10 Link building Strategies to Dominate Your Niche

Everyone knows that when you build a niche website, at some point you will need to do some link building.  But what if this is your first niche website?  Or what if you really don’t know where to get links from?  Well, after reading this post you will know exactly where to find all the links you need to dominate your niche!

I have stressed in the past that link building is not necessarily the most important factor to SEO.  You can argue with that point if you like.  However, I can tell you from experience that if you do not choose your keywords carefully and build your on-page SEO factors properly, then you could be in a world of hurt.

The point is: make sure your keyword selection is good and your online content is excellent before you worry about building backlinks.  Once you have that first step down, these 10 link building strategies will ONLY then help you to dominate your chosen niche.

The Purpose of Links

Before you start building links, its important to understand why you would want to do such a thing.  A link from another website is counted as a “vote” in Google’s formula to rank your website higher.  The more votes and the more “authoritative” votes that your website has, the more you will move in the rankings.

Google and other search engines look at these links and judge a few criteria:

  • Authority of site (pages with higher authority will help your site more, one rough judge of authority is to look at a page’s Google PageRank).
  • Anchor text of the link (if your keywords are in the anchor text of the link this is best).
  • Relevance of the site (sites with similar topics to yours is better to link from).
  • Number of other links on the page (lower number of links on a page is better to link from)

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty here on WHERE to find links.  These 10 Link Building Strategies are sure to boost your rankings if followed properly.

10 Link Building Strategies – Where to Get Backlinks

1. Get Natural Backlinks

What, you mean people will just link to you ’cause??  Yep, the most powerful links tend to be the ones you didn’t ask for!

The way to get these “natural” links is to simply build a great website and have exceptional content.  If you have great content whether that’s contextual, video, infographic, or other useful material; other website owners will be willing to reference it with a link.  These links to tend to be the most relevant and often from more authoritative sources.

Creating great content also gets exposure to lots of other bloggers in your community that can spread the word that you have a great site much faster than you ever could.  So, my number one piece of advice for getting links is to build excellent content.

Natural Links Part B – LinkBait

In the social networking atmosphere that we are in, you can generate a lot of buzz by creating linkbait.  I consider this simply creating great content that people want to talk about.

A few great articles on linkbaiting can be found here:

2. Article Directories

Article directories have been around for a long time, but I am telling you that these still work as a great link building tool.    There are literally thousands of places that will accept your articles on their website.  However, you will want to focus on only the most authoritative directories to distribute your articles to.

Sites such as Ezinearticles.com will be visited by lots of other webmasters who will then place your articles on their site; hence generating lots of secondary back links.  Lots of the second tier article directories will not generate these secondary back links – so they are often not worth the effort.

Here is a decent list of that I have used – 50 High PageRank Article Directories

3. Web 2.0 Properties

What are Web 2.0 Properties? These are blogging platforms or other social type websites that allow you to post and update content.  These types of sites are great to get links from because the content is usually fresh, its social, and its relevant.

These types of sites are perfect for creating link wheels if you want to do that.  I have never focused too much on linkwheels, but in theory they are great.  I have found a great list of Web 2.0 properties (original source can be found here.).  I went through the original 65 and added about 10 or so more that I was aware of to the list.  I also just went through all of these and updated the PageRank.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to utilize this entire list.  I would recommend finding 10 to 20 or so properties that you will focus and build up over time.  The links from these properties will be more powerful than single links on hundreds of other sites.

1    http://20six.co.uk    5
2    http://pulse.yahoo.com/y/landing    0
3    bigadda.com    6
4    blinkweb.com    5
5    blog.ca    4
6    blog.co.uk    6
7    blog.com    6
8    blogeasy.com    4
9    blogger.com    8
10    bloghi.com    4
11    bloghorn.com    5
12    blogigo.com    4
13    blogono.com    2
14    blogr.com    3
15    blogskinny.com    5
16    blogsome.com    7
17    blogster.com    3
18    blogstream.com    4
19    blogstudio.com    4
20    blogtext.org    4
21    blogwebsites.net    4
22    blurty.com    5
23    clearblogs.com    0
24    diaryland.com    6
25    easyjournal.com    4
26    edublogs.org    7
27    esnips.com    6
28    http://www.free-conversant.com/registration/    5
29    freeblogit.com    3
30    freeflux.net    5
31    hubpages.com    6
32    insanejournal.com    5
33    jimdo.com    7
34    journalfen.net    4
35    journalhub.com    4
36    livejournal.com    8
37    mynewblog.com    4
38    netcipia.com    4
39    opendiary.com    6
40    squidoo.com    8
41    sosblog.com    5
42    squarespace.com    7
43    yola.com    7
44    tabulas.com    5
45    tblog.com    6
46    terapad.com    5
47    thediary.org    4
48    thoughts.com    6
49    tumblr.com    8
50    evri.com    7
51    viviti.com    7
52    bukisa.com    5
53    Blinkweb.com    5
54    bravenet.com    8
55    webs.com    8
56    weebly.com    8
57    wetpaint.com    7
58    wikyblog.com    5
59    wordpress.com    9
60    zimbio.com    6
61    qondio.com/    6
62    Xanga.com    7
63    Flixya.com    5
64    knol.google.com/    7
65    WikiSpaces.com    7
66    www.tripod.lycos.com    7
67    Posterous.com    7
68    Infobarrel.com    4
69    Tagworld.com    5
70    Forumer.com    6
71    scribd.com    8
72    slideshare.net    8

