Day 5 Earnings Update: 100 Sites in 30 Days

I began my 30 day challenge to build 100 niche Adsense websites on April 14th.  So today is the 5th day of my challenge.  (I am posting this in the morning, so really these results are for 4 days).

As many of you know, you can’t expect much earnings in 4 days, and that is the case here.  However, I would say that I have accomplished quite a bit:

  • I officially have 20 sites up and running!
  • Out of the 20 sites; 10 of them are indexed in Google.
  • Out of those 10 indexed, I have 8 sites that rank between 11 – 20 on Google (no top 10 rankings yet).
  • I have about 10 more keywords that I have found, that I will be building sites on.

My earnings as of this morning is just: $4.06

However, if you look at my original expectations, I was not expecting to earn a ton of money in the first month anyway ($200 total expected).  Websites take time to climb in the ranks and I expect that month 2, 3, and 4 will really be the better months.

So far, I have not built any backlinks to any of the sites other than submitting some of them via Bookmarking Demon to some social bookmarking sites.

This week I expect to begin doing some article marketing and doing other backlink building as explained in my previous post about my overall process.

Once some of these backlinks kick in, I should be able to break into the top 10 with several of these sites.

Anyway, its a slow process, but once the income kicks in, it tends to be fairly steady and totally hands free as I have experienced with my past sites.

So, let me know you thoughts and questions below…thanks!

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13 Responses to “Day 5 Earnings Update: 100 Sites in 30 Days”

  1. Not bad! That’s roughly $1 per day on your efforts. Like you say, once those 8 that are indexed start breaking into the top 10 you should start seeing better results.

    Good luck and keep posting! It helps motivate some of us.

    I just finished building my first site and even though it’s not for adsense, the feeling of finishing 1 is something I’m proud of 😛

    Need to work on promoting it and immediately go find a few keywords to build the rest of my sites. I have a similar goal as you but in a longer time frame. 100 sites by the end of the year is what I want.

    Hopefully, once I get the hang of how to build them as fast as I can I can increase creation of these sites to at least 4-5 per week.

  2. Would you mind showing us a few of your sites? I would be interested in your layout, what you use for content and how long is the site or is it one page? I struggle with content as far as what type of information to use for the site. I think I’m spending too much time with content research instead of being able to build the sites more efficiently. Thanks.

  3. Hi What sort of CTR are you achieving?

    I’ve been getting a wide range from my sites – from 1.2% to 5.6%

  4. It’s really great of you to be sharing this information.

    I’m wondering if I can create sites using a php script to the same effect, if I choose the right keywords?


  5. Just started following your journey and looking forward to see what happens. I am in the process of setting up 15 Adsense niche websites as well as 5 Amazon based niche websites to see which ones make more money. (I know you can’t really compare apples to oranges but it does get me motivated to actually get them done!)

    Although my keyword research is a little different than yours I am now considering going for a few more low hanging fruit keywords instead of spending so much time looking for keywords with low competition that will make me over $100 a month. Good luck!!

  6. Del: congrats on finishing your first site!
    Tiffany: Congrats on getting so many sites built (or at least underway). You will learn a TON in the process of just doing them.

  7. Hi Spencer,

    Thanks so much for sharing your efforts with us. I hope after all of this is done, you release some sort of tutorial revealing your sites, keywords and strategy in more detail; of course for a fee (Hint… hint profit from your efforts.) If that was your plan from day one, BRAVO! Brilliant marketing model. Others can learn much more from what you’re doing now. Take notes guys, this is an excellent business practice anyone wanting to earn money on-line should follow.

    – Kenny

  8. Keep it up! I agree with Kenny that you can made it into a blueprint video course or dvd for sale. This is really fantastic training here! There are so many sites in second pages of google, I can see the potential of more adsense coming in too! Do you outsource the article writing or you rewrite it yourself?

  9. Spencer – this is an awesome, inspiring free training – keep it up! Glad to see you are getting some return on your sites already too. :)

    While I realize it might compromize your efforts to show us even one of your sites, would it be possible to set up an example site to show us what one would look like? Things like colour, layout, copy and theme are really important and I’m sure you have expertise there.

    take care,

  10. I outsource all the article writing. I do plan on sharing some of the adsense templates that I use, so look for that in the coming days or weeks (whenever I have time!). Thanks for the great comments/questions!

  11. Of cost this is not “Quick Rich Program”. It’s all about building your own online business empire for the long term. With your income $4.06 after 4 days I think you on the right track.

  12. Golden Girl says:

    YEAH…….YOU’RE making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$….WELL DONE!

  13. Very good , i am reading all of the posting