Day 6: Article Writing and Distribution

I have already received several questions surrounding the topic of article writing and article marketing for my niche websites.  Today, I wanted to give a quick rundown of exactly what I am doing.

First of all, I outsource all of my article writing and article marketing efforts.  I used to do it all on my own, however, with the number of sites I am building, I simply no longer have time for this.  Plus, even with outsourcing, my profit margin is still pretty big.

For each website, I pick 1 keyword (as discussed previously).  I have 2 articles written both related to this keyword; typically about 400 words in length.  The most important aspect for on page SEO purposes is to have the exact keywords somewhere in the title.  I use to outsource my article writing done (all US based writers).

Also, make sure that the exact keyword is mentioned in the article at least once or twice; however, I would not mention the EXACT keywords in the same article much more than that.

I am using WordPress, so I just usually add both articles as Posts.  I have also done it where one of the articles in added as a Page; where the homepage of the site is that static page.  However, through the testing I have done, it doesnt really make a difference either way.  So, do whatever feels right to you; either make it a post or a page.

Article Marketing

Now for my article marketing efforts, I use the EXACT SAME ARTICLES that were posted on my website (just make sure your website is indexed by Google first).  I don’t have any additional articles written or do any article spinning. I usually will just change the title is all.

Although if you have the time to write additional articles or do article spinning, that might be to your advantage.  However, for my niche sites I have done just fine with this process.

I first post the 2 articles to  Once it is approved there, I will distribute it to the top 20 or 30 article directories such as:,,,,, and others.  Again, I am using the exact same articles.

Some have expressed a concern about duplicate content; however, this is a common misunderstanding of how Google works.  The “duplicate content” penalty is ONLY related to information posted twice on your own website.  So, if you have the same article on your website 2 times, then that would be duplicate content and Google might not index these pages.

However, information distribution across the internet is very common and is how the world of information works.  A news story posted on is often syndicated to hundreds of smaller news organizations and Google will still index the exact same story hundreds of times.  If you are worried about the duplicate content penalty; please stop.  I have been distributing my exact same articles for a long time now, and they do get indexed and they do provide backlinks.

Overall, I have used article distribution software in my efforts as mentioned in my previous post.  This is a great option for someone that is looking to do everything on their own.  However, I am paying someone to distribute my articles for me in order to save time.  I have done all the calculations, and based on my average earnings per site, paying someone to distribute my articles for me is well worth it.

So, in a nutshell, that is it.  Write the articles, post to your site, and then distribute to the top article directories.  This is what I am doing today, I am finalizing my outsourcing job to begin distributing the articles for the 20 or so sites that I have already completed this month.

Anyway, please let me know your thoughts and questions below…thanks!

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13 Responses to “Day 6: Article Writing and Distribution”

  1. I’d still like to know what WP theme you use and what your adsense layout is. Sorry if you’ve already addressed it, but I haven’t seen it.

  2. This is the most place when people get stuck in their niche website. They don’t know how to write articles, distribute and even to outsource(tight budget). I’m still look fwd any tips that can make people overcome this obstacles as simple, easy, fast and at very low cost as possible.

  3. Spencer

    how much do you pay for your outsource worker to distribute the articles to over 20 dirextories?

    Where do u find such an outsource worker that is experienced in this regard?

  4. Golden Girl says:

    Waiting to see the response….to the questions….LOL…I know you’re busy…but they are good questions…Thanks

  5. Okay, here are some answers! First question, I will be showing some adsense themes and layouts tomorrow!
    Del: I am paying about $2 per article to have it completely distributed. I found the team I work with on; I have used them for past projects and know they are good. It can be difficult to find good outsourcers; this may be a future post…

  6. Thanks for the reply.

    I would really appreciate more insight into the whole outsourcing thing.

    Right now i only have 1 site but my first imediate goal is set to 18-20 by the end of may

    after that ill either need automation tools or a reliable outsourcer or 2 for promotion methods so i can solely focus on dping kw research and putting more sites up at a consistant rate.

    Again, this challenge of yours is great motivation. As you can see im a regular visitor + comenter 😛

  7. Spencer, I would like your opinion about domains. Would, for example, be worth the same as as far as SEO is concerned. Also, what about .info domains. I know they are dirt cheap, but have heard differences of opinion about there (lack of) effectiveness in SEO. I’m pretty sure I know the answer to the latter question.

    • Chris: I personally wouldn’t consider myself an expert on the dash within a domain argument. I just havent done much testing with it. Most of my domains are exact match or have a small prefix or suffix (ie. becomes or, etc). I have heard both good and bad with using dashes; my guess is that one dash is probably fine, but exact match domain would be better.

      Also, as far as .info domains, I have always avoided them; and I rarely see any .info domains ranking very well. So, I plan on continuing to avoid them.

  8. Hi,

    In regards to the dashed domains, I have a domain that has two dashes in it and it’s doing way better than the one without it!

    Just letting you know.

    • MD: Many things go into ranking besides dashes. However, if everything else was equal (sites were same, same links, etc.), an exact match domain without the dash trumps the one with; at least from my experience. However, there is nothing at all wrong with a dashed domain.

  9. chattervine says:

    hello spencer,

    may i know where does the day 1- day 5 post?

    • Look at the sitemap, to see a full list of post listed by date. I also updated some of the titles so its a little more clear where day 1 – 5 are.

  10. Spencer,

    I have quick question regarding this post, are 2 articles enough for one site? And what we do next after we posted those two articles on our site? I mean, should we update the contents regularly by adding more articles, or we just leave it with only two articles? If adding more content is needed, what is the best time to do that?