As promised, here is a quick demo video of my new keyword research tool — Long Tail Pro.   This give just a basic overview of the software capabilities.  I will have a few other more extensive videos available once the software is officially released…perhaps tomorrow!

And yes, I know that the interface could be much prettier.  Look for that in a future release.  However, for now I figure people that are serious about finding great keywords are more interested in functionality than looks.

(Read more below video)

As I mentioned previously, this tool has really made finding long tail keywords much easier for me.  A long tail keyword is simply a keyword that does not get searched for in large volume.  The reason long tail keywords are effective is because they are less competitive.

When I first got into trying search engine optimization, I thought I would target keywords that received HUGE amounts of search volume like “credit repair”, “home mortgage”, or “debt”.  The problem with these keywords is that they are SUPER competitive and it might takes years to rank for these in Google – if ever.

However, I changed my strategy to target “long tail” keywords that only get searched for between 1,000 to 15,000 or so (usually 2,000 to 5,000).  This made a HUGE difference.  Now I can actually rank well for these keywords in Google and still get enough traffic to make some money.

And as you all know, I am now at the point where I am quitting my job in the next month or so because the income from these niche websites has replaced my full-time job income.

The reason I built this software, is because I have spent extensive hours doing keyword research and I often became frustrated with how slow and laborious the process was – even with other keyword research tools.  Long Tail Pro now meets my keyword research needs for finding exact match domains and searching multiple keywords at once – among other things.

Anyway, check out the demo video above, and let me know what you think!  I will be releasing the software to the readers of this blog only – for the first week or so.  During this time, it will be offered at a steep discount from the regular price – about 50% off.  So be sure to check your email when I announce that the doors are open.

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32 Responses to “Demo Video of Long Tail Pro”

  1. Chris Lebarron says:

    looks very cool, the domain feature is really the one that no one really puts in their tools, without a subscription fee, even though i have several other keyword tools and they all have their strong points, but your looks as though it gets right to the point..

  2. pretty cool software.How much are you going to charge for this :-) i have purchased your long tail book as well.Any discount for your customers :-)

    • Ashley:
      I will be providing a discount to ALL readers of this blog for a limited time. I will have to consider any additional incentives for those who have purchased the book…

  3. Looks great! Was hoping to get an update from you today. Looks like you’ve had a busy weekend!

    Any chance you’ll be including any extras for your loyal blog followers? Like a copy of your handbook?

    Great work Spencer, looking forward to getting the tool.


    • The only “extras” I plan on providing is the discount. Actually there may be some additional incentives for those who have purchased in the first week as well. But for now, its just the discount.

  4. This looks awesome. The only thing I would add right away is to have the domain cells in colors. Red for not available and green for available. That would make it easier to distinguish what domains are available. Alternating row colors would also be nice. However, this definitely looks like the most powerful keyword software I’ve seen … and I’ve tested almost all of them. Can’t wait to play with it!

    • Tim, great suggestion and that is something I will definitely consider. I plan on continuing to improve the software over time.

  5. Spencer,

    It looks like you have a very ingenious tool on your hands! While I don’t rely on keyword research tools anymore since I perform most of my keyword research with Scrapebox, Wordtracker and, I think that there are some bonuses to your software — especially for users who enjoy Market Samurai, but don’t want to switch through quite a few modules to get the job done.

    At this point have you settled on a price for the software? Will it be a one-time payment sort of deal or monthly subscription?

    Also, will there be free upgrades in the future for buyers?

    Good luck,


    • Yolanda…thanks! I have definitely settled on a price…but you will have to wait until it released to find out what that is! However, I can tell you that it is a one-time payment…no monthly subscription. And YES! there will be free upgrades for LIFE…and these upgrades are delivered automatically.

  6. You’ve created my dream tool.

    I’ve been doing this via excel and godaddy bulk search.

    It looks perfect as is, you can save the “Red for not available and green for available” for the 1.1 update.

    Spencer, my paypal account is open and ready…

  7. Hey

    That looks like some cool research software. I’d like to know more about the speed at which it returns the results, whether it uses some proxies to prevent the temporary google block after searching for lots of keyword data.

    I am sure we’re all waiting to see the pricing model you go for as well. fixed or on-going.

    Thanks for the work you’ve put in and I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the release

    Ciao :)

    • Susan:
      I have a couple of other more in depth videos that show how quickly the software works live and other capabilities of the software not shown here. Also, just so you know, proxies are indeed an option, but everything you saw in the demo video here was done WITHOUT proxies.

  8. Can you add information about the top 10 websites that rank for each keyword like “market Samaurai does with its analysys such as:

    Average PR of top 10
    Links to page
    Keyword in title
    Keyword in URL
    Keyword in H1

    • Lonnie, you will be happy to know that the software ALREADY provides all of the information you listed here. This video did not show the “Competitor Analysis” tab which is part of the software. This tab checks the top 10 in Google for everything you mentioned plus a lot more.

      There is also a rank checker tab where you can check where your website ranks for your keywords in Google, Yahoo, and Bing…and your Alexa rank. there will be additional videos that show these additional capabilities.

  9. Spencer,

    Simply awesome. I have a ton of different tools, but your tools looks like a combination of all of the different features that I like from all of them, in one software.

    Looking forward to the release. I will be sure to be one of the first ones to grab it one you make it available.

    It looks perfect for the type of projects that I am continuing to do.

    Cheers and AWESOME JOB!


    • Glad you like what you see so far! I think you will really enjoy the other features that were not shown in this video as well. Thanks Andrew!

  10. Hey Spencer,

    We’ll I was going to pass on this until I seen this !

    Average PR of top 10
    Links to page
    Keyword in title
    Keyword in URL
    Keyword in H1

    Count me in :)

  11. Spencer,
    Looks like a winner!
    Can’t wait to see the discounted price.


  12. Hi Spencer,
    Awesome tool you have here!
    Can’t wait to get it, it is the “ALL IN ONE” software that I need for my online business.

  13. Hey Spencer,

    Looks pretty cool! Is the search volume exact match search or is there a way to choose setting so that it shows exact match?

    • You will see a more complete demo video tomorrow, but YES you can select Exact, Phrase, or Broad match–whatever your preference.

  14. Hi Spencer,

    Thanks for the hard work. Questions:

    1) DO you include a captcha breaking solution like decaptcher or death by captcha when extracking the keywords from Google?
    2) Do we need to switch proxy during keyword extraction?


    • 1. Yes, solution is available.
      2. The software will automatically switch proxies during keyword extraction based on the proxy list you have imported. You can specify how often to switch proxies during keyword generation as well.

  15. nice set up Spencer . looks like a nice complement to the long tail hand book i got. Quick as possible search . What no more marathons?

  16. I have a few more keyword software, but i still find this software did equally good but the speed looks faster and more convenient compared to others.

    I bought your long tail handbook, that is great, if with this software, it is really a plus to my research! Hope the price is quite affordable =)for us that especially who bought your ebook last time.


  17. Hey Spencer

    Seems good, defo will be in the queue to buy it, when are you launching it??

    also will you be able to supply us with some proxies or generate something where we the software can auto create proxies itself??

  18. Hi Spencer
    Glad to hear you are considering discounts.

    Regarding rank tracker module.Let us say i have a brand new domain which just got indexed in google.How do i search ranking positon for it?! Market samurai doesnt shgow beyond 100 i dont know any tool which goes beyond 1000 places.can you shed some info on this? :-)