Day 7: Niche Adsense Templates That I Use

One of the most important things to do to improve your adsense earnings is to increase your Click Through Rate (CTR).  The templates that you and the placement of your ad blocks can greatly effect how often visitors click your ads.

In general, here are some principles to follow to improve your adsense CTRs.

  • Place ads above the fold as much as possible.
  • Ads just under the title of an article tend to do well.
  • Adjust the colors of your ads to match the colors of your WordPress Theme (or other templates)
  • The ads should look natural as part of your site
  • Using Link Ad Units near the navigation bar can be effective

Overall, there is no one magic template or way to get best possible CTR.  Its important to test your themes and ad placements over and over again to constantly be improving.

Even with nearly 200 sites that I have, I am constantly testing out new templates and ad placements.  And I have learned that one template that works in one niche is not necessarily the best template for a different niche.

For whatever reason, people searching for different things have a different mind set and may not click through on one layout, but may click through well on a different layout.

So having said that, I have about 4 different WordPress themes that I typically use for my niche adsense websites.  Here is a screenshot of each to give you an idea of layout etc.  I have blocked out the information that would make it possible to discover what my website is.

I have experienced my best CTRs on Template 2 and 3.  However, its all about testing, so don’t take my word for it; because it may be different for your niche!

Adsense Template 1

Theme Source: Silver Ray Theme

Adsense Template 2

Theme Source: Arjuna WordPress Theme

Adsense Template 3

Theme Source: Dosh Dosh Bluesense

Adsense Template 4

Theme Source: Dosh Dosh Prosense

Let me know your thoughts!

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16 Responses to “Day 7: Niche Adsense Templates That I Use”

  1. Hi,

    thanks for showing the templates that you’re using. From my point of view, template 2 is the best. Template 3 did show too much ads as my opinion. Thanks.

  2. One question please,

    How do you put adsense code below the header on template 2. Which file do i need to edit. Thanks.

    • I use the “WhyDoWork Adsense” Plugin to manage most of my adsense placements. So, just install the plugin and select “Top” for ad placement.

  3. Good tips Spencer

    I have a few questions though:

    1) I thought Adsense frowned upon using more than 3 adblocks per page. I see in template 1 you have 4 blocks. What’s the deal with this? Do they mean no more than 3 blocks not counting link units or what?

    2) Template number 3, is a little deceiving because there’s too many ads, I can see how that template would definitely get a high CTR. Question is: Isn’t that overkill and would obviously put up a flag as to the site being a MFA site? Just asking because I would probably try a few sites with that type of layout but don’t want to get my account banned or anything.

    3) What’s the deal with placing adsense near an image? I read on ClickBump’s thread that someone’s Adsense account was temporarily banned due to this. I see in this site you have done this. Is it something you’re aware of?

    Would really appreciate any help with those 3. I think I might want to start trying this route putting up at least 2 Adsense sites per week to see how it goes.

  4. inreview says:

    Spencer, seems like above the fold are mostly ads only. You apply this for all your sites?

  5. Hi Spencer,

    I find that having too many ad units on a page is not good. Also placing images near your ad unit is not recommended.

    If you want to do that, try using an “Image” only Google ad, and strategicly place a “Text” only Google ad to the left or right of it. They’re not going to say anything for your using Google’s own network for the image.

    I usually have only one link unit near the navigation bar at the top of the page, and another ad unitl directly under the title of the article.

    I’m looking only to draw the highest paying ads from Google, so having more ads means 9 times out of 10 getting paid less per click.

    Google is really focusing on improving their content network, so I’m once again seeing a huge raise in clicks.

    I use a WP plug-in for placing ClickBank ads in the menubar on the rightside of the page, but that’s it.

  6. I’m not sure where the confusion has come in about me placing an image next to an adsense block. I didnt place any images in these templates. If you are looking at template 2; the right sidebar is an adsense unit. (So google placed that image, not me).

    MFA sites are sites that have no content, only ads. Below the fold, I have complete articles that are well written and very applicable to the search in question. If you are not comfortable placing ads like I do, then test out different layouts. Its all about testing.

  7. Also, you are allowed 3 adsense blocks, plus 1 ad link unit, plus one Google search unit. So, the number of units I am using is Google approved.

  8. Hi Spencer,

    I just went and checked at(Google Adsense) and I think the total number of units allowed is 8 per page.

    My calculation= 3 content units + 3 link units + 2 search boxes = 8 units per page

    Is that correct or am I wrong? I’m not saying that I would add that much but, I think 8 units are allowed. :)

  9. Hi,

    I’m wrong! I just went to my Adsense account and they have both content units and link units under the category called “Adsense for content.”

    I thought in the past the link units were separate from content units. Anyways, both are under the same category so that means:

    3 content or link units + 2 search boxes = 5 units per page

    Sorry! You never know I could be wrong again! 😛

  10. Interesting to see that you are predominantly using old, but effective templates.

    Along the same line, one that works well and is easy to cutomize is heatmap

  11. David Vanistendael says:


    to Kenneth Washington

    what plug-in are you using to put AMA ads to the menubar on the side?


    Ps: good stuff here!!

  12. Just going back through some of your older posts and revisiting the basics of the information you’ve provided here. Again, thanks, it’s all really great content.

    Are there any updates to this topic? Are these still the primary templates you are using? I know you changed up your strategy a bit since you wrote this and are developing larger blogs with more content. With that in mind are there different adsense integration templates you’re working with now?


    • Chris, this probably does deserve a revisit. Some of the templates I use are :Arithema, GreenPark2, and a few others. I really try to mix it up now and focus more on nicer looking templates. Having said that, the templates I listed in the post are just fine to use still.

  13. I use quality level 3.


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