Day 21: Challenge Updates

Wow!  Its already been three weeks since I started my challenge!  Time sure goes quickly when you are busy.

So, far I have about 80 websites built, and I have purchased 92 domains.  I only need to find 8 more good keywords and I will be done with my keyword research (I’m pretty excited about that).

I haven’t had a chance to check which sites are indexed by Google right now; but I know quite a few of them are.  I also don’t have any stats on my rankings right now.

I have been so focused on just finding keywords and building the sites, that I have not really put much effort into backlinking.  I have someone distributing articles for me, but I really still need to do some social bookmarking and adding my sites to

I am thinking that I will only add 50 sites to and compare the performance of those sites, with those that I do not include in the network.  This will help me test the true value of the service.

So, tomorrow I am going to be posting another earnings update for everyone to see.  Its slow progress, but there is definitely some progress being made.  The more exciting earnings updates will be coming in a few months; but these early updates help you really see what kind of process is involved.

Anyway, that’s a quick update from me…let me know your thoughts below.  Thanks!

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5 Responses to “Day 21: Challenge Updates”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    It made me think of another question :)
    With all those sites, how do you keep them organized? Do you just have a spreadsheet with every site and the data associated with them?

    • Yes, I do have a spreadsheet with all of my sites to help me stay organized. I list all the sites in the rows, and the tasks to be completed in the columns (such as article distribution, bookmarking, etc).

      Then of course I use URL channels within adsense to track how much earnings come from each site.

  2. Wow man! Incredible progress. 80 sites in 21 days. I hope to one day be able to build 100 sites in 2 months or so 😛

    I’m going to aim for 5-6 sites a week since I’m just starting off.

    I’m glad to see that you’re not worrying too much about how the sites are ranking right now but just focusing on getting them out ASAP.

    I also planned to use for the backlinking. Yours will be a good experiment to see how the sites that aren’t into 3waylinks perform.

    Keep us posted as to how good the service works because once I have 20 or so sites up, I plan to use some type of automated service such as that one for hands-off backlinking.

    I’m looking forward to your post tomorrow regarding the updated earnings so far. Even a small improvement, is STILL a step forth towards your goal 😉

  3. Hey Spencer,

    Are the links in your “resources” pages coming from
    There are nearly 300 links, do you have control over those links? What if there are malicious websites in them, doesn’t it hurt your your rankings?


  4. Think I might try 3way links out. I have heard some really good reviews about them and it seems like a no brainer when you have that many sites.