Day 10: Testing to Improve Overall Earnings

Well, since I posted some of the adsense templates that I use, I have received a few comments that people don’t like the number of ads.  And quite frankly you might be right!  I have noticed that the uglier templates tend to perform better.  So, I am going to be testing some new templates as well, to hopefully find one that looks great, gives the visitor what they want (great information), and also provides a nice income.

So, today, I was looking at some of my templates that I have used in the past, and realized something interesting!  I had forgotten that I had been testing out alternative ways to earn money besides adsense!  I havent logged into my accounts for the alternative earners for quite some time, and I was pleasantly surprised today with what I saw!

In the past (these are not my niche adsense challenge 100 sites), I have used these alternatives to adsense:

So, when I logged in today; here is what I saw (money I have earned that I had no idea about).  This is for the month of April only:

  • Ebay Partner Network – $40.43
  • Amazon Associates – $13.93
  • Kontera Network – $39.20
  • Chitika – $2.18 (okay this one is not exciting)

Okay, its not much, but its $95.74 that I did not know about!  (I only use these alternatives on some of my sites, not all).  Of course, my earnings from Adsense is much more significant which is why I keep a close eye on it.

However, it got me thinking; how can I maximize alternative methods of monetizing my sites, without sacrificing any current earnings with Adsense?  Because I really don’t know if this $95.74 should really be considered a good thing or not.  What if having ebay, amazon, and other ads on my site caused my Adsense earnings to drop more that $95.74.

So, this is going to be my next testing project.  I am going to be adding and taking away alternative methods of monetizing my site and keeping a detailed spreadsheet that list everything that I have done.  (I currently already do this to test some of my templates and layouts).

Testing has always been a big concern for me, and it should be for your sites as well.  So, over the next few months, I will be testing different templates and layouts, as well as maximizing my earnings overall with both adsense and alternative methods.

Adsense will always be the biggest earner as it just pays so much more per click than any of the other methods.  However, if you are getting natural search engine visitors that are using strong buying keywords to find your site, you might do pretty well with Amazon and Ebay ads.

Amazon Associates in particular could be nice because, you earn a percentage of the value of the purchased product.  And if you sell more items, you go from earning 4% commission to 6% commission.

Anyway, I don’t know if this provided much value to anyone, but I just wanted to let you know that I am going to begin testing for these alternative methods to hopefully increase my overall earnings.  The results will really take months I am sure, but I will share what I learn along the way.

If you have any insight into this, please share your thoughts below!

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6 Responses to “Day 10: Testing to Improve Overall Earnings”

  1. Spencer,

    That’s great news and I bet is a great feeling finding money you forgot about LOL. Like when you go through your pockets on laundry day and find a $20 dollar bill hehehe.

    I’m especially interested in following along this new testing of yours. As I mentioned, I’m building my first couple of sites. I am not using Adsense on any of them yet. I am using Amazon only. So far no luck but I haven’t had any significant traffic to the 2 sites that are completed.

    I have had 4 people click my product links but no purchase :(

    I plan to sign up for the eBay Partner Network and will most likely start to do a combination of Amazon products and then eBay listings as a second monetization option.

    Like you mentioned, what is cool about Amazon is that the referral percent goes up as you sell more products. The downside is, that the person who clicks through the ad has to make the purchase that same day. If only Amazon were a bit more flexible and allowed a 30 day cookie it would be great!

    I’m still working hard on keyword research for my next couple of sites. I am going to do what you suggested at register at least 6 domains at once to save some money as well as get the free privacy from GoDaddy.

    Up until now I had been using so I’ll try both now.

    Lastly, I have to thank you once again because with your method for finding the .com/.net/.org I’m finding a lot of good possible kw’s

    • Del, great progress! Sounds like you are well on your way. Amazon is good, but can be harder to stay motivated because you don’t see the immediate results like Adsense.

      ebay partner network can be nice, because it also pays per click like Adsense, and your earnings can go up as people actually buy more stuff. However, on average my earnings per ebay click has always been much less than my earnings per adsense click.

  2. Spencer,
    I’ve been inspired by your simple, step-by-step approach. I’ve created one website with a keyword that gets 6000 searches per month locally, and in about a week I am sitting at #10 on google for it WITHOUT quotes (2 word phrase) and #8 with quotes. I don’t even have any backlinks yet! I used textbroker as you suggested for one article (still waiting for ezinearticles to approve it there), and have 3 more ezine articles posted, just for content.

    So I’m looking to outsource backlinking. Can you give me guidance on what to post over at, or how to find a good backlinker for cheap?


  3. Ok, thanks. I did read that already, but had forgotten what it said I guess. My brain is on information overload since I started researching IM a month or so ago!

  4. wow! this results is already fantastics to me! As long as there is money coming in, who cares from which source. This is so called multiple income stream of passive income! =)