4. Profile Links

Another place that you can proactively add back links to your website are on Forum profile links.  When you join a forum, you can create a profile page that tells a little bit about yourself.  Lots of these site allow you to link to your own website within that page.

I wouldn’t recommend going nuts with these.  It would be best if you were to actually only build links to your site from forums that you were actually a participant on.  However, I also can’t deny the fact that even if you don’t participate, these links can provide some “link juice”.  Proceed with caution here.  I wouln’t go overboard with these.

These profile links are actually sold in the Warrior Forum by a few different people.  You can buy these if you want, or you can just do a Google search.  I did the latter.  Now I’m going to share with you all the forums that allow profile links with you!  I don’t have the source for where I got all of these, but you could find all of these if you just do a free search in Google.

Here is a my spreadsheet that I have put together with over 700 forum Profile links, ranked by PageRank.  Go to town with it!  (I recommend outsourcing this kind of work :) ).

List of Over 700 Places to Get Profile Links

5. Web Directories

Web Directories really date back to the early days of the internet.  If you can get a link from DMOZ, Yahoo Directory (paid), Business.com Directory (paid), or a few other quality directories that would be best.

Wikipedia actually has a good list of the most authoritative web directories around.  I would focus on these if you have the money:

List of the Top Web Directories

However, there are literally thousands of web directories that you can link from.  Again, don’t get all spammy here and kill your own website!  Find the top 10 or 15 or so directories that are either within your niche, are authoritative, or will generate traffic from; and create a link on these directories.  Unfortunately, most of the higher quality web directories require a fee to be listed.

I won’t post a list of Web Directories here; they easy enough to find doing a Google Search.

6. Blog Comments

Most of you are familiar with getting backlinks with Blog Comments.  The key here is to use some restraint.  Don’t spam.  And please if you leave a comment, make it USEFUL!  The web already has enough junk on it, don’t add to it.

Find a blog that has a similar topic to your niche, read the post, provide some useful feedback, and ONLY then leave a link in your name field.

You can use the Google Blog search function to find relevant blogs: Google Blog Search

7. Exchanging Links

Yep, I said it.  You can still exchange links with other webmasters and it will provide some value.  Of course, a one way link is better, but reciprocal links from great websites still help!

If you really do some searching, you will find the relevant sites in your niche and you can email the webmasters directly to ask for a link exchange.  An even better way of getting links from other webmasters however is through guest posts!

If you choose to email other webmasters, please DON’T use some form email!  Be original, be familiar with their site, and be courteous.

8. Guest Posts

One of the best ways to both provide value to readers in your niche AND to get a great link is by doing guest posts.  Bloggers that are in the habit of posting lots of content on a regular basis are looking for new ideas!  If you have some great content that you would like to share, many top Blogs will be willing to accept your content.

This strategy alone can not only garner you some great link juice, but the traffic from some of these top blogs and subsequent followers can literally make your business.

Doing a full analysis of doing guest posts is really worth an entire post of its own, so I won’t do that here.  However, here are a couple of great posts on the subject from some other blogs:

Blog Perfume – Guest Posting Secrets – How to Get Published on an A-list Blog

Chris Guthrie – Guest Posting Ultimate Guide

9. Link Networks

Link Networks are typically not a good idea to get involved in.  Google specifically mentions not getting involved in certain types of link exchanges in their Webmaster Guidelines.

In particular its important to avoid “bad neighborhoods”.  Read more about Link schemes that are not good straight from Google.

However, in full disclosure, I will say that I have used 3waylinks.net in the past with only positive SEO results from it. I have nothing but good things to say about that network, as it provided a lot of hands free link building for some of my smaller niche sites when I first got started.

Other networks would include services such as SEOlinkvine.com and Article Marketing Automation.  These are simply blog networks where you can post an article, and it will get distributed to some of the thousands of blogs in these networks.  I have used both of these services.

