Can I “Own” These Keywords?

First of all, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the positive response that my new eBook – “Long Tail Handbook” has received.  I put a lot of effort into it, and I’m glad that you guys are finding it to be valuable.

Anyway, moving on…

As I have discussed many times on this site, the most important thing that you can do when building a niche website that you hope to make money from natural search engine traffic, is choosing great keywords that you can rank for.

But can anyone really “own” those keywords? Let me try to explain why I think this is a valid question.

Of course there is no legal ownership of a word or phrase in regards to SEO (although there is when it comes to brands and copyrights, etc).  However, what I am trying to get at is; can you really dominate a keyword for a long period of time?

You see, in my previous couple of posts, I discussed the fact that Google had knocked down a couple of these sites.  Now I am trying to figure out what to do.

My Strategy Going Forward

One option is to simply try to find some new niche keywords to build sites around and essentially start from scratch.

Another option is also to start a website from scratch, but to target the exact same keywords as my old sites.

I think I am going for this second option, because I think I can “own” these keywords AND I have already proven that they are money makers.  I have already had websites that rank well for these keywords, and I know for a fact that I can make good money.

So, my old websites may disappear thanks to Google, but Google can NEVER take away the knowledge I have that these keywords pay quite well, AND they are easy to rank for!  That is some powerful knowledge in my opinion.  I own these keywords.  At least that is what I am banking on…

So, over the coming weeks, I am going to take a look at some of my highest earning websites from the past that are no longer doing well in Google.  This may be around 10 websites or so.  Then I am going to purchase a brand new domain and build a new website from scratch.  This will save me a ton of time over looking for new keywords and hoping that those new keywords perform as well as my proven winners.

The only problem is that I highly doubt the exact match domain is available for any of these keywords; however, I will simply use a prefix or suffix with the keyword still in the domain.  This will probably mean that I will need to build a few more backlinks then I did in the past, but I already know that it is worth it to be in those top positions.

I just need to increase my income about $30 or $40 a day to put me back in the range where I can quit my job confidently.  With the knowledge that I have that these keywords will certainly pay more than that if I am ranking well; I am confident I can get my income back to where it needs to be in the next couple of months.  It may not happen by the end of the year as originally anticipated; however, who knows?

A Word About the Niche Challenge

As discussed, my niche challenge website is not being treated very nicely by Google.  However, it does receive a little bit of traffic from Yahoo, Bing, and a few other places.  So, it still is earning me money; although, nothing to brag about at this point.  Here is a screenshot from the earnings so far on the site:

So, its earned $67.13.  Not great, but its earned more money than I put into it…so that’s good!

I also plan on buying a new domain related to this same “oil change coupons” keyword and starting from scratch.  I believe that this keyword is still a winner and is worth the additional effort to build a new website.  The concept will still be the same; however, I will just be following some of the guidelines that I discussed for keeping Google happy.

So, as I make some progress on this niche site, I will still be sharing updates and earnings on the new website, so stay tuned…

In Conclusion

So, while it is true that you most likely will never “legally” own a set of keywords (unless you establish a trademark or something), you can certainly be empowered with the knowledge of successful keywords.  These are these keywords that you know you can rank for quite easily and that still get decent amounts of traffic and earnings.

This is the position that I am in. I plan to leverage this knowledge that I have with 10 or so great keywords that I am aware of to increase my income over the next couple of months.

Have some questions about my strategy?  Fire away below…

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7 Responses to “Can I “Own” These Keywords?”

  1. Spencer,
    You are keeping a very positive outlook despite the set back from Google.

    It must be difficult as surely in the back of your mind is the possibility of them doing the same thing again with your new sites?


    • Sure, I suppose I could always think about the negative “what if”…but I just choose to do my best, learn from the past, and move on.

      And the fact that I still make a HUGE portion of my income from the traffic I receive from Yahoo and Bing helps quite a bit as well. Google is certainly not the only game in town.

  2. There’s definitely something’s going on with google these days. I see many of my sites rankings “stacking” despite of ongoing link building that earlier helped my rank high pretty fast..

    Let’s hope they won’t kick the affiliate sites out completely by 2011.

  3. I *do* think this kind of “insider knowledge” can come in very handy. Not just for keywords either but in the past I have uncovered particularly profitable niches and even affiliate programs which, once I have discovered them, have allowed me to leverage that knowledge and rapidly ramp up my own online marketing results. This experience really does count but isn’t really available anywhere apart from simple trial and error. The waider you cast your net – the more sites you build – the sooner you start to discover these gems.

    • I agree 100%. I think I am finding much more success now because I tried lots of different keywords/niches/markets early on. Now that I am armed with the knowledge of what keywords pay well, etc. I can increase my income much quicker than I could before. This is one reason I still advocate building at least a few niche websites initially until you find your “winner”.

  4. wow another great post and another good idea, I had sites that did well, but they lost their rankings so I’m just letting them sit for a while incase its the google dance. I’m also building backlinks to one of them to see if that will help get it back to the top 10.

  5. I have been following this blog for quite some time. It has been a great help in my first endeavor to internet marketing. Good Luck and keep at it.


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