Day 16:  Quick Status Update

Okay, I have received lots of positive feedback on the earnings that I received yesterday, so I just wanted to say “Thank You!” to everyone.

I was able to find about 7 more good keywords yesterday, so I am getting much closer.  I believe that puts me at right around 70 or so domains purchased.  Since I still have 2 full weeks to go, I am well ahead of schedule (at least for finding keywords).

If I had more time, I would probably try and focus on finding keywords that have a higher CPC.  Right now, I am just focusing on keywords that have a cpc of $1 or higher.  If I were to be more patient, I would try and find more keywords that have a cpc of $2 or more.

However, overall, I am happy with the keywords that I am finding, and I’m sure that I will have some good results in the future.

Its all about putting in the effort upfront and then building some backlinks.  Then Google will slowly begin to move the sites up in the rankings and the earnings will become much more hands free in the future.

Because I already have about 150 sites that have been around for several months, I have been reaping the nice rewards of hands free income.  So, this give me plenty of motivation to continue building these new sites.

So, while I was hoping for more earnings than I received yesterday on these new sites; I am VERY happy with the earnings I have been receiving on my old sites.  The more the sites age, the more they tend to earn.  That’s important to remember for anyone new to this game.

I have been building niche adsense sites for a long time, so I fully understand that there will be a bit of a lag time between the work and the rewards.

Anyway, that’s where I am today, just looking for more keywords and building sites!  Post your thoughts below…thanks!

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18 Responses to “Day 16: Quick Status Update”

  1. Really quick ?

    “I am just focusing on keywords that have a cpc of $1 or higher.”

    Where do you find the cpc? I’ve researched the adsense tools that say how much “I” would pay… of course it doesn’t show what you’d get on your site. Is that what you use, or something else?

  2. Amber: The cpc that advertisers pay for an ad on Google Search Results is found on the Google Adwords Keyword tool. This information is also provided by Market Samurai. Here is a video of me using market samuarai:

    While the cpc listed by Google is not exactly what advertisers pay on the content network (your website); it does provide a good benchmark. The cpc for the search network (Google searches) and the content network (your website) is not the same, but is similar. Hope that helps.

  3. I’m wondering if you find it necessary to keep adding backlinks to your old sites. Or do they seem to keep their rankings without further work on your part?

  4. Do you ever use the google traffic estimator to see how profitable a keyword with be? (
    I know it’s geared toward advertisers, but how do you feel the numbers relate to what you do with adsense sites?

  5. Todd – that’s exactly what I was looking at :)


  6. Todd and Amber: The traffic estimator tool ( gives the exact same information as the Google External Keyword Tool that I was referring to earlier. Both of these tools tell advertisers how much they can expect to pay to place an advertisement in the Google natural search results. So, you can use either tool to get the cpc.

    So, yes I use this information. I just use the Google external keyword tool to get it. Hope that makes sense.

  7. Linda: If you take a look at my entire process: , you will see how I use backlinks.

    I only build backlinks at the very beginning and then I no longer add backlinks after a while. Read the post for a better explanation.

  8. Spencer, I know the CPC displayed by MS and the Google Keyword Tool is not 100% exact. It is an estimate of course.

    My question is, let’s say according to those tools the CPC of a keyword is $1.50

    How much do you get if someone clicks on an ad by google on your site? Is it something like half of the actual CPC or how does it work? I don’t think anyone’s ever discussed this yet.

    Thanks in advance :)

  9. Del: There is no exact formula. And advertisers come and go, and some pay higher than others. So, its an ever changing market. That’s why this should just be looked at as a general idea. You want to get into the markets that pay more.

    Many of the clicks on a keyword with a CPC with $1.50 for example will be 50% or less. However, I have a website with a keyword that has a cpc of around $2.50 and it consistently receives clicks over $3. (Sometimes much more than that!).

    You can not calculate how much you are going to make based off of this CPC because its a complex market, things are always changing.

  10. Got it. Thanks a lot for that explanation :)

    I’m just going to aim for keywords with no less than $0.85 (if the keyword seems really easy to rank for). Otherwise I’ll stick to the $1 or more formula that you suggest on this challenge.

    All this info is great dude! Much appreciated.

  11. That’s great Spencer. I’m glad your other older sites are doing well. I am in the top 10 on Yahoo for one of my sites! I know it isn’t actually hard to get there on Yahoo, but I’m excited. I’m in the top 20 for Google with a couple others.

    I’ve been building Websites for well over a decade (non Adsense), and have never really gotten serious about SEO until now. It’s exciting to actually see some unique hits.

    I have exactly 30 sites now using Adsense, Kontera, Amazon and Clickbank. Seem like Kontera kinda lowballs ya, but I had ONE click with Adsense yesterday that was worth $2.56! I can’t wait for that site to age. However overall, I’m only getting a few ad clicks here and there so far.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. So my awesome keyword site I mentioned before…it’s been riding at #8 with quotes, #10 without, for the past week or so.

    The last 2 days I spent a lot of time building backlinks to it, adding youtube content and even amazon content. Did social bookmarking and 4 press releases yesterday.

    This morning I check, and it is gone! Not even in the top 200! If I search the exact domain name, 2 of it’s sub-pages come up, but not the main site.

    What the heck happened, and how do I fix it?

    • Todd, you are probably experiencing the “Google Dance”. Newer sites tend to move up and down in the rankings ALOT until they age at least a few months. You probably have nothing to worry about. Your site will come back as google recalculates your ranking with all the backlinks you have built. I have experienced what you have described many times, and the sites always come back. It can take a couple of days or a couple of weeks…but it shoulnt be permanent.

  13. Chris:
    I’m glad I can motivate you to get serious about SEO! Yes, kontera does kinda lowball you; but I have found that adding kontera is not hurting my adsense earnings at all; so overall its still additional earnings…
    Great job on the nice high paying click too…that’s what its all about!

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  16. Spencer, just found your site as I’m going through a site-building phase of my own (nothing like the scope of yours I’m afraid).

    I’m glad I saw your comment about the rising value of clicks over time…I thought I’d found a great niche with clicks at $7 but even with a 12-page site (hardly niche at all :) ) I’m only getting $0.33 or so per click.

    Maybe I just need to relax a bit and build some links.


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