Article Marketing Automation was hands down MUCH better.  Its more established and has a larger network of sites.  SEOlinkvine.com was slow to get articles approved and has a relatively small number of sites in the network.

My advice is to avoid link networks as much as possible and simply work on other link building strategies.

10. Social Bookmarks & Networking

Social Bookmarks can certainly get your site indexed quickly and get you a few nice backlinks.  Depending on how active you are on these social networks will determine how powerful these links will be.  The more you participate, the more followers you have, and the more likely your links will actually stick.

Another great use of social media is to actually make sure the other links you have built (from the other 9 places listed above in this post)  get indexed.  So, if you built a profile link, you should bookmark it on a social media site.  You should do this to all of your backlinks to make sure they get “counted”.  Its a lot of work, but worth it.

And finally of course is the “Networking” part.  To really be involed in your niche, you should be on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, or wherever else your niche is being “social”!

Don’t Just Read This – Do It!

Anyway, if you follow this guide of 10 strategies for linkbuilding, you will DOMINATE your niche!  Be sure to share this post, bookmark it, or do whatever you want; but make sure to follow these steps!

If you have any questions of comments, please leave them below.  Have some additional ideas for link building that I might have missed?  Be sure to add a comment!

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  1. Thank you very much for your valuable information.I always admire your commitment to Internet marketing. You always give us valuable information. I’m waiting for your internet marketing course. When is it going to be launched.
    Thanks again

    • Hey Tom, thanks for finding this information valuable! Yes, I am still working on my niche course; it will probably be in January/Feb. (I will write a post on exactly why in the next week or two – mainly because I want to dedicate some real quality attention to it).

  2. This is great…. I recently posted a comment in you other post requesting a post on link building… Thanks for listening!
    Hope to use this info for my niche sites to get some great backlinks.

    What kind of other tools did you use to automate some this BL process?

    • Yep, I was considering doing this post and then saw your comment the other day, which pushed me over the edge…thanks! I will also be doing another post in the next couple of weeks on the tools that I use to automate things.

  3. It’s very nice information about how to get backlinks..
    It’s just open my mind..that I have to action if I want to get succeed.
    You give great way how to build our site.
    Nice job, dude!

  4. Spencer..We Must Psychic or (Psychadelic) LOL
    I have a half prepared email here to ask you 50% of the questions that you have answered here. Your web 2.0 list has several sites I have used and will confirm they are well worth the added time they take to build a few extra Links.
    Thanks again

    • Hey Alan:
      Good to share some sort of common wavelength with you! Yes the Web 2.0 sites are DEFINITELY worth the effort…thanks!

  5. Great sharing post! Yes, the above are the traditional but very useful of linkbuilding. I like the point that link building without studying the keywords right is not helping much to rank the site. Yeah, this is true, keyword and on page seo is quite important to let Google know what your site is about before we should build links to it. I am fully agree with what Spencer said and this is great content post!

  6. Thanks for sharing this link building strategies with us. But how can we build links on PR 6-7 pages. You have talked about the PR 6-7 website not the page where we can post our link.

    • Great question. Its not easy to get a link on an actual page with a PR 6 or 7. If it was easy, everyone would do it. I would focus on point 1 – getting natural backlinks and doing guest posts if you want to get higher PR back links.

  7. I’ve been trying to find good ideas that are not so much in the mainstream when it comes to SEO and especially linking. Thank you so much for the great ideas and resources. I’m signing up for a few forums to get the ball rolling.

  8. This is great information. I have used some of these for my Niche sites, but I will sure try out some of the ones you listed. I have also found that if you create bookmarks in Xomba you will get a quality backlink, and get part of the adsense revenue.

  9. Very good content! The only problem is how patients you are to take action in building your backlink, as you said
    Don’t Just Read This – Do It!

    • Yes, its important to use some restraint in linkbuilding. If you build links to quickly, it obviously doesn’t look natural to the search engines. I could probably do a complete post on how quickly to build links. For newer sites; build slower! Slower=better until the domain has built some authority.

  10. How many articles should we write for out website what is a good number of posts to aim for ?

    • Kevin:
      It really depends on the type of sight you are building. However, if you are only trying to create a very small niche site, you need to have at least 5 quality articles still and 10 is even better.

      • I have around 30 articles on one of my sites, but now i find i can`t write about anything else as its like i might just be repeating the content in some way does this make sense ?

        • Yes, that makes sense. Perhaps you should consider broadening the topic that you are writing articles on. Or maybe you have maxed out the content for that particular site, and its time to move on…it all depends on what you are looking to do.

  11. I just build some web 2.0 webpages and place a link of every article on my website. I use a free software program to ping every articleposte and to create some directory links too. Then I outsource an article submission project…

  12. This is a great post. It serves long after it was written. I find it with very good information.


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