Day 8: Update on Keywords Found

Today, I was traveling most of the day and did not have much time for anything else.  However, in keeping with updating this blog everyday, I wanted to at least share where I am with my keywords and sites.

I have approximately 26 sites built right now.  However, I have about 5 or 6 more domains purchased and the articles are in the process of being written.  Some of the topics are fairly boring or arcane, so I am finding some difficulty in getting authors to write about them.  Since I am using, usually the articles get picked up within a few hours; however, some of my latest topics, no one is interested in writing about!  (However, some of these topics have GREAT keywords and CPCs).

In addition, I have found 5 or 6 other keywords that I have not yet purchased the domains for and plan on doing either tonight or tomorrow.

I have also gotten my outsourcer to start distributing my articles to; and once those are all approved, he will start distributing to the other top article directories.

I expect that this will drive some intitial traffic, and will eventually provide some good backlinks that will help get these sites ranked for my chosen keywords.  Then ideally the majority of the traffic will be coming from the search engines.

Anyway, its a short post today, but just wanted to at least give an update!

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8 Responses to “Day 8: Update on Keywords Found”

  1. Hi Spencer,

    Just like to ask. Do you also factor in how many “broad” results in the SERPS when choosing your Keywords?

    Like do you have a cut-off of let’s say the KW must have less than 1 million competing sites?

    • I used to factor in the broad results. However, I am now only interested in the exact results, so I do not factor in the broad.

  2. Spencer, I noticed that you usually use the keywords for which you can get the EXACT .com, .net or .org domains for and drop the other potential keywords. For example instead of using or something similar (say if through your research it was a great niche, highly searched, high cpc and low competition). Is that much better than or perhaps or is it better to just drop those and go with only exact domains?

    Basically what I am asking is how highly does Google regard the EXACT keyword phrase in the domain name?


  3. – best choice or – next best choice.

    I dont know how much better Google views these results, but I have noticed the best results with exact matches.

  4. Chris

    I’ve seen this debated on several forums and the general feeling from everyone is that exact domains with .com, .net or .org are best. Personally, if I cannot find those domains then it is probably too difficult to rank for that keyword. This business is all about easy and repeatable. Yes, you could outrank with but how much extra effort is needed, more backlinking, more article writing, etc. With the huge number of niches available I’d rather use my time to work on something easier…


  5. Hi,

    Has anyone tried using sub-domains? Any positive ranking results or earnings using sub-domains?


  6. Thanks Spencer and thanks Garry for your information. I have used your advise and will be trying a few exact match niche keywords with high search volume, high ctr and low competition. I’ll let you know how it goes. I have been going a little too broad with my keyword searches :).

  7. Hi Spencer … Thank you so much for your generosity and patience in Giving…

    Q#1 — You say you outsource your article distribution to save time … and you wrote in one of your posts (Step 8, “My Overall Process for Building Niche Adsense Websites
    “) … (quote) I have used Magic Article Submitter for this, but prefer Article Drip Robot to submit these articles quickly.(unquote)… .

    Do you still use “Article Drip Robot”? It appears that its one-time fee is more cost-effective than a recurring fee in having someone do the article distribution for you.

    Q#2 — A repeat of MD’s missive on “sub-domains” …

    Again — thank you for your time generosity of spirit.