Day 19: Competing Pages I Like to See

Well, it is now day 19 of my 30 day challenge, and I have to admit that things are going quite well.  I am having no major problems finding keywords, and my sites are going up pretty quick!

I think I now officially have right around 70 sites built.  I actually may finish a couple of days ahead of schedule.  And I have to admit that I am starting to get a bit burnt out!  I need a break after the 30 days!

Today, I wanted to discuss some of the low hanging fruit competition that I like to see.  I have already discussed in detail how I do my keyword research.

However, there are also certain types of sites that I actually like to see in the top 10 of Google, because it is a sign of weakness.

One of the major types of sites that show weakness is article directories.  If I see an or article ranking in the #1 spot (or anywhere in the top 10), then this is most likely easy to rank for.  I get excited when I see ANY article directory in the top 10.

The reason is that very rarely are there any backlinks built to these articles.  So, the articles are ranking simply based on the strength of the root domain.  Usually, you can outrank these with a keyword rich domain name and a few backlinks.  (Of course, you still need to check backlinks are PR and other factors).

Another type of site I like to see in the top 10 are forums.  If a forum post is ranking well, this is also a sign of weak competition.  The reasons are the same as the article directory.  Usually there are no backlinks and often the domain is not related to the keyword at all.

I also like to see Answer websites, like yahoo answers,, or other question answer type sites.

Anyway, this is something that you should watch out for.  If you see an article from and article directory ranking well, you need to really consider why it is ranking well.  If there are no other reasons than because its root domain is for example, then you MIGHT have a winner.  You still need to check the other sites in the top 10 to look for weaknesses, but this could be an indicator.

Anyway, I just thought I would share this little tip, since this is something that I do indeed use.  Especially if you see 3 or 4 listings are articles or forum postings, you are probably hot on the trail of a great keyword!

Anyway, let me know your thoughts below!

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10 Responses to “Day 19: Competing Pages I Like to See”

  1. Hey Spencer, Very good. those information is i am looking for. Thanks
    That is reason why my first 2 domain can’t rank very well. my competitor on top 10 Google , they are PR6, PR4
    but this guy i saw he beat PR6, PR5, PR4 “”, Any idea ?


  2. Yup. I agree with this. I get pretty excited every time there is a few yahoo answers or articles ranking in the top ten.

    Another thing that I love to see, but it’s a bit trickier I think, is sites like nextag, pricegrabber, bizrate, etc. These comparison shopping sites are usually weak and are ranking mainly because they have the keyword in the title, h1 tag, and because the main domain has a good PR with lots of backlinks.

    However, usually, the actual page that’s ranking has a PR of – or 1 at the most.

    Right now I’ve built 2 of my three first Adsense sites. One is competing with a few of these shopping pages. Hopefully I can outrank them easy. Waiting for sites to get indexed!

    Spencer, what’s the fastest way you use to get these sites to get indexed? I think you mentioned forum posting? I did about 10 social bookmarks for each site. I’ve experienced good results with this where the site usually gets indexed within 3-5 days.

  3. You’re right on point with this tip.

    I love to see Squidoo, Hub Pages and eHow listings for long-tail keywords I’m targeting. Like you said, just a matter of getting a few highly relevant backlinks (I sometimes use these sites themselves to do this) and I’m 90% of the time ranked higher than them. Think having a domain with the keyword your targeting is the main reason for this.

    Don’t allow yourself to be scared off from going after a keyword, due to a site like EzineArticles being listed on the first page for it. You can out rank them easily with a little extra work.

    I’m sort of surprised no one has created software to do this sort of thing automatically. Heck, there’s software to find blogs and post comments on them (Which is spamming in my opinion) why not one to scour Google for Ehow, EzineArticles, eHow pages etc. listed on the first page for Google, Yahoo, Bing? You can get the keyword their targeting right from the Title.


  4. Del, I’m glad you brought up the shopping sites as well. I was going to mention those, but forgot. These are also some great sites to target…sometimes. It all depends on the type of page ranking and the product, etc.

    But the same rule applies, if the only reason the shopping site is ranking is because of its root domain or the title of the page; you can often outrank it.

    For indexing, I submit my sitemap to Google Webmaster tools, submit my posts to digg, and that usually does the trick.

  5. Kenny:
    That’s a great idea for some software! I’m sure you could find a lot of buyers!

  6. Keyword question: you limit yourself to $1.00 words and 1000 visitors per month minimum….but aren’t those numbers together the same as $.50 words with 2000 visitors per month?

  7. Todd,

    Great question. What you’re saying makes sense – somewhat. But remember that you won’t get the actual $0.50 everytime. I think that’s why Adsense site builders look for around $1.00 CPC to make up for this. Doesn’t mean they’ll get $1 a click.

    I hope Spencer explains this in a bit more detail but from my point of view this is why it makes more sense to target the $1 minimum.

    Personally I don’t think I’d go for anything lower than 2000 exact search volume.

    Spencer, I have another question and this may be another post for you :P:

    What do you do if you see a competing xFactor/ClickBump type of site? I’ve come across two more very good keywords and I noticed that there’s 1 of these sites ranking within the top 10.

    The one of the keywords has the .com and .net taken but the .org is available. Would you still tackle it, and think “hey, competition means it’s a good keyword.”

    The keyword itself is very good. 5400 exact searches and CPC of around $1.40

    The competing sites are not too strong I’d say and there are a few amazon and nextag positions like I like to see.

    I’ll really appreciate an honest answer. I wouldn’t want to get into a “turf war” with another internet marketer lol but with that many searches, it should be healthy competition IMO.

    Looking forward to this answer!

    Oh also, how fast do your sites get indexed by just submitting the article to Digg and Google Webmaster Tool? Do you spin the articles or just submit it as is?

    Sorry for all the questions but hope my questions help others as much as myself :)

  8. Todd, good question; here’s my thoughts. If you carry your rational a little further…why dont you target a keyword that gets 100k per month and only pays $0.01 per click? this would equal 1k searches at $1, right? Well, the reason you don’t is because of competition. There is typically more competition for higher searched keywords.

    The second reason, and probably the real reason is this: Sure you could go after a keyword that gets 2k searches a month at $.50 cpc; but there are TONS of keywords that get 2k searches a month and pay $1. The point is; with so many keyword choices I tend to avoid the low paying ones and go for the higher paying ones. I very rarely choose a keyword that only gets 1000 searches per month anyway; that’s just my minimum. My keywords typically get much more than that.

  9. Del:
    I actually like to see the clickbump/xfactor sites ranking because they usually meet my criteria of 0 pagerank and 0 backlinks to the page. These sites are usually very weak.

    So, if they can rank in the top 10 then so can I. As far as “turf wars” with another internet marketer; you have to realize that EVERY website has an internet marketer behind it. That’s the name of the game.

    My sites are usually indexed in a couple of days; but sometimes take a little longer. I don’t watch them too closely to be honest; I just move on and build more; Google takes care of the indexing!

  10. Wow, very straight forward answer 😀 Thanks!