

    Thanks for including me.


  24. Good luck Spencer!
    expect more report

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