Day 22: Earnings Update After 3 Weeks!

The big day has arrived for another earnings update! It has now been three weeks into my challenge, and things are starting to pick up!

I now officially have 88 sites built. Although about 20 of those were just completed in the past 2 days, so none of those would have been indexed yet or have contributed to these earnings.

So, without further adieu, here is my earnings for the past 21 days:


I am VERY happy about my earnings! If you recall from my previous earnings update, my earnings were $27.12 for the first 2 weeks.  So, this is a huge improvement.  My income from just this past week was (58.50 – $27.12): $31.38.

So, my income per week has really started to increase.  And I can tell you as well, that my past few days have been my best days so far.  So, I fully expect that my income over these next 7 days will be much better than $31.38.

In fact, on a few of my sites, I have really started to see some more traffic.  So, I started checking the rankings on a couple of them and I have a few (of the ones I checked) in the top 10.  In fact, I have been getting some nice earnings for one site that is already #2 in Google!  Whoa Whoo!!

So far all I have done is some social bookmarking and some article marketing.  For this particular site that is ranked #2, it only has 6 backlinks showing up on the Yahoo links.  These links are from a couple of social bookmarks and articles distributed.  One of my articles is also ranked #8 for this particular keyword as well.

So, my advice is to make sure you build those backlinks!  This site did not show up in the top 10 at first, but after just a few of these links; it made a nice move.

Overall, I am quite pleased with my earnings report today.  It is motivating me to work just a little bit harder and continue pushing forward with the challenge.

I am really starting to see the potential with these sites to eventually hit my goal of $20/mth on average per site.  It will take a few months for these sites to age, move through the ranks, and get there.  But I think the potential is certainly there.

Anyway, posts your comments or questions below.

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13 Responses to “Day 22: Earnings Update After 3 Weeks!”

  1. Congrats on the earnings! I thing the hardest part is now behind you and you will see things start to really take off now.

    Appreciate the updates.


  2. I’m concerned that you are working really hard here, and not getting a good return back.. I wonder if concentrating on the higher paying keyword sites and then, using linking strategies, SEO, and auto submit software that you’d generate tons more..

  3. Hey Spencer,

    Thats awesome man, grats on your success.

    I am doing something similar, I have 10 blogs up now, not making any money yet, but im going to try and get 10 up today.

    Not to come in here and spam up your blog, but I am using a tweetypoll on all my blogs. The tweetypoll allows your visitors to vote on your poll then tweet their vote. The tweets are getting me a little extra traffic to my blogs.

    If you want to add a tweetypoll to your sites, let me know and i’ll get you an account and upgrade it for you to help with your challenge.


  4. Kit: Yes, I am working hard. But anyone that thinks the hard work will pay off in only 3 weeks is kidding themselves. I am very happy with the results thus far. It important to understand that the full benefits of these sites don’t start REALLY kicking in until month 3 or 4. (Remember I have about 150 of these sites built long before this competition that do quite well).

  5. Great work Spencer. I have not been as active as I should be.
    Your really inspiring me. The fact you can out source is your greatest asset. Unfortunately I do not have that choice yet.
    I have seen my adsense really jump over the last while and have started to see some good days. My plan is to really start getting a lot more proactive with this and hopefully start to see a better return.

    Do you continuously write articles for your sites? Or just at the initial stage until the site is high up in google.

    Keep up the great work…you should keep going with the challenge and extend it to 200. Even create a video course I would love to see every step you take through video.

    $58 is really good considering you said your outsourcing this all for roughly $2000. Thats nearly 3% of your investment back. Over the next month I reckon you will easily have 40% of your initial investment recouperated.

  6. Spencer, you are hilarious! I love the excitement you’re bringing to this challenge. I just found you a couple of days ago and I’ve told everybody who reads my blog to get over here and check you out. I have to admit though, I’m a little bit P.Od about this. I have plenty of other irons in the fire right now and I all need is one more challenge! LOL But I know you’re on the right track and you’re making me want to jump into Adsense sites, too. Can you figure out how to put a few more hours in a day, please?


  7. Shane:
    I only write the articles for the site and then distribute those same articles. I do not continuously write and distribute the articles; its a one time deal.

  8. Golden Girl says:

    Hi Spencer,

    THANK YOU for the Site Map…..It really helps find everything…..WELL DONE!

    I LOVE your video’s… should do more of those as it is inspiring to hear you …go over the materials. Besides you’re a GOOD teacher.


  9. Congrats on the jump in earnings in just 1 week! It can only keep rising from this point on. That’s the real beauty of it :)

    I’ll have to try the article marketing method like you say. Of my three sites I built this week, 1 is indexed in Google at position 24 :( not as high up as I would’ve liked but it’s got NO backlinks or anything other than on-page SEO and exact domain.

    I’ll throw a few extra links via article marketing and see if that pushes it up :)

    Look forward to next wednesday with your final Earnings update within the first 30 days.

    I am having a hard time finding good keywords though. I’ve got 7 more I need to get the articles for to put up the sites but how do you come up with 100 PROFITABLE exact match domain keywords so fast!?

    • Del: Good job on getting the one site ranking #24 right away! Depending on the competition, you can often very easily move up with a few backlinks.

      Finding keywords is really the hard part. I’m not sure how I find them so fast, but I often go through 10 spreadsheets of keywords a day! (of course I can do this in about an hour now). I also have a bit of a sense of what types of keywords will work and which don’t; so I tend to skip alot which saves quite a bit of time as well.

  10. Hi Spencer, congrats, you doing it very good, most people won’t continue after 3 or 4 sites! I have myself more than 30 sites now, but I’m having problems ranking them, so I’m on pause creating and my focus is in backlinking now.

    I would like to ask you, from your experience, those keywords with “‘s” like “women’s clothing”, what domain should be fine? ?

    And about brand names, I read that you try to avoid them, but, any bad legal experience?

    Thanks and again, congratulations

  11. fantastic results! this is really encouraging!