Day 23: Keyword Research Completed!

I found my last 8 keywords last night, now I just need to get articles written and built the sites, and I will have my 100 sites!

These last 8 keywords actually took my 3 or 4 days to find (which is long for me).  Everyday, I do about 10 runs with Market Samurai using a base keyword.  This base keyword usually generates between 200-400 related niche keywords.

So, each night I have been going through 2000 to 4000 keywords.  So, I easily scrubbed through over 8,000 keywords to find these last 8.  And of course if you watch my keyword videos again, you see that I am narrowing down the list by only looking at exact match domains.

Time wise it probably only takes about an hour or at max 2 hours to run through 10 spreadsheets of Market Samurai generated lists.

Now, that I have found all my keywords, I am feeling quite relieved.  I am going to make my goal, and probably have a couple of days to spare!

Now, I will have time to focus on bookmarking and adding some sites to the network.

I may also have some time to do another video or 2.  I’m not sure what everyone would like to see.  So, give me some ideas below of videos that you find helpful.


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10 Responses to “Day 23: Keyword Research Completed!”

  1. Ah then the worst part is over for you :) That’s a lot of messing with MS lol but it’ll pay off.

    I dunno if this would require a video but I’d be interested in knowing how do you format your resource boxes for the article directories. I mean, these are 2 page sites with a little bit of info. Do you just do something generic like:

    For more information about “keyword” , visit “website”?

    I assume you’re just really wanting the backlinks from these article sites. Not to drive traffic. Any traffic driven that way would just be a plus right?

  2. First of all… Thanks for the great info. I just spent the last hour going through all of your posts.

    I have been doing this myself, slightly different criteria. I am looking for slightly higher search volume, but I love your ideas. I have been creating about 5 a month, a little more than one a week, but try to aim at almost $15 a day per site, so I put a little more time into the optimization, etc. I have a new site that went up less than 3 weeks ago that is doing almost $10 a day consistently. I use wordpress and do use DOUBLE adsense Medium boxes on the top of my sites. I have been very, very successful with that. I would be more than happy to give you the template I tweaked for testing.

    I like your thoughts and method.. Quick question about domains… What are your thoughts if the domain name is not available, would you choose a domain name with hyphens or just move on?

  3. hi great site so i wanted to know if you can make a viedo going over what one of your sites looks like when its done just do give us a great idea of what are sites should and some help on placing the ads thanks again so much great site!!!!!

  4. Hi Spencer i wanted to know if you chould make a viedo on how to intergrade adsence on theams im having a hard time doing it as im am not very good a code if your not to bizzy chould u send me a email at thanks again

  5. hye spencer
    good to see your progress i am following you since day 1
    i am also planning to built some niches website
    tell me how do you track traffic of each website ?

  6. Andrew says:


    What are your thoughts about hyphens in domain names? Do you use them as part of your equation when deciding niches?

  7. Jean-Marc says:


    If possible and I am sure that everybody will agree with me, it would be very nice to see one finished website. Now let me explain. Would you build only one more website and put everything into place (wordpress, articles and different pages etc.)
    Now I (we) understand that you wouldn’t put any adsense ads (just a picture of an adsense ad)on the different articles.
    I think it would be the “cherry” on the sunday.

    Why such a request because we could see exactly how a final product looks.

    I understand that the final decision is yours and I will respect it.

    Thanks for your time.

  8. Spencer,

    While you’ve given us some of the templates you use for your sites, I do agree with Jean-Marc that doing just 1 more website for the sole purpose of showing what the finished site looks like would be great for those of us trying to get into the adsense niche site making.

    Just like he suggested, just a picture of where the actual adsense ad would go. This extra site doesn’t of course need to be on an actual domain. Just setup a subdomain on this same site for that purpose. That way you can do it for free :)

    For example just say the keyword will be “Adsense Niche Site”

    Make a website at Then just base your layour around that keyword.

    Till your next update,